11 July 2010

**New Handcrafted Items By Alabaster Rose Designs**

Hey everyone, I hope your all enjoying your weekend and trying to stay cool! Its been hot here, 102 yesterday! I know I've been a bit absent from blogging lately, I've just been busy working with my new etsy shop. I decided to add a few of my handcrafted wreaths and ornaments to my shop to see how they do. I already sold one of my ornaments. {yea} I can't decide if I want 2 separate shops, one for my jewelry and one for vintage items, let me know what you think.
Here's what I just made for the shop today:
Made with vintage children's clothing and a vintage rhinestone pin.

Vintage sheet music ornament with vintage rhinestone earring center.

Oh my goodness, I just realized that this is my 100th post! I can't believe I've written that many. I just might have to have another giveaway soon! I'll keep you posted.
Have a great day.


  1. these are lovely melinda! good idea to add them to your shop. i think they'll do well. as for whether or not to open another shop...i started out with a jewelry shop and then added a few "vintage items." They sold well so that's when i opened up PML. Then, after some thought, i closed my orignal shop... and just added a "jewelry" secton to PML. IT has worked out well (although, i don't make a lot of jewelry these days for the shop...mostly for family/friends and local shops). A "vintage" section in your jewelry shop would be a good start. if they sell well then a second shop for your vintage items only might be nice. Well...see you tomorrow for VSM??

  2. Hi Melinda,
    Love your new handcrafted pieces...really pretty!! I could see your ornaments of diferrent sizes and similar designs decorating a vintage country style Christmas tree...just gorgeous!
    I think if you just created a handcrafted decor section in your existing shop, it would be fine. I've seen where people have everything mixed together in their Etsy shops, too, but It's a hassle to have to search through everthing if your not shopping for everything.
    Oh, and congratulations on your 100th post!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Jo :)

  3. Melinda these are gorgeous no wonder you have already sold some. Congrats.
    I find my two shops do better separate but your coloring and collection of items go so well together that it would be great all in one.

  4. PS glad to see you found something you wanted to create again, YAY!!

  5. You are so talented Melinda. I love your ornaments and I am not surprised that you have sold some already! Great work. xx

  6. Malinda,
    I love the wreath...it looks as if we could create together and they would compliment each others beauty!
    So gypsy euro flea market chic.
    Ps. Still admiring the coin waiting to see a friend who will cry when I give it to her. You see she lost her husband far to early in life and he would buy her crowns so she treasures the ones she has, and at any given time will wear one he would call her the queen of chic and queen of the home. I will tell her where it came from and tell her to start a blog!
    Thank you dear friend

  7. Love your designs- and love the music note creation- Im a big fan and use music note sheets for everything..
    Might try that one...
    Great Inspiration- idea


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