30 April 2010

**Happy Show And Tell Friday**

Hello to all, I hope your enjoying your Friday so far!
Just a few dreamy photos to help kick start the weekend.

My vintage twin headboard hung over my bed in all its chippy glory.

A beautiful creamy rose and vintage aqua colored bottle.

 My favorite things.

I am joining Cindy at My Romantic Home for show and tell Friday.
Please join us and check out all of the other wonderful participants. 
 Have a lovely weekend!

28 April 2010

I'm Late, I'm Late.... White Wednesday

Hi everyone, I am so sorry I am late with this White Wednesday post! I feel so bad, because this is my favorite blog party, hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm.

I took photos for White Wednesday yesterday, but I had no time to use my favorite photo editing program, Picnik, so no fancy pancy photos today. I rushed all morning trying to get me and my boys ready for my older son's field trip to the firehouse.  When we left it was sunny and warm with no clouds to be seen anywhere, but of course when we left, the sky was blanketed with dark fluffy clouds and it rained the whole walk back to his school. But being kids, they loved it! I have to say I liked it a bit too, made me feel young again. 
Okay so here are my photos, please enjoy!

All vintage white linens from my collection.

Pretty creamy white roses in a vintage ironstone creamer.

Vintage monogrammed towel with the initial "R". 

Vintage monogrammed pillowcase with my initial "M". I have a pair of these and they are so lovely.

My old creamy dresser that I got for free on the side of the road. I just need to find the perfect drawer handles for it.

My new dining chairs I got as an early birthday present. I got a set of 4 of these all numbered 1-4. They are so great!

Well that's that. I hope you all enjoyed! Please note that if you previously followed me on my other blog, 15 Bella Vie, I have stopped posting there and will only be posting here now at Alabaster Rose Designs and my online boutique, Alabaster Rose Designs Boutique. Thank you for your continued friendship and please contiue to visit me here. I sincerely love all of your wonderful comments!
Have a great day.

27 April 2010

**Happy Early Birthday To Me...And Some Changes**

Hi everyone, I hope I find you all well. 
I have some new changes happening to both of my blogs, Alabaster Rose Designs and 15 Bella Vie. I have decided to stop posting on my blog 15 Bella Vie and focus on this blog, Alabaster Rose Designs and my online boutique, Alabaster Rose Designs Boutique.This blog will take over where 15 Bella vie left off. I will include home design, family, and what's new with my jewelry design business. Thanks to everyone for following me here and there and I hope you will all continue to visit me here at Alabaster Rose Designs!

Now, on to my early birthday present my honey bought me. I fell in love with these last week at my favorite store, Vintage Market, and mentioned it to my hubby and the sweetie pie bought them for me as an early present. I picked them up yesterday and they are even better than I remembered!!

There are 4 of these fabulous iron chairs numbered 1-4 on burlap.
As much as I love the burlap seats with the numbers, I'm not sure how well they will hold up, so I might eventually cover them with linen ruffled slips. I'm planning on using them as dining chairs and we are a messy family!

Have a great day everyone and join me tomorrow for White Wednesday hosted by Kathleen at Faded Charm.

21 April 2010


Alabaster Rose Designs Boutique

 Hey everyone, I hope you all are well!
I have been keeping something to myself for the past couple of weeks and I couldn't wait to post about it. I wanted to make sure all of the details were complete before I told you.
Okay, here it is....
I just sent out my first jewelry order today!! Yea!!!!
Kristin from Faded Prairie placed an order for 7 of my necklace designs for her Brick and Mortar store. I couldn't believe it!
Thank you so much Kristin.
Now I need to get busy and make some new designs fast!
I'm planning on my first sale at the beginning of July and I need to increase my stock. I have lots of new design ideas, I just need to find the time to start creating. 
If any of you are interested in any of my designs, please stop by my online store, Alabaster Rose Designs Boutique. I have a couple of new things listed, so check it out.
Have a lovely day.

11 April 2010

My Vintage Collection

Hey all, I hope your having a great Sunday!!
I know its been a while since I last posted but I've been so busy with my family. I haven't even had time to make any new necklace designs, so I thought I would do a post on vintage jewelry. I have several pieces in my collection that I just love. I love to mix up my vintage pieces with my jewelry designs in my own style and I love using vintage pieces in my designs, it makes it more interesting and of course one-of-a-kind. 

I love this vintage sterling medal mixed with pearls and vintage rhinestones. This will definitely end up in one of my new designs soon.

A favorite vintage necklace with an old necklace clasp incorporated in the design. Love It!

Vintage pearl clip on earrings. They are beautiful on.

Some of my favorite vintage pieces in an old glass jewelry box.

A vintage blue rhinestone brooch. 

I hope you all enjoyed some of my vintage jewelry. Don't be afraid to take out that vintage piece that once belonged to your grandmother and mix it up with your own pieces. It's a great conversation starter and it will add a one-of-a-kind style to any wardrobe.