25 October 2010

~**Vintage Treasures on Etsy**~

Happy Monday all, I hope you had a glorious weekend. I known its been a few days since I last posted or visited you all, life has been so busy lately. I've been doing really well with my Etsy shop and I have been busy wrapping up jewelry orders and shipping them out. I can't even begin to tell you how blessed I feel that people are actually loving my designs!!I also had a really great multiple order last week in my vintage shop as well, thank God, we really could use the money!
I wanted to show you a few new vintage items I just listed in my 88 Bella Vintage shop, and I'm still not done. Check back tomorrow for more goodies.

This is a great vintage silver tray with gorgeous etching on the inside of tray.

This is a vintage powder jar with a great rose embossed sterling silver lid. This is from my personal collection and I love it, but I just don't use it anymore and it's just too beautiful to stuff away in a box.

Vintage red watering can.
Love the hydrangeas in this, I almost changed my mind about selling it! :)

There's even more new vintage items I listed in my Etsy shop, so take a look. 

I also had to tell you that I finally got to meet one of my fellow bloggers yesterday at the flea market. I met Irma, from Cosas Bellas, and she was the nicest person ever and her vintage treasures were gorgeous!!
I might even sell my jewelry in her space at the next flea market in Irvine. She was such a sweetheart to offer. 
Thank you so much Irma, you were just absolutely gracious and  lovely!! It was a true honor to meet you!
Check out Irma's blog if you haven't already, i know you'll love it!
Have a great day all.


  1. oh i'm lovin your silver-plate girl! I'll take a look at the vintage shop now. Irma is very sweet. she is a follower of my blog as well and always has the nicest things to say. how lucky for you that you got to meet! I hope you are well?

  2. ...love the white hydrangea's up against that chippy white door!!!
    And the little footed silver tray ~
    Textures baby, textures!!!
    xo, Rosemary

  3. Hi Melinda ~ love your photos! Heading over to check out your vintage shop!

  4. Wonderful treasures AND your photos are stunning!

  5. Au contraire mon ami it was an honor and a pleasure to have met YOU but thank you so much for your words of praise, you are too kind!

    BTW, your boys are what Nate Berkus calls "snacks" cuz they're so yummy you just wanna munch on them. lol

    You are going to take the OC by storm my friend!

    Big Hug, Irma

  6. I love the silver tray! It's gorgeous.


  7. I always love your treasures! Your photos are great Melinda!!
    Pamela xo

  8. I love your blog! Just discovered you last week and have enjoyed going back through your old posts!

  9. Great treasures Melinda! I'm so happy for you that etsy is going well for you! It always feels so good when someone loves your creations! Hope more good is coming your way! Theresa xoxo

  10. I love old Silver and Silver Plate pieces too... and I'm adoring your chippy White Door in the background... I am an old Door collecting fanatic! *smiles*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. Hi Melinda, I'm so glad to hear you're adding vintage pieces to your etsy shop... yay! These are beautiful! And, look... you already sold one of them... :)
    Have a great day!
    ~ Jo

  12. Gorgeous treasures and gorgeous photos! What a winning combination!



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