30 December 2010

**Freshen Up**

Good morning all.
I want to thank all of you that left well wishes and prayers for my Mom. She got through her surgery smoothly and is now recouping in the hospital. I spoke to her last night and she said she's in a lot of pain, but happy to be alive! So thanks to you all. 
I have been dealing with my own health issues these past 2 weeks as well, but I haven't wanted to say anything until I finish up the numerous tests I'm going through and find out what the results are. So to keep my mind busy and to keep from worrying, I'm freshening up the house a bit and getting ready for the New Year.
Here's a few photos...

This was one of my presents from my hubby for Christmas. I got it a little early, but thought I'd wait to show you until now.

Here she is adorned with some vintage millinery flowers.

This is another piece I got from my hubby. I had originally wanted the gate behind my bed, I so loved the way Maria, from Dreamy Whites used her vintage doors behind her bed, but unfortunately it didn't look that great so I put behind the sofa instead.

Vintage metal initials, the initials of my boys.

Vintage oatmeal colored grain sack pillows. My new obsession! Sorry hubby! :)

Pretty hydrangeas from Trader Joe's. They always have the best flowers, and their so inexpensive!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed. I'm off to work on a few more projects around the house to keep busy.
A big thanks to all of you for being such wonderful blogger friends and especially my dear friend Amy, for her huge support and for always
being there to listen.
Have a great day.

27 December 2010


Hi all, I hope everyone had a glorious Christmas!
I'm sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately, but there are many worries on my plate right now. My Mom is going in for her surgery in the morning. Please send positive thoughts and prayers for her, I know it will help. I've been so worried for her that I haven't really been able to focus on anything else. I won't be able to be with her tomorrow, which just kills me, but she knows that I'm with her in spirit. Thank you in advance for your prayers, and I'll let you all know when I hear how things went!
Please, everyone have a safe and very Happy New Year!!
Talk to you all soon.

22 December 2010

***Happy Christmas***

Hi all, just a quick post to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a joyous and safe New Year. 
Also, just a quick favor, my Mom is finally scheduled for her spinal surgery on Tuesday, December 28th. Please say a prayer for her safe passage through surgery and recovery. They have to take a bone graft from her hip to put into her spine, so she will have to be out of work for 3 months to recover. Hopefully I can go and be with her at least on the day of her surgery, hubby is trying to take some time off from work, but we're not sure yet if that will happen.
Thank you in advance for your prayers and well wishes, I know without a doubt it will help!!
On another note, I finally finished the kids Christmas shopping, oh, I mean Santa has! :) It was a bit more difficult this year due to all of the non-stop rain we're having here in So. Cal. Rain and the Target parking lot just does not mix well. Throw in Christmas time, and it's a disaster zone!!

New designs.

"Royal Initial" pendants.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

16 December 2010


Hi all, I know my posts are coming few and far between, I am sorry for this especially to those of you who actually visit my blog often. Your all so wonderful to visit, it really makes me so happy to read your lovely and encouraging comments.

Showing you photos of my home.
Not many Christmas decorations up this year, I just didn't have it in me, so things are simple and subtle.

I'm thinking of all of those who are suffering this Holiday Season and wishing I could do more for them. This includes my own loved ones who are ill and those struggling to get by.

I pray that you and your family's are enjoying a happy and healthy season filled with love and hope for the New Year!

And remember to always be thankful for the joy's you have in your life. I definitely need to be extra thankful that my husband is still here with me and our boys. This will be our 3rd Christmas since we almost lost him. 

I thank you all so much for your continued friendship, it is truly a blessing to me!!
Enjoy your day!
Talk to you all soon.

09 December 2010

**Christmas Tree**

Hi all,
I hope your all well and enjoying this Holiday season! I'm still not feeling that well, so this will be a short post. I just thought I would show you a photo of my tree and a couple of other things around my house. 

This year my tree is a mix of all of my vintage pink, cream, white and aqua ornaments. Unfortunately, I can't really get a real tree anymore due to my family's allergies. We were given this faux tree 3 years ago and it's actually pretty nice.

A small vignette in my bedroom. I love this little silver tinsel tree I got from the flea market years ago.

This is my new vintage beauty. I got this fabulous French style cane chair from Country Roads and painted it a light French gray. Now I'm just waiting to have it upholstered by Loretta at Full Bloom Cottage. I met her last week and she is just the sweetest person, and super talented! Her style is to die for!
Stay tuned for another new vintage addition to my room in a couple of weeks, another yummy treat from Country Roads. I can't seem to stay away from that store lately, I've been going crazy in sweet Sue's store!
 Talk to you all soon, have a lovely night.

05 December 2010

**New Lovelies**

Hi friends, I just wanted to do a quick post and say thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my bad mood post the other day, 
you all are just the BEST!!!
I designed a couple of new things the other day and thought i would show you. This has only taken me all afternoon to list these on my Etsy. I'm feeling pretty yucky along with my kiddos. I thought this morning it would do us some good to get out and go to the flea market down the street, yea, that probably wasn't the best idea, because now I'm coughing even more!
Oh well.

Well, Happy Sunday!

02 December 2010

**FED UP**

{Wish I was here!!}

WARNING... This is a ranting post!!
Can I just say, that sometimes the holiday's bring out the absolute worst in people?!!!
It probably doesn't help that I woke up with a sore throat and it is now about 3:30 and I am feeling icky!! And my little one has been sneezing all day and now is running a fever. I just picked up my oldest and he is sneezing as well, and my hubby has already been sick for 3 days. I have just had it with being sick!!
To start off my day, I had to take my son to school and deal with all of the little parent-teacher clicks, what's that all about anyway? Are we still in high school or something? I can't even get to his teacher to ask her questions about my son without the same parents monopolizing her every free moment! This frustrates me to no end!
Then I had to stop by the post office on my way home with both of my little tired sickkos, and was ready to breath fire by the time I left!
My little one was getting antsy in his stroller and started to get fussy when all of the sudden this jerk yelled out in the post office, "HEY", at my kid! He said, "I'm a teacher", as if that makes it okay for him to yell at a 2 year. Several people started laughing at the fact that he yelled at MY kid. Does no one in this world have any manners left at all? I would never laugh at someone who was yelled at and who was completely humiliated, me. And he scared both of my son's. There was another man next to me who kept looking at me laughing and I said some not so nice words to him, I'm sorry, but enough is enough!!! 
I'm just fed up with the people in this world who feel as if they are entitled to be rude and manner-less! Is anyone else experiencing this?
Sorry for the rant, but I know my blogger friends always make me feel better and I am about in tears at this point.
I'll be back later in a better mood, I promise!