14 March 2010

Vintage Gypsy Jewelry Shoot

I was out in the beautiful sunshine today and took some photos of my jewelry draped around a vintage prom dress. I thought it would be a fun gypsy look.

I hope you enjoyed my photos. It thought it would be something a little different and fun!

I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Oh my how artsy fabulous. I think you should showcase more of your work this way. I bet you had some fun doing this, right. Keep thinking outside the box. Good job.

  2. Hello, what beautiful photos, just lovely and your jewelry is amazing.

  3. The photos are beautiful, they turned out so well and are very creative. I love your jewelry, every piece is unique and lovely! xx

  4. Good on Ya Girl.. Like Sherrie said "thinking outside the box" Best of luck to you with sales.. You have lovely wire wrapped things.. i know that takes mega work..Cynthia Wolff

  5. Love the layered necklace..with all the different elements...it's perfect


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