30 November 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

Happy Vintage Christmas Monday.
These are some of my all time favorite vintage Christmas balls. I keep them out all year round because of the delicious colors. The framed picture is a vintage Christmas card from 1906.

A closer look. Enjoy!

29 November 2009

Sweet Nothings

I went to a local antique store today and found these lovely vintage Religious cards and millinery flower. I love the soft muted colors. I always love picking up tidbits such as these. They are truly sweet nothings.

24 November 2009

Time Worn Objects

Some of my favorite things.


I made these boxes a few years ago using old sheet music, vintage millinery flowers and of course vintage jewelry. The turquoise colored butlers tray is one of my favorites. The colors are so yummy.

I made this wreath last Christmas using vintage lace and scraps of old fabric and added a little bling.

Vintage bottle brush tree in my favorite color. The ornament is also vintage.

Vintage scale.

My bedroom.
The vintage sconces and vintage headboard  were must haves.

22 November 2009

Christmas Photos

Living Room Christmas tree is done in sepia tones.

I love this silver tinsel tree. I decorated it with glass glitter stars and snowflakes and I also added some favorite vintage jewelry pieces from my collection. The silver tray was my aunt's mother-in-law's and was recently gifted to me. I got the mercury glass candle holders from T.J. Maxx. $5.99 for the large and $4.99 for the small. Another great deal and beautiful too.

Below is a pretty vignette on my dresser. My signature colors.

05 November 2009


I found this amazing vintage picture on the graphics fairy blog site. I don't know what it is about crowns that people love but I see it depicted everywhere from jewelry design to home design. I love British history, so this picture makes me think of Kings and Queens of long ago. I'll have to incorporate these into my next phase of jewelry design.

03 November 2009

New Changes

As you can see, my blog site has a completely different look. I tried to change one thing and ended up having to change everything. After much frustration and a few not so nice words to the computer, I think it looks pretty good compared to the mess I made earlier. But me being a perfectionist, I'm sure I will change it again soon. It doesn't help that the wonderful Background Fairy has the most amazing backgrounds and headers. I can never decide on just one and she offers them all for free! Yes, FREE. Thank you so much Background Fairy.

02 November 2009

Decorating and Wishes

Two out of three of my favorite guys!

I actually started decorating for Christmas yesterday. My family didn't even think I was crazy. The kids were really excited. My oldest has already started giving me his Christmas list. Of course, I won't buy anything until it gets closer to the holiday because I'm sure he will have some last minute changes. He's just like me, I always change my mind at the last minute. This year all I want is for my family to be safe, happy and healthy. That is all that matters in life anyway. Last year at this time, my husband was recovering from a ruptured brain aneurysm and brain surgery. No one thought he would make it through, especially the doctors. But he did, and he's doing fine now. It feels as if it never happened, yet it did and it was one of the hardest things we had ever been through. It has been difficult lately as well, but I know that if we could make it through last year we can make it through anything by the grace of God.

Another New Design

Here is another new necklace I just designed. It's made with black glass beads and french rose and copper Czech glass beads. I love mixing the pink and black together. It's striking.

01 November 2009

Christmas Coming Early

It's starting to get cold and nippy outside, and that always signals one thing for me, Christmas decorating. So, I have changed my blog picture to Christmas. I know we still have to get through Thanksgiving, but for me Christmas and Thanksgiving are always merged together. Maybe it's from all my years in retail, Christmas was always set up at the end of October. I would really love to set up my house for Christmas today, but that may even be a bit early for me. I know my family will think I'm crazy. Who knows, maybe I will, even in the midst of laughter and strange looks. I'll keep you posted. If you want to get in the mood, check out the Curious Sofa Blog and the beautiful pictures of their 2009 Christmas Open House. These pictures will inspire anyone!