30 September 2010

**Vintage Trinkets**

Hello my friends. I am back and feeling a lot better than the last time I posted. My throat is just a little soar still and my body feels a bit tired still but at least I can eat and drink, that's a good thing, maybe not for my waist line, but oh well!
I haven't forgotten about my 200 follower giveaway but I still can't decide what to give yet, so just bear with me while my head contiues to clear!
I finally took some photos of the pretty vintage trinkets I got from the store "Gilding the Lily" a couple of weeks ago. All of these items are eventually going to end up in my jewelry designs. They are just so beautiful, I'm finding it hard to break up the pretty little collection. 

 Yummy vintage glass buttons. The shop owner had 100's of them. Can you say HEAVEN?!!

Vintage velvet ribbon, and those gorgeous rhinestone and glass pearl drop baubles, my favorite. I can't decide whether to keep them as a set and make them into earrings or use them seperatly as pendants for necklaces.
What do you think?

Vintage Miriam Haskell pearls from the 1920's/1930's. And vintage steel French beads on the original hank. Now you see why I hate to use them.  

I think I'm in a gray mood lately with my bead selection and my new wardrobe. Everything I've purchased lately is gray! 

Well my friends, have a wonderful and happy day!
Talk with you all soon.

28 September 2010

**Yuck, Horrible, Aweful**

This is how I have felt since Saturday night. Actually, I felt worse then that but I won't use the words to describe how I really feel, [not very nice!]
I have the flu, swollen lymph nodes and Strep throat! The worse strep throat I have ever had in my life. I haven't been able to eat or drink hardly anything for 3 days. I went to the doctor yesterday and they gave me a penicillin shot and said I would feel a million times better by this afternoon, well, nothing yet. I'll give it a couple more hours and then I'm going back! 
Sorry that I haven't been able to get back to you all as much as I had planned, but this hit me hard. Then last night my little love started throwing up and couldn't stop so hubby had to take him to the doctor. The doctor said it could have been something he ate and so far he hasn't thrown-up anymore since he came home last night.Thank God. Don't you hate it when your little ones are sick and you can't take their pain away?!! It breaks my heart!
On a happier note, I just saw that I actually hit 200 followers! This is huge for me, I am just so thankful and amazed!
As soon as I'm better I will definitely have a 200 follower giveaway!
Thanks so much to all of my followers, the new ones and the ones who have been here since the beginning, I appreciate and look forward every day to reading your lovely comments! You all are so special to me!
Well, I'll talk to you all soon. 

24 September 2010

**Vintage Vignettes**

Hey everyone, I hope your having a fabulous Friday! 
I just thought I'd post a few photos of some vignettes around my house. I think I'll be decorating for Halloween this weekend, my boys always love that! I've been dying to show you the pillows that my sweet and super talented friend Amy from Mittens made for me  a couple of months ago. I absolutely love them and will definitely be ordering more soon.
You have to check out her blog and her Etsy Shoppe, she is fantastic!!!!

I adore this pillow, it has my last name on it and the date I was married with a petite crown above the date. This was made from a vintage bank money bag. How cool is that!

These are my little date pillows with important dates from the most special events in my life. My wedding, and the births of my two beautiful and precious sons.

One of my mercury glass candle sticks adorned with a vintage sheet music ornament, and some vintage letter blocks in the front.
{ornament by Alabaster Rose Designs}

A basket filled with some of my favorite vintage treasures. The vintage European lilac striped grain sack in the back is a new purchase I got from a lady on Etsy. She has an amazing collection of vintage grain sacks for sale. Her shoppe is called Grain Sacks. This one is super heavy weight, and the lilac stripes are gorgeous!

Well, that's it for now. I'm off to some more re-arranging around my house. It's never-ending!
Have a wonderful day!

23 September 2010

**Halloween Design No.1**

I'm in a Halloween mood lately! Some fun new pendants from my 2010 Halloween collection.

Vintage image of little girl in costume with crystal adorned hat. Vintage book ephemera, and a vintage German doll leg wrapped in vintage lace and rhinestones.

Opposite side of pendant layered with vintage ephemera.

I'll be posting more soon. I'm a little slow posting photos right now because I have been suffering from some bad headaches since I moved home. Hopefully I'll feel better later so I can post more.
Oh, and thank you so much for all of the warm and lovely welcome back messages I received, it made me feel so good and happy to be back!!!
Talk to you all later.

21 September 2010

"I'm Back, Are You Still There???"

Hey everyone, I have missed you all so much!! I just got my internet service back up and running as of 20 minutes ago. YEA!! Well , the move went pretty well, a few losses though in regards to some of my vintage pieces :(, but the family is great! All happy and almost settled with hubby/Daddy. My oldest just started 1st grade and loves it, thank goodness, and my little one is as wild as ever, even more so since we moved. I haven't had a chance yet to visit any of the flea markets but I hit Old Towne Orange almost immediately when we got back. I found this fabulous new store today called The Gilded Lily in Fullerton Ca. The owner has the most amazing things from all over the world. Vintage ribbon, vintage glass buttons and french steel beads from France, which of course I had to have, as a matter of fact I had to have a lot of stuff in her store, sorry hubby! I'll show you all of my goodies in the next post. 
I just wanted to drop a quick post to let you all know I'm back and I hope everyone is well! I will be posting more photos of my small and ever so tiny apartment in the next couple of days.
Have a great night!!