14 January 2011


Hi all, I hope I'm finding you all well!
I know there is no name for my post today, but I am running out of ideas. 
As you can see I re-worked my blog a bit. I felt like it was getting a bit cramped so I cleaned it up a bit. What do you all think? Do you like how it was before or as it is now?
I would love your feedback.
I'm still waiting, impatiently, for the jewelry supplies I ordered so I can get started on some new designs, I am going crazy sitting around the house waiting for my back to feel better.  I'm dying for it to get warmer so I can take my boys to the beach and take some photos of them. We haven't been to the beach since we moved away almost 2 years ago. I can't believe we didn't go when we moved back in August, but we were busy getting settled in. 
Here's some more photos from around the house:

I received this sweet crown from my friend Amy from the blog
Mittens. She was offering one of these for the winner of her giveaway last week and ended up deciding to make one for everyone who entered. How awesome is that?!!! She has the most incredibly kind spirit, I am so lucky to count her as a friend!!

A few random photos from around the house.

This is the start of my huge hutch make over that I started a while back. Remember the shelves use to be aqua. 

Vintage cabinet in my dining room.
The vintage creamy headboard use to hang over my bed, but I love the way it looks sitting on the cabinet with my vintage bread and cake cabinet in front of it.

 I'm joining Debra at Common Ground today for Vintage Inspiration Friday. So stop by and check out the other lovely participants.
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Beautiful photo's you have a lovely warm home. Have a great weekend, Dee x

  2. oh, I love it, but I loved it before...you just have good taste!!!

  3. Hi Melinda,
    I'm liking your new blog look! I did the same thing with mine... cleaned it up a bit... it was getting a little too cluttered.
    All of your collections look beautiful!
    How sweet of your friend to make a crown for everyone who entered her giveaway... so thoughtful!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    Jo :)

  4. It's ALL yummy!
    As well as your new blog look ... I could eat it up!!

  5. I love the new look, I have to ask, how do you get some of your sidebar photos to have the rounded edges. I always enjoy your random photos of your home. I love to see how creative women decorate their homes. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Melinda it all looks so fabulous! I love all your photos on the sidebar too!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  7. ~melinda...i think whatever you do here with your space...your spirit and words and images are always simply beautiful...reguardless of clean or cluttered i am always filled with warmth and inspiration!!! i can not thank you enough for all of your love and support as of late...a blessings and a beautiful gift you are in my life and i am forever to have such a friend by my side...i know the craving of warmth...it will hit my about early march when i start longing to get back to the river...i can't wait for you to get yourself and family to the sandy shores...wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead...much love light and blessings be with you always my dear friend~

  8. Hi Melinda
    Love the new look, very soft and beautiful.
    The dress form is wonderful and I love the sideboard with the bed in the back, great idea.
    Have a great weekend

  9. Hi Melinda,
    I haven't visited you in a while I guess! Now that I'm caught up...I'm glad you're Mom is thru her surgery. I pray she is doing well. I'm sorry to hear about your back. How did you fracture it? I've experienced back pain for many years due to scoliosis which caused arthritis in my lower back, etc. I pray for your healing and relief from pain.
    I like the new look of your blog too! That's on my list as well. I saw those pillows when we went on New Year's day to Co Roads. They look great in your beautiful home. Well, I guess that sums it up! Oh, and I look forward to seeing your new jewelry designs.
    Have a blessed weekend in this warmer weather!

  10. As always you have beautiful photos. I like the new look, pretty and very tres chic feel. If that is a good way to explain myself. I really like the dining room photo with the layered look. Very nice. I am hoping for some warmer weather myself, but being here in Maine......it will be May before I get that. Oh well. Take care. I love your visits...thanks.

  11. Your changes look lovely... I like the way your photos are edited with the rounded corners... haven't ever tried to photo shop mine yet, Tech Challenged, but I love the look of the Blogs that use photo editing to make them look simply amazing!

    Have a wonderful weekend... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. You have the most beautiful eye for design Melinda!
    Your blog looked great before and looks beautiful now as well. It is just like our homes we get tired of one thing and have to move the furniture around sometimes to make it feel fresh.
    You inspire me with your style and way of decorating so softly. You home and blog are so comforting to look at. Thanks for all you post and show to get us going out here in blogland.

  13. Hi Melinda, the blog looks wonderful. I really like the new blogger template, I switched too. It does feel "cleaner". And your cabinet in the dining room with the wonderful headboard looks so pretty. Thanks so much for linking up for the party. Hope your back is better real soon. Take care of yourself.

  14. Love your new layout. I prefer an uncluttered blog myself. Your photos are gorgeous...looks like you're having fun decorating your dress form. I adore what you've done with it!


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