27 February 2010

And The Winner Will Receive This....

Hi All.
I just thought I would show you what the winner will receive of my first blog giveaway.........
Here it is.




This is called "Cowgirl Chic".
It's designed with vintage pearls, new pearls, and Montana blue fire polished Czech glass.

I hope the winner likes it!!

*******Remember to be entered, just leave me a comment for one chance, for two chances - leave a comment and join my blog, and for three chances - leave a comment, join blog and mention my giveaway on your blog site. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has visited my blogs and been so supportive! I look forward everyday to your lovely comments. It truly means so much to me, and it gives me a place to be creative and to join other amazingly creative 
people. You all give me such inspiration and vision each and everyday, and I will always be honored to be a part of the blogging community.
Good Luck to everyone!

25 February 2010

First Ever Blog Giveaway!!

So if you read my post over at 15 Bella Vie
you would know that I will be hosting my very first blog giveaway in a few hours. I'm still trying to decide on something fabulous for the wonderful ladies that stop by and bring me such joy everyday! I have wanted to give back to the blog community so bad and now I think it is the perfect time.
Check back in a couple of hours for details, I'll keep you posted.


I've decided to design a special necklace for the winner of my blog giveaway.

Here's the info:

 One chance for leaving a comment.
Two chances for leaving a comment and becoming a follower.
Three chances for leaving a comment, becoming a follower, and putting my giveaway button on your blog.

I wish everyone luck and I look forward to awarding the winner on Sunday March 7th.


24 February 2010

White Wednesday Jewels

Good Morning to all. Welcome to White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm.

Of course since this is my jewelry blog, we're going to see white jewels. Please check out my home decor blog, 15 Bella Vie, for more White Wednesday! 

Beautiful women in cream and white.




Vintage white pearls


Vintage pearl bracelet.


"Vintage Princess"

I hope everyone enjoyed White Wednesday, stop by Faded Charm to see all of the other wonderful participants!

22 February 2010

Positive Thinking

I need to get into positive mode, so I wrote myself a pep talk on the chalk board in my office. Sometimes I get a bit discouraged with my jewelry line not taking off the way I would like but I know if I continue to believe, it will happen.


I'm at a loss right now as to where to go next with my designs. Does anyone out there have any suggestions???

On another note, I made a new bracelet.


This was made with vintage pearls and a vintage rosary piece.

More to come. I'll just keep designing with the hope that I'll catch someone's eye.
Have a great day.

I decided to add another link on to this bracelet. So now it has double the pearls. Who wouldn't want that?!


19 February 2010

Cowgirls Are Tougher Than Cowboys!

New bracelet from Alabaster Rose Designs called "Cowgirls are Tougher than Cowboys."

I'm delving a bit more into making bracelets as well as necklaces now. A lot of the boutiques I visited sell tons of necklaces but had no bracelets. I was asked if I could do  a few and bring them back for a showing. So here's a new one.  





I also designed a new pendant as well, called"Horses or Men?"





I hope everyone enjoys my new designs. I'll keep working hard at getting some new ones out.
Take care.

17 February 2010

White Wednesday Bling


Here is some vintage bling for White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm.  Check out the other participants at Faded Charm and check out my other White Wednesday post at 15 Bella Vie.
I'm working on more jewelry designs, so as I get them ready I'll put up pics. Have a great day!

13 February 2010

Vintage Valentine Party Hosted By Joan at Anything Goes Here

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. My post will be a bit short due to me being under the weather. Here are some of my vintage valentines.


Vintage postcard with whites doves.


Vintage Roses postcard.


This is my favorite vintage valentine.

These are vintage inspired valentine's I picked up a few years ago. They came with cute little vellum envelops.

I have to say that my favorite Valentines Day memories are of being a child and passing out valentines at school. Every year we would make valentine mail boxes out of tissue boxes and decorate them with red and pink construction paper and stickers. Then we would go from desk to desk and pass out valentine cards. It was always so much fun to get home and open the box and see what goodies were inside.
Now it's fun to make it special for my own children. We always give them a special little treat for Valentines Day.
Enjoy your Valentines Day and check out all of the other participants at Anything Goes Here.

12 February 2010

Vintage Bling

I was at a local antiques store a couple of days ago and found these pretty vintage glass buttons. I was thinking that maybe I could add them to a design. But right now they just look lovely sitting on this beautiful gray-blue book I also found.




Not really a story I was interested in but of course the color was just right!

Happy Friday!

10 February 2010

I Heart New Designs

New designs just in time for the big day. Valentines Day is coming. 
What do you have your heart set on?


"A Lovely Romance" necklace with ruby Czech glass and pendant.


The reverse side.


"My Love" necklace made with vintage pearls and bronze Czech glass.


"Vintage Princess" necklace with vintage pearls and rhinestones.


"Iron Crown" necklace with vintage pearls and black glass beads.


"True Love" pendant



I hope you enjoyed my new designs.
Happy Valentines!

09 February 2010


So, I went to one of my favorite shops called The Vintage Market today to sell my jewelry, and I actually sold one of my designs. Well I actually didn't sell it, my husband did. He is acting as my sales rep, because he is an amazing sales person. He could sell you the shirt off your back, you know that saying. I know it was just one item, but the buyer was extremely interested in my other pieces, and may be contacting me in the future. Anyway, it's a start. 



Vintage filigree w/ rhinestones and vintage pearl bracelet.

I am so excited, it's my first sale ever. I know there's more to come.

08 February 2010

Exciting News

I am so excited. I just got a post from Karen at the Graphics Fairy saying that she choose one of  my necklaces for Brag Monday. I feel so honored!  The necklace that was chosen was "Sublime in Blue", which is one of my favorites. 

Thank you Karen. Everyone, check out the winners every Brag Monday at  

06 February 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy... With New Designs For Silver Sunday

Hey everyone, I know its been a while but I have been so busy designing new pieces of jewelry that I have let my posts go a bit. I have a lady who is interested in seeing my designs and hopefully will purchase some for her gift boutique. She wants to see them on Tuesday, so that only gives me a couple more days to come up with some new stuff. 
Here are a couple of new items I just finished just in time for Silver Sunday.

Close up.


The back side.







The collection.
Sorry for the horrid pictures, I just couldn't seem to get the lighting right. It is so dark in my house because of the nasty weather outside. This gloominess is driving me crazy! I miss the sunshine!!! Make sure and check out the other participants at Gypsy Fish.
Have a great day and stay warm and dry!

01 February 2010

"Sublime in Blue"

This is my favorite design by far. The pendant picture is from a vintage religious card I found on the Graphics Fairy site. I used vintage pearls and chandelier crystals and a vintage rhinestone clasp. The blue stones are fire- polished Czech glass in Montana blue. I love the picture of Jesus and Mary, it is so beautiful! This is my offering for Brag Monday hosted by the Graphics Fairy. Check out the other talented participants by clicking on the link above.