22 July 2010


Hello to all of my lovely blogger friends out there, I hope your staying cool in this hot, hot weather! Hubby was here the past couple of days and it was so lovely to have him here and to be a family again. We went out and I found some fabulous new treasures for my jewelry designs. I finally created something I'm pretty happy with, of course it helps when my hubby is here, he is my inspiration!!! Hopefully, if all goes well, we'll be moving in August sometime. Please say a little prayer for us to be re-united.

Here's my new design:

"Bliss" Necklace

I found these great new glass beads and these fabulous vintage Ethiopian prayer beads on my buying trip. I just love it!
I got a lot of gorgeous beads and gemstones including vintage vaseline glass beads that are amazing. Those might take a little more creativity on my part to figure out how to put them in a new design. We'll see.
Have a great night!


  1. Hi Melinda,
    Such a very pretty piece....sounds like you found some great stuff. Hoping for your family to be together once again soon!

  2. i'm sooooo happy for you that your "inspiration" is home and that you got to spend some time all togther. i can't imagine the challenge of raising a family while apart. i hope and pray everyday for you mon amie that your move will come soon and that you will all be together again soon! hang in there! Sending loving thoughts your way. (Oh...and..LOVE the new necklace!!!)

  3. Gorgeous necklace Melinda! I so glad that you got to have some time with your hubby, I hope that your time apart will be short. We had to do that for about a 2 years. Duane would come home on weekends if the weather permitted. It was a real eye opening experience for all of us. We did make it through though and when we could be together life was sweet. I will keep you all in my prayers, stay strong... Theresa

  4. it looks so great Melinda, sounds like you are having a great time and getting jazzed about creating again.
    Isn't it wonderful when the person you love is your best friend and your inspiration all in one.
    Enjoy every minute you have together.

  5. ~bliss...fully beautiful is this piece...simply and quite romantic feel to it...i am send huge prayers and blessings that you will all be reunited and that you will be spending each and everday with the one who inspires...keep faith...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

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  7. Hi. Thanks for visiting. Love your vintage designs!
    ~ Julie

  8. I'm amazed at your jewelry...it is gorgeous! I'm a sucker for pretty trinkets!

  9. They're so cool! And the fact that they're Ethiopian prayer beads makes them more awesome! I love your blog, I really am glad I found it! XO!


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