10 February 2010

I Heart New Designs

New designs just in time for the big day. Valentines Day is coming. 
What do you have your heart set on?


"A Lovely Romance" necklace with ruby Czech glass and pendant.


The reverse side.


"My Love" necklace made with vintage pearls and bronze Czech glass.


"Vintage Princess" necklace with vintage pearls and rhinestones.


"Iron Crown" necklace with vintage pearls and black glass beads.


"True Love" pendant



I hope you enjoyed my new designs.
Happy Valentines!


  1. Your new jewelry designs are just beautiful. I also love your pearl designs, too. I have such a soft spot for them. Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments...


  2. How do you buy your jewelry? Love this piece and others 2. BEST WISHES VICKY


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