15 July 2010

**A Question...**

I have a question...
Have you ever had someone take themselves off of your follower list? 
For months your chit-chatting back and forth and then all of the sudden one day... their gone! They even remove your blog from their favorite blog list.
What happened? Was it something you said or didn't say?
Well, this recently happened to me and I can't help but wonder what I did wrong. Maybe I didn't visit as much or didn't say the right thing on their comments. I feel just awful!! I am truly sorry to all of you lately if I haven't visited as much as I would like to. I am having a really difficult time right now in my life, which I know happens to all of us, but I'm feeling a bit lost and sometimes it's hard for me talk about it. 
Just please know how much you all mean to me and that your comments truly brighten my day! Without my blog and all of you, I believe I would be having a more difficult time then I already am.  I am trying to keep busy, so I'm throwing myself into creating for my Etsy shops, and spending lots of time with my kiddos. So please forgive me for being a bad blogger friend, once I get my family all back together, I know things will look up. When this will be, I don't know, but I'm praying that it will be soon.
Thanks to everyone for their sweet words and support!!

Bless all of you!!!


  1. Sweet Melinda....there is no reason in the world why someone would not follow your blog because of something you might have said or done. You mustn’t' take it personally (easier said than done...I know...it would upset me as well). People come and go in our lives...some stay for a short while...some become lifelong friends...and some just stay for a "season." But know that you made a difference in her life and maybe she needed to just move along. She may have her own personal reasons...she may not be following ANY blogs anymore. You will never know. But this I know....you are a kind, thoughtful, talented and kindred spirit whom I cherish greatly. So...chin up...carry on...and BE where you are supposed to be right now…and with whom you’re supposed to be with and all of your true friends will understand Mon Amie!

    Avec Amour,

  2. Oh my goodness Melinda, I can't say it any better than Michelle. You are wonderful and yes that has happened to me, it did hurt my feelings for a while but then I really had to give myself permission to just move on. I have met some amazing people on here and am so glad you are one of them. Take care of yourself and yours, that is all you really need to focus on. I love it when you stop by, but I also know that we all have all kinds of stuff going on in our lives too. Know that I am proud to call you friend, Theresa

  3. awww, thats hurtful, I am sorry!

  4. ...it is soooo their loss!
    ~ maybe it was that your blog is just oh-so-lovely and inspiring that they couldn't take it anymore and they were, (dare I say it ~ I think I shall!) ~ jealous much?!
    or maybe they are just having a hard time too....
    Well, dear one, for whatever the reason, WE are still here and adore you so!!
    BIG squeeeeeze (feelin` the love yet?!)
    xo, Rosemary

  5. Oh, that makes my heart hurt. I would be so hurt if that happened to me, too, since I don't have many followers. I just started blogging this year. I have been a follower of yours since I started, and I do stop by often, I just don't comment a lot. That's one thing I will work on, cause I love comments. You have a beautiful blog that you should be very proud of. You seem to have the same beauty in your heart. It shows in your words. God Bless You!

  6. ~sending you big (((hugs))) i think this happened to alot of us...you are NOT ALONE...i know it is hard to not take it to heart but know there are far more who are here and enjoy your every being...your presence...your kindness, your inspiring words and pieces of art...hold your head up...there will be many more who follow along than leave...sending happy thoughts and brightest blessings upon you and yours~

  7. Melinda, I read this and just had to say, If we lived closer I would meet you for lunch and tell you some stories about blogland. You are the sweetest and so creative with your designs, you just never know what is going on with people or their motives in life.
    All I can say is it does hurt and takes a long time to heal, but honey, it wasn't anything you did.
    I love your blog and shops and I am just so glad to have found you out here in cyberspace.
    I am here if you ever need to chat.

  8. You know it's probably nothing you did at all. You can't worry about something you can't control. You just have to be yourself and carry on. There's so much more important things to worry about, like your kiddos. I can tell it's bothered you so maybe you should send them an email and ask. I accidently deleted someone a while back and she emailed me and asked if she had done something, of course she hadn't, so I quickly added her back.

  9. No worries Melinda...who knows what her reasons were, but she is only one person and doesn't reflect all of your other followers and friends feelings about you. :)
    We still love ya!
    Take care,
    Hugs ~ Jo

  10. Oh Girl I feel for ya!
    I would be hurt as well and automaticaly blame myself, but the truth is that there is no way to know what is going on in that person's life or what motivated them to pull away. Rest in the knowledge that there is 166 followers still hanging on your every post....and we love ya!!

  11. I think that happens to us all and ditto everything everyone else said! :)

  12. ..Ditto everything said ...and I may say to prioritize your family first ..well thatsthe best....I have the utmost respect for you!

  13. Hello Miss Melinda, I am a new follower of yours(although I've been reading your blog way before I started mine in May)and I think you are absolutely adorable! My philosophy is that if someone can't appreciate me then it's their loss and I TRY not to take it personal. You've got many faithful followers who love you for just being you, my advice is that you focus on them and don't worry about the rest. C'est la vie!

    BTW you would have a hard time getting rid of me! =o]

  14. Dear Melinda
    I´m with Michelle in this - I think it have happened to all of us and I couldn´t have said it better than Michelle.
    Don´t worry about this - it can be of any reasons.
    Sending hugs and wishing you a wonderful day
    xo Tina

  15. Hi there Melinda,
    not to worry......worrying only wastes energy which you want to use for your fabulous creations!
    just forget about it, I'm sure it was nothing personal at all!

  16. HI Melinda,
    I am sure there are lots of other reasons that have nothing to do with you or your blog. My follower numbers change periodically - sometimes up and sometimes down- I am not sure why- Perhaps the person is not blogging or changes there provider or is having some difficulties. Michelle said it beautifully-
    I really enjoy your blog and seeing your lovely designs - you are doing a great job with your friends out in blog land.
    Wishing a wonderful weekend.

  17. Petite Michelle took the words right out of my mouth! Don't fret Melinda ~ you are so sweet! Enjoy your weekend and smile!

  18. I'm not sure if this could be the reason, but when I changed my blog address all my followers were lost. If the blog is still around with the same address, just ask the person. If the answer isn't positive, take it easy, there are so many nice people on the web... and superficial ones. Life goes on pretty good without them! But I know what you mean, when you're not well and already vulnerable, even little things like that can make you worry. Take care!

  19. Melinda,
    you surely did nothing wrong. People come and people go, there might be a million reasons (personally, I have recently stopped following all the blogs I used to). You don't have to please anyone. I like to express my opinion and my ideas on my blog. It's my space on the www after all! Just be yourself, be kind and open- minded, and don't care about these things. Enjoy every minute of this fantastic adventure which is blogging! I will have an article on the upcoming issue of Artful Blogging about this subject, should you like to read it.
    Keep going and be happy girl, you have so much to share!

  20. Hi Melinda,
    WELL---I LOVE YOUR BLOG AND EVERYTHING YOU DO!!! You sound very much like me--I am so very sensitive to stuff like that, BUT i'll tell you like I always tell my boys (cause I don't want them to be kind as sensitive as me)..that we really shouldn't worry about things like that---when we don't know why something happened we take it so personally and think that it happened because of a failing/deficit in ourselves, BUT most stuff that happens has nothing to do with us or anything we did. Losing your follower/followers could be a random google mistake, something happening in that own person's life, etc, etc. So Melinda what I am really trying to say is believe in yourself and your amazing talent. Be kind and treat people with respect (like I know you already do) and if they don't give that back to you then it is through no fault of yours, rather theirs!!!
    Happy day my blogging friend...keep your chin held hi--you are an inpiration!!


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