13 July 2010

*In Love And White Wednesday**

 Hey all, I just had to show you what I ordered a couple of days ago.
When I opened up the package this is what was waiting for me inside, I was in shock!

Aren't these little packages adorable?!!! This isn't even my order. This is just the packaging. Can you believe it?

This talented lady used dictionary pages and sewed them together topped off with handmade fabric tags sewn onto the little package. I loved it so much I couldn't bring myself to open them up.

This is what was inside once I finally removed a small strip of paper off of the bottom:

 Gorgeous handmade pillows with very special dates on them.
1993~My wedding date.
2004~My Jayden's birthday.
2008~My little Jack's birthday.

This talented amazing gal is Amy from the fabulous blog Mittens.
She also makes fabulous  crocheted hats and other wonderful handmade goods. And, she's sweet as heck! She also does custom orders!!
Check out her 2 Etsy shops:
and http://www. vintagemarketplace.etsy.com 
I know you will love her beautiful treasures as much as I do!!
I had to show off my new treasures for White Wednesday, so check out the other participants at Faded Charm. 
Talk to you all soon.


  1. What an amazing package to open! I love the clever and beautiful wrapping and those pillows...fabulous!! You lucky girl!

  2. that amy is AMAZINGLY creative! I would order those packages ALONE from her shop! too beautiful!

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhh!! Totally fab...inside and out!!!!

  4. What fabulous packaging and the pillows are wonderful! I was married in 1993 also and one of my kids was born in 2004, too!

  5. So so cute! I love sewing up paper bags too. Your pillows are so pretty and what a neat idea for the dates! Happy WW!

  6. oh Melinda, you are sooo sweet.
    I am so glad that you love your items.
    and the packaging.
    I love sending items like they are coming from and going to a friend.
    Thanks for all the love

  7. That is so creative! I always wonder how I can make packages more appealing when i send things out, what a GREAT idea!

  8. That is a terrific packaging idea but what is inside is indeed special. Happy WW! ♦olive

  9. Yes she is truly talented and I've been following her blog, but I didn't see that she wrapped the items like this! Clever!

  10. So very sweet! I'm such a SUCKER for great packaging! She outdid herself and your pillows are a delight! So happy to have seen this on white wednesday!

  11. Those pillows are amazing! And I love when something that I've ordered comes with special touches, like that adorable packaging!
    Happy WW!

  12. Holy cow! I can see why you wouldn't want to open them up! So original and WAY cool! Thanks for sharing! Jacqueline

  13. Oh my...I wonder if I would have ever opened the packages??? So sweet!!

  14. Oh my goodness, these are amazing! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    I tried to become a follower, but it wouldn't download...I'll try again!

  15. I can understand why you wouldn't want to open packages as beautifully wrapped like those. Amy is so clever and talented. Your purchase is lovely! xx

  16. Oh Melinda those are adorable. I have seen many things that Amy from Mittens has made and she is definately talented. That packaging is amazing.

  17. WOW Gorgeous! I found you at white wednesday and love your blog! Have a great day!

  18. Wow! What a Fab idea, they are so cute I would just buy them not even with a pillow inside.I will have to check them out.Thanks Kim

  19. Oh Melinda, what adorable little pillows and how creative and cute were those little packages...Sweet! Will definitely have to go pay Amy a visit. Thanks for sharing. Have a fantabulous White Wednesday.

    ♥Ana~A Petite Cottage

  20. So sweet ~ love the idea of the dates on the pillows!

  21. Malinda,
    I am in wow over the packing as well. That is how I felt When Kim from... http://Whitewhispers2u.blogspot.com
    She did someting special for me on my win from her. It was all wrapped up in tattered muslin and tied off with natural ties and beautiful tages. I know what it feels like to get something with such love and care in the gifting of it.

    You can now put the packages to great use in a holiday gift, packaged inside that pouch :)

    Great inspiring post!

  22. I've never been here before, I saw you on WW. I love your blog. I would've been blown away by that packaging too. Good thing you took pics, cuz good luck trying to describe the coolness of that. Cheers

  23. It's all in the packaging isn't it? How clever and cute. I love your pillows. I would say you had a really good White Wednesday!

  24. ...Oh my wonderful cushions!...LOVE the packaging!

  25. Wow ~ isn't she so talented?? very cute! The creative minds around here blow my mind!! :)


  26. Just found your blog and I'm now I'm a follower! Loved, loved the tote you made in an older post...just beautiful!


  27. Love those packages! I think I'd have to stick them in a frame or something! I love the pillows. My little Jack was born in 2008 as well!

    Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog, so sweet of you. Where about are you moving back to down here?

    Love your blog, looking forward to following it and going thru your older posts!



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