28 July 2010

**Sweet Surprise**

Hey everyone, I hope I find you well!
I woke up this morning and logged on to my blog and found such a sweet surprise!
A little message from
Faerwillow at **Serendipity** 
telling me she had something special for me on her blog.
To my surprise it was this:

This sweet and lovely award!
She actually said that my blog...
 "is exploding with talent and inspires me".
No one has ever said that to me, it truly touched my heart and made my day!
Thank you Faerwillow!!!

Here are the rules in accepting this noteworthy award:
~ Thank the one who sent it your way

~ Sum up your blogging motivation, philosophy, and experience using 5 words

~ Pass it on to 5 others whose blogs you feel have real substance{Sorry, but I am only choosing 4 for now}

Okay, here goes...

*Thank you so much for this touching award, your kindness and your words are so appreciated!

*5 words of blogging motivation, philosophy, and experience:
~Beauty reflected in imperfection

*And last but not least, 5 blogs that truly inspire me and have tons of talent and substance:

1. Amy from Mittens
This girl rocks in the talent and creativity department!!
She truly inspires me to create and keeps me motivated everyday! And of course she is super sweet and lovely!!
2. Michelle from Petite Michelle Loiuse.
This lady is so fabulously talented and so warm and kind! I have never known a person that has so much compassion and warmth in every ounce of their being!
She is truly inspiring to me!!
3. Theresa from 612 Riverside.
This lady is just so lovely and has such a fantastic heart and spirit! She is also amazingly talented and always has such spectacular words of encouragement for everyone!

4. Janis from Rust and Ruffles.
This lady is so lovely and kind!! She has such a fantastic eye for staging beautiful vignettes for her photos. She is also so encouraging with her words and always has something kind and uplifting to say!

Okay so there they are, 4 lovely ladies that truly inspire me everyday, Thank You so much Faerwillow!!
Have a great day.


  1. Congrats on your award! And I also miss your Vintage Summer Mondays. Have a great weekend...Julian

  2. Oh Melinda, I only have a minute to check in and I need so much more to express my gratitude for this.
    The first time I saw your blog, I thought this girl has it right. The photography and style of your blog drew me in immediately. Then I really got into it and read and found your amazing stories and talent. It was all just so sincere.
    When you posted the basket picture, I was so inspired that I had to go find one too. LOL
    You are so talented and caring and I know we would be great buddies if we lived closer.
    I thank you for choosing me to share this with and I love your other choices as well.
    I will be in touch but for now I have to run.
    Take care
    and you deserve it girl, your designs are amazing!
    your friend

  3. Hi Melinda,
    Well, what a very sweet surprise!!! Thanks so much. It is you that consistently inspires me!!
    Happy day!

  4. GIRL..you made my day...week..month..heck..year! I needed that! I really did. "Merci" from the bottom of my heart for such a sweet award. Coming from YOU means even more to me. I am also in VERY good comopany! I will "pay it forward" soon (I promise!) LOL! :) Continue your wonderful way of touching our hearts and inspiring us all!

  5. Thank you, thank you! Melinda I feel so honored and touched to know that my blog and words have meant something to you... and on the reverse know that YOU have done the same for me. I love coming here and seeing the beauty you create and know that it must just flow easily from you and your beautiful spirit. Then when I saw the others that you chose, well I have to tell you that it made it that much more special to me! I love them all and am inspired by them always! Congrats on yours, I agree with Faerwillow you do write a blog that is exploding with talent and inspiration! Thank you for thinking of me... truly, Theresa

  6. Congratulations Melinda!
    I will have to check out these blogs.
    Pamela xo

  7. ~thank you for your sweet words and happy you were honored and wanting to accept this...your are exploding with talent...

    i l♥ve "Beauty reflected in imperfection"
    you couldn't have chosen a more perfect set of words to describe you art...congrats to you and those you passed it along too...much l♥ve and light upn you and yours always~


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