02 December 2010

**FED UP**

{Wish I was here!!}

WARNING... This is a ranting post!!
Can I just say, that sometimes the holiday's bring out the absolute worst in people?!!!
It probably doesn't help that I woke up with a sore throat and it is now about 3:30 and I am feeling icky!! And my little one has been sneezing all day and now is running a fever. I just picked up my oldest and he is sneezing as well, and my hubby has already been sick for 3 days. I have just had it with being sick!!
To start off my day, I had to take my son to school and deal with all of the little parent-teacher clicks, what's that all about anyway? Are we still in high school or something? I can't even get to his teacher to ask her questions about my son without the same parents monopolizing her every free moment! This frustrates me to no end!
Then I had to stop by the post office on my way home with both of my little tired sickkos, and was ready to breath fire by the time I left!
My little one was getting antsy in his stroller and started to get fussy when all of the sudden this jerk yelled out in the post office, "HEY", at my kid! He said, "I'm a teacher", as if that makes it okay for him to yell at a 2 year. Several people started laughing at the fact that he yelled at MY kid. Does no one in this world have any manners left at all? I would never laugh at someone who was yelled at and who was completely humiliated, me. And he scared both of my son's. There was another man next to me who kept looking at me laughing and I said some not so nice words to him, I'm sorry, but enough is enough!!! 
I'm just fed up with the people in this world who feel as if they are entitled to be rude and manner-less! Is anyone else experiencing this?
Sorry for the rant, but I know my blogger friends always make me feel better and I am about in tears at this point.
I'll be back later in a better mood, I promise!


  1. oh sweet melinda.. i am so sorry you've had a bad day and that the people you encountered only made it worse. my heart goes out to you mon amie. just remember this..."what goes around comes around." OK? I believe in karma so don't you worry about all those rude and thoughtless people who made you feel worse than you already did........karma sweetie...karma!!

  2. I'm so sorry you had a bad day, Melinda! I agree with Petite Michelle. I believe in karma too. You don't put out bad stuff without receiving it back. I hope you and yours feel better soon!
    Take Care,
    Jo :)

  3. It is because you were at the post office! Where people tend to go "postal", you know? I work with the public and no very well what a pain they are. I too believe in karma, my ex-husband got his big time. Someone has to be a pretty miserable person to become upset with a child! Tomorrow will be better!

    Take care, Sue

  4. Oh you poor thing Melinda, it is horrible when it all piles up and hits you in one day! I am hoping that you feel better now and if not make sure you go and do something nice for yourself. Take care my dear. xx

  5. Girl I am emailing you now and my phone number!!
    I am so with ya today!!!
    People have become rude and insensitive to those around us. Instead of someone trying to help out they yell, like you want your own child to be so upset in the first place and enjoy it.
    This world has become horrible and no one will take any responsibility for themselves or apologize for their wrong doing...ugh I could go on and on. Just know we are with ya her especially a mother of a 2 year old I completely understand.
    hugs and so sorry you are sick

  6. Bummer day, I am SO sorry you and your family are sick! That was uncalled for, what that man said to your son! Really! I am a teacher and I would NEVER say anything to someone like that. I may be be good with kids but I am not their parent, don't know their situation, it wouldn't be my business. Wow. I hope tomorrow is much better for you all. Hang in there!

  7. What! I mean really......is someone that rude and mean to a 2 year old. I am afraid if that had been me and my daughter, I am afraid I would have said a few choice words......and I don't say those words. Take a deep breath and know that you are better than that.

  8. I completely understand every word you are saying.........I work in hospitality, and I could tell you some stories. Some people seem to totally forget there manniers,it is a time for giving isnt it.....WHY does this happen.......I have not idea!!!Then there are those lovley people that are just a delight to serve and make up for those grumpy ones..........at times I just laugh and at the end of a big day I love going home to my family........and forget it all.

  9. ~i think the world we live in is lacking in compassion...empathy...people are becoming more and more self centered and waltz around high and mighty...yet if they were to swap positions with the one they are being rude with ...well maybe the mere dose of reality would shake them straight...no one...has the right to repremand your child...i probably would have lost it...rant away my dear friend...it is a positiion we have all been in and its just not so nice of a feeling...i am so so sorry you are all coming down with the yuckies again...i tell ya we are on two and half weeks and still can't shake it...it is like a combo of flu and cold symptoms...i wish you and yours well and healing blessings and only joyful kind people to surround you in your day to day...much l♥ve and light upon you and yours always~

  10. Don't they know that Santa is watching? Bet he just put those few on his naughty list!

    Hugs to you Melinda!!

  11. I had a day like this two days ago. Different situtation but a young female store clerk was being so rude to me. It was a kids consignment store and i was bringing in my son's old clothes for the first time and man she was rude i felt like slapping her !!!! I was pissed all day. My first time there and she laying the ground rules to me like i'm some loser.
    As far as the parent -teacher click thing goes oh yes i have experienced that many times! Especially on school trips. Some parents are too much.
    Hope you feel better soon Melinda. Don't sweat it we all deal with these jerks!
    Pamela xo

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your encounter with rude people. I completely agree people have lost all their manners... it has me shocked half of the time and i worry about what the world is coming to. Feel better soon,

  13. Oh Melinda feel free to rant away. I am so over impatient, ill mannered, disrespectful people too. If we all had more of the opposite to the above and worked together the world would be a far more nicer place.
    xx Sandi
    Hope all get over the sniffles etc quickly.

  14. Dear Melinda... I'm so sorry to hear of your most difficult day and the unlovely people you encountered. The Joy of the Lord is not in everyone, even during this most Holy of Seasons. Be sure that each of us experiences those who are lacking in the fruits of the Spirit... I have found that when I look at it in the perspective of "Thank God I am not in that condition" it helps me to have pity on those whose Hearts are hardened and are so totally lost. May your Family receive a Healing touch so that you can enjoy the Holidays in good Health and uplifted by those in the World who are good and decent!

    God Bless You... Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Oh Melinda, I am sitting here feeling my blood boil while picturing that scene in the post office. What jerks! I, too, tend to lose it when it comes to my kids. Don't mess with a Mama, especially in public. And scaring the kids...ooooh...that's when the gloves come off!

    Girl, you just rant when you need to, that's what girlfriends are for, even in blogland!

    Blessings to you!


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