16 January 2011

**2011 Inspired Collection**

Hello my sweet friends, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
Thank you so much to those of you who left me such encouraging comments on my new jewelry venture. You all made me so happy and so excited to start on some new designs!
Well, here is one design ready for the new year.

This is the first piece in my "Inspired Collection". I love designing collections, it makes me feel like a famous jewelry designer! :) I can dream right?!

This piece is designed with genuine Amazonite  faceted gemstones, and all sterling silver wire and findings including the scalloped charm. The rose is pewter, and I love how the dark patina on it brings out the letters in the charm.

Look, there's the fine silver clasp I made myself. I am so excited! The color of these gemstones are absolutely gorgeous, the palest of aqua, so soft and beautiful!

"Inspire You"
Be your own inspiration this year!
I love the quirkiness of the letters being imperfect and not straight. I did this purposefully. 

Well, I hope you all liked it. I love this piece, the gemstones are really stunning.
Have a lovely night.


  1. Simply beautiful Melinda!!
    Pamela xo

  2. I love the little rose you have added it makes it look so lovely and soft. Good luck, Dee x

  3. Melinda
    Your talent is simply amazing!!! I love the detail and the pieces you choose to put together. simply lovely. Have a wonderful week


  4. ~YOU my dear are INSPIRING!!! gorgeous and i love the pale soft stones up against the silver...really a beautiful piece...much love light and blessings~

  5. oh melinda..it is absolutely stunning..."inspiring" to be exact (no pun intended!) You have already mastered your new technique to perfection. i can't imagine what you will create now! TFS! Sigh...

  6. Just gorgeous, Melinda, and I like your new blog look as well. You are so talented!
    - Susan

  7. Oh Melinda...it is magnificent! And you are a jewelry designer...keep the collections coming!

  8. Melinda, All of your pieces are gorgeous but I especially love this one.

  9. Hi Melinda,
    What a beautiful necklace! You are so amazingly talented!! :)

  10. This is gorgeous, I love every little bit of it, you are certainly on the right path here!!
    x Sandi


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