25 February 2010

First Ever Blog Giveaway!!

So if you read my post over at 15 Bella Vie
you would know that I will be hosting my very first blog giveaway in a few hours. I'm still trying to decide on something fabulous for the wonderful ladies that stop by and bring me such joy everyday! I have wanted to give back to the blog community so bad and now I think it is the perfect time.
Check back in a couple of hours for details, I'll keep you posted.


I've decided to design a special necklace for the winner of my blog giveaway.

Here's the info:

 One chance for leaving a comment.
Two chances for leaving a comment and becoming a follower.
Three chances for leaving a comment, becoming a follower, and putting my giveaway button on your blog.

I wish everyone luck and I look forward to awarding the winner on Sunday March 7th.



  1. Oh, this is sooooo exciting. Love to visit your wonderful blog.

  2. Melinda,
    Thanks for your note at BellaRustica. I think I'll continue with my Learning Southern theme until I get it all down. I am struck daily by how gracious people are here and I love it.
    Congratulations on your new blog. At the end of March I am going to sponsor an Easter give away focusing on religious art. I'll contact you before hand and see if you'd like to participate. It would be like one huge multi giveaway but we can all advertise.

    Ciao Bella, Kim Kelly

  3. Hi Melinda! How great, your first giveaway!!! Yeah! I'm sure whatever you design will be gorgeous!!! Thanks for the chance to win...

    :) T

  4. You are linked at Bella Rustica.blogspot.com!

  5. so exciting! love the blog!

    and i'm a follower!


  6. I put your blog giveaway on my blog: http://designsbyterrigordon.blogspot.com/. Thank you for the opportunity to win. Love to visit your blog.

  7. I adore all your work, what a great giveaway, thank you!

    I became a follower.


  8. I commented on your other blog too...what a great givewaway!! Your jewelry is amazing! xo

  9. Melinda,
    Can you e-mail me at BellaRustica@aol.com and provide your e-mail address. Cannot access you via the website except to go to Comments. I have a couple tips to pass on. Best, Kim

  10. Your pieces are gorgeous...how great of you to offer such a beautiful giveaway...thanks so much for the chance.

  11. Hi sweetie, thank you for letting me know about you fab giveaway and I would love a chance to win. Will chat again soon....xo, Janet

  12. Thanks for the giveaway
    hope I win

  13. Thank you Melinda for you sweet comments. I kind of have a special kinship with you as well. We both started this amazing blogging journey just in October and look at how much fun we are having. Now of course, I am a loyal follower to both sites and I am getting ready to post the giveaway on mine. I'll keep my fingers crossed. You are doing great!


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