31 January 2010

Silver Sunday V

Welcome to Silver Sunday V. 
Today I'm show casing some of my jewelry designs that were made with silver elements. I hope you enjoy!


"Crown of Glory"

"Matte Baroque"

"Sublime in Blue"

"Peridot Shimmer" and "Key to the Crown"

I hope you enjoyed my Silver Sunday offerings today. Enjoy your Sunday and take a look at the other Silver Sunday participants at Gypsy Fish.

24 January 2010

Silver Sunday IIII

Hi everyone, sorry to be so late with my Silver Sunday post. We have had a difficult week in our house with everyone being sick with everything from pneumonia, bronchitis and the flu. I wasn't sure what to show today, but thanks to Laura at 52 Flea, I thought I would show my favorite silver charm bracelet as well.

My husband bought this for me back home at one of my favorite flea markets. It has helped me through many difficult moments in the past year. God feels a little closer when I'm wearing this.
Thanks for stopping by and check out the other Silver Sunday participants at Gypsy Fish.

20 January 2010

A New Start

It is time for a clean start.....
I am ready for new and lovely things to come my way. I have decided to manage two blogs as of yesterday. Alabaster Rose Designs has always been the name of my jewelry design company, so I've decided to keep this blog all about my jewelry. I have a new blog that will focus on home decor, family, flea market finds, etc. I want to gain some new insight on how you, the reader, makes a house a home. Also, I would love to hear tips on how to raise healthy and happy children and how to keep your marriage fresh after 16 years. I would love to hear from you all, I need all the inspiration I can get, and the blogging world is full of wonderful inspiration. 
So please check out my new blog: 

Thank you....

18 January 2010

A Sad Day

The rain is falling outside which is fitting for a day like today. I just learned that my mom has cancer. Where do you go from here? How can six little letters create such destruction? She is still so young, but I guess cancer does not discriminate against age. She will be going through chemo and radiation for the next 6 weeks which hopefully will get rid of it. The Dr.'s are hopeful that they caught it n time, so only time will tell.
I would truly appreciate all of your positive thoughts and prayers for my Mom, and I know she would too!
Thank you, Melinda.

16 January 2010

Silver Sunday III

Hi everyone and welcome to Silver Sunday III. I have lots of goodies for you all today, so please ENJOY!!!
Make sure and check out all the other Silver Sunday participants at Gypsy Fish.

Here are some great pieces of hotel silver, (knives) and sterling silver, (sugar tongs and serving pieces in jar).

More of the same.


Old silver tea pot.

A beautiful old victorian silver tray. It's extremely heavy. I don't know if you can see it, but it is monogrammed with the initials DB. I love anything monogrammed!

My fabulous dress form from 1948 with some of my jewelry designs and vintage pieces.

And last but not least, my glass glitter crown.

Happy Silver Sunday!!


"Wreath of Pearls"

"Silver-Ruby Baroque"

"French 88"

I hope you like the new designs from Alabaster Rose designs.

12 January 2010

White Wednesday

Hi everyone, I know I'm a bit early for White Wednesday but I will be at the hospital all day tomorrow with my mom. She is scheduled to have surgery to see if she has cancer. So I'm doing this early to keep my mind occupied until tomorrow, otherwise I will worry myself sick! I am a worrier by nature and this scare will magnify it 100%! Please everyone say a prayer and I will let you know how it goes.
Here are my offerings for White Wednesday. Make sure you check out the other White Wednesday participants at Faded Charm.

Vintage pearl necklace from Alabaster Rose Designs.

From my vintage monogrammed  linen collection.

My favorite vintage rose sconce. It came as a pair and I adore them.

A great creamy vintage door with a sconce from Shabby Chic.
Everyone have a great week!

10 January 2010

Silver Sunday II

Good Morning to everyone! I hope everyone is a having a lovely weekend so far.
It is Silver Sunday II hosted by Beth at Gypsy Fish. Here are my offerings for today...

A collection of mercury glass on my favorite vintage silver tray my Aunt gave me recently. It looks beautiful at night when all the candles are lit. The tray reflects the light beautifully.

This picture is from a previous post but it is Silver Sunday at its best. I found this vintage monogrammed teapot at a flea market for $5.00. I definitely couldn't pass it up! The creamer and sugar are also from my Aunt. She had a huge boxful of old silver she was selling at a garage sale and I grabbed it just before it was gone. I was so lucky.

Well thanks for stopping by. Check out the other wonderful participants on Beth's site Gypsy Fish and have a great week!!

09 January 2010

Sending A Piece of Me

I'm getting ready to send off info and pictures of my jewelry to several boutiques in Southern and Northern California. I am so nervous! I guess I'm afraid of rejection which will lead to a sense of failure because my jewelry represents a piece of me. I so enjoy creating my jewelry and I have always wanted to have my own business. There are not many people in my life who believe in me except for my wonderful, amazing husband. He's pretty much the only one. There are more people who don't believe in me, so it's hard not to get sucked into the negative. But, I promised myself that this year will bring positive changes for my family and I. A little over a year ago, I almost lost my husband to a ruptured brain aneurysm. No one believed he would make it. Now one year later, he is miracle!! It has been hard for our family since his illness, times have been tough and we had to move over 350 miles away from the only home our children had ever known. It has been difficult on everyone trying to adjust, but God is getting us through one day at a time. By his grace alone are we still kicking.
So because of the Lord above I will be a more positive and thankful person each and everyday and enjoy my second chance with my beautiful husband of 16 years and my precious boys!!
And I will sell my jewelry!!!!

06 January 2010

White Wednesday

Hi everyone, welcome to my first White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm.

I love roosters and chickens and my whole kitchen is full of them. I am very particular though on which ones get to come home with me. Most of the ones I have are white/cream ceramic or black/brown iron. These two are some of my favorites.

A fabulous old chair that I threw a matelasse cover over until I can re-upholster it in a cream or white linen.

Here are some vintage pieces in creamy white. The old cupboard is creamy white with some bits of pale blue paint peeking through. It sits my T.V. and holds all of my DVD's.
This vintage pie safe is wonderful. I love this piece because when it was new it was probably a bright white and now it has a beautiful creamy patina on it . It also has wonderful gray-blue writing on it as well.

Wonderful creamy parchment roses from Shabby Chic on a white marble stand. The frame in the background is made from old recycled barn wood.
The Vase is Haager pottery.

As you can see, my white Wednesday has turned into Creamy-White Wednesday. Oh well, the colors are from the same family, right?

05 January 2010

A Little Cowgirl Chic

Another new design from my jewelry collection. This one is made with all new elements. I'm about all out of my vintage pieces, so I guess I have to go out and search for more. It's not that easy in a small town to find parts and pieces of vintage jewelry. It's times like these when I miss Southern California and all the wonderful flea markets I use to visit regularly!

"Gypsy Cowgirl"
Made with turquoise and bronze colored Czech glass beads.

02 January 2010

Welcome to the First Silver Sunday Blog Party

Welcome to the first "Silver Sunday" Blog Party hosted by Beth at The Gypsy Fish.

 Here are some of the first silver pieces I started collecting. The bottle and jar have sterling lids. The nut dish, the butter pats and the brush are also sterling. The tray is silver plate but it was a deal for $1.00 at the flea market. These are about the only sterling silver pieces that I have in my collection. Most of my silver is just old silver over copper, but I love it just the same. Actually I almost prefer it. And I'm not big on polishing my silver, I like the look of it when it's a bit tarnished with age.
Check out Beth's site for more participant's in The Silver Sunday Blog Party, and see all of their fabulous items. Just click on the title of my post above and it will take you to Beth's blog.
Happy Silver Sunday!!

01 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year. I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2010!
I started off my New Year yesterday by antiquing at a couple of my new favorite local antique stores, and of course found some fabulous goodies to freshen up my home decor.
Here are the pics, I hope this inspires.

Here are some wonderful antique watch cases. The silver case actually had a beautiful watch face with all the workings still attached inside.

As you can see the patent dates are from 1888-1892.

The hands on the watch are gold filigree.

 I found another beautiful prayer card. I love the colors!

Here is a great old basket I picked up too.

Here is a picture of my favorite antique vanity. It was the first antique piece I ever purchased. I LOVE IT!!!

A beautiful vintage armoire.

And last but not least, my new vintage chandelier my husband gave me for Christmas, and it still works. I am a chandelier-aholic. I love them and have several that I don't even have hung yet. Most of them need to be re-wired, so eventually I'll get it done so I can use them. I love that no matter what your style is, a chandelier can bring such elegance and warmth to a room. Especially coupled with an old farm house table that has layers an layers of peeling paint.