16 December 2010


Hi all, I know my posts are coming few and far between, I am sorry for this especially to those of you who actually visit my blog often. Your all so wonderful to visit, it really makes me so happy to read your lovely and encouraging comments.

Showing you photos of my home.
Not many Christmas decorations up this year, I just didn't have it in me, so things are simple and subtle.

I'm thinking of all of those who are suffering this Holiday Season and wishing I could do more for them. This includes my own loved ones who are ill and those struggling to get by.

I pray that you and your family's are enjoying a happy and healthy season filled with love and hope for the New Year!

And remember to always be thankful for the joy's you have in your life. I definitely need to be extra thankful that my husband is still here with me and our boys. This will be our 3rd Christmas since we almost lost him. 

I thank you all so much for your continued friendship, it is truly a blessing to me!!
Enjoy your day!
Talk to you all soon.


  1. everything is beautiful!!!
    I am keeping it simple too, and you are right, what we have is the best gift ever!!!

  2. Melinda, This is a beautiful Holiday Post...our loved ones, family, and friends are our best gifts!! So Thankful for your lovely blog and all the inspiration it gives! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas...hope to see you soon!!!
    Xx's & Oo's

  3. ...Your pictures and comments allways encourage and inspire me.....such stunning work!

  4. ...BIGGEST Christmas hug my dear one!!
    Adored this post...I get so sappy(No, no pun here: tree/sap:nope~notta!!) this time of year, so very glad there is someone right there with me:)
    Happiest Season:)
    xo, Rosemary

  5. Great reminder Melinda! Count our blessings!!
    Pamela xo

  6. Hi girl, what a simple post but the words are so much more. I am so glad you are with your husband and boys. Give them big hugs!
    I know it is hard this time of year to not have all your loved ones around especially when health issues are at hand. But I know you are so grateful for the ones you have with you.
    I think this year the times are to reflect on the love and to give to others in a time of need. Simple seems to be the theme all over the world right now. The blogs that are showing bigger and better and things that are over done are such a turn off, knowing that there is so much loss right now. It seems a little disrespectful.
    I appreciate those who are showing a little more heart than material items this year.
    Much love to you and yours and you are in my thoughts.

  7. Everything looks so pretty. I hope you have an extra special Christmas season.

  8. Hi Melinda!

    Thank you for such a embracing reminder for all of us to be thankful for what truly matters. You echoed my hearts thoughts for this year. So many people seems to be in need of the more real human touch of kindness than anything else. Thanks again!


  9. Bonjour Melinda,
    What a lovely post, a sweet reminder to us all to be thankful for every moment we have with those we love. You have a fabulous blog and I am now a new follower.
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  10. simply spoken...from the heart..and straight to MINE! I'm counting my blessings now even more with your touching "reminder." Sweet Melinda...merci...merci!

  11. You know Melinda, I think this Christmas there are so many of us that really "get" what it means to be grateful, to be thankful for those in our lives and what we have. I'm kind of like you, I REALLY get upset seeing so many people on the streets, so many begging for money. I gave a guy outside of Trader Joe's the other day three dollars. He was standing in the cold, with his life belongings in a shopping cart and holding a bottle of windex. He thanked me and said "where is your car, so I can clean your windows". I shook my head as tears rolled down my cheeks and said, "no that is okay" and he replied, "bless you child"! I am grateful that so many of us are REALLY understanding and feeling what is going on in our world today. I know in my heart that it will make a difference in things getting better! Please know I wish you and your family the best this Christmas and so happy that you really get the "reason for the season"!

    Take care, Sue

  12. Thank you for your thoughtful words Melinda and sending you warm wishes for a happy holiday!

  13. This is a wonderful holiday sentiment, and a true reminder that having loved ones in our thoughts and lives is why and how we celebrate this holiday.

  14. Hello
    Thank you so much for stopping by and saying hello, your decorations are just beautiful and I like to keep it simple this year also. It seems time has just gotten out of hand for me this year.
    Wishing you a very blessed Chirstmas

  15. I know what your mean about being thankful for everything we have! I've worried about a young mother I work with not having any money to buy her children Christmas! I had talked to my husband and we had decided to try to help out. But last week I found out that someone from her past showed up out of the clear blue with $300 he owned her from long ago! She rejoiced, and said, now I can buy my children Christmas! I've been in her shoes and couldn't bare the thought of them not having Christmas! As adults we can do without, but not those special little ones, christmas means everything to them! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  16. Hello Melinda,
    I just found your blog via other blogs. Quite lovely! Thanks for your compassionate post.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    - Susan

  17. dearest melinda...i hope this finds you well and enjoying the holiday season. merci for your last comment on my blog. You are always so sweet. I wanted to tell you that I absolutely FORBID you to go to the P.O. until AFTER the holidays! After what you went through the last time, i don't want anyone mistreating you while waiting in what will surely be ANOTHER long line. Consider it MY gift to you and your little ones this xmas....PLEASE! OK? Be with your family, get your "santa" shopping finished and enjoy..enjoy..enjoy! There is plenty of time to mail the package after you have time to put your feet up and look back on your xmas. I INSIST!

    Avec amour,

  18. Your images are breathtaking, Melinda! Our decor taste is rather similar. Loving all of your white. Yum!



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