24 January 2011

**~2009, 2010 Clearance~**

Happy Monday all, I hope you all had a great weekend.
It was so beautiful here this weekend, sorry to all of you who are still experiencing cold temps. I went to Country Road's yesterday and although there were some fabulous treasures to be had, I didn't purchase anything. I know, I might be sick or something! Instead, I took the kids to the mall and bought them new shoes, and me some cute new tops. The fact that I bought clothes instead of something for the house could be attributed to the fact that hubby threatened to disown me if I bought anything else for the house. I think he was getting  tired of my old ratty clothes because he insisted that I buy some new ones. I do have to admit that my clothes were getting pretty bad, but my house is looking fabulous! :) Isn't that all that matters?!! Men!!

"Smokey Copper" earrings.

"Roses and Gold" necklace.

I wanted to let you all know, I put a few things on sale in my Etsy shoppe, so take a look. If there is anything on sale that you would like to purchase, let me know before purchase and I will give you free shipping on those items as well. ***The free shipping offer is only available to my blog readers, so make sure and mention that you follow my blog.
I'm trying to clear out seasons 2009 and early 2010 to make room for new designs.

"Teal Drops" necklace.

"Royal Initial" pendants.

This is just a sampling of what's on sale. Please convo me through Etsy or send me an e-mail with any questions or to receive free shipping on any sale items.
Have a great day.


  1. I tried to leave a comment eariler but on my dinosaur of a computer so if it posts later you know what happened.
    I was just saying how I am headed over to your etsy so see whats on sale.
    And that you are a great momma,
    I would have left with arm fulls from CR's and kept going to shop some more at the mall...you have control that I do not posses. LOL

  2. Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you yesterday!! You should have yelled at me. I don't know if you were in when we were SO insanely busy, it was crazy & chaotic! Thanks for stopping in, I always appreciate it. I wish I would have seen you though!

    Take care, Sue

  3. hi melinda! i LOVE all of your work. soooo darn adorable! i will take a look at your etsy shop as soon as i get a break from my 'real' job....:o)
    have a happy tuesday! xoxoxo

  4. Hi Melinda...now you will look fabulous when you sit and relax in your fabulous home!!

    Off to take a peek in your shop!


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