07 January 2011


Hi all, I hope I find you all well and enjoying the start of the New Year!
I'm starting this New Year with a couple of new obsessions!
Never a good thing for hubby! 
Here's some photos of obsession#1:
Can you all guess what it is?

Did you guess? I'm sure you did! I am obsessed with these vintage grain sack bolster pillows from Full Bloom Cottage!!
I thought I was going to be happy after the 2nd one, but when I walked into Loretta's space the other day, she had designed some new ones and they were huge!! I was about to die when I saw it, it is so fabulous!! (the huge pillow is in the first 2 photos)

Now my 2nd obsession lately is with vintage gates, screens and windows! My house is starting to look like an architectural salvage shop. :)

I've had this screen for a while now, but I just painted it a light French gray, it use to be black. 

See the empty wall behind my bed, well, I have something very special coming in the next few weeks to put back there!

Vintage French linen from the 1800's that I found at the flea market last month. It actually has mine and my husband's initials!! (I guess I should count this as Obsession #3, but this has been an existing obsession for years, so does this count?)

Well, there you have it, bad way to start the New Year, I've spent all my jewelry sales money. I better get busy and sell more!
I'm linking up with Debra at Common Ground today for Vintage Inspiration Friday! It's my first time and I'm so excited!
Check out the other inspiration!

 Have a lovely day all.


  1. ...poor nothin'!!
    Look at the fabulous treasures that surround you my dear!!
    An enchanted home ~ a true reflection of the souls living there:)

    oh-so-lovely!! vintage linens, sumptous pillows, dreamy furniture...

    xo, Rosemary

  2. Hey at least your obsessions compliment your home so well.
    I am too ashamed to tell my new obsession but Rudy makes fun of me everyday.
    But the hunt is part of all the fun for these items that we love and must have to make our little hearts jump with joy! ;)

    thanks for the great pics, I am currently sitting here dreaming of new ways to freshen my house up for the new year, your pics always inspire me.
    I think the couch deserves a few new grain sack pillows this weekend!
    Thanks Melinda

  3. Beautiful obsessions!!! I love the huge bolster pillow with the DR- those are my hubby's initials! The gate looks lovely behind your couch and I love that mirror in your bedroom! Can't wait to see what's coming for behind your bed! The vintage French linens are beautiful, too!

  4. Everything looks really beautiful, Melinda! I just LOVE those vintage grain sack bolsters, and the screen looks so pretty painted out grey!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Jo :)

  5. i think we should all form a "support group." You could be the president, yada, yada yada....i am soooooo addicted! :)

  6. Obsessions... a little harsh, how about loves... or interests... or Blessings or things that make me happy! Whatever you call them yours are beautiful

  7. Love all of your pictures! I try to stay away from Loretta's spaces, although the one space sits right across the counter from me so I'm constantly looking at it. I LOVE those pillows too, but so far, even at our big sale, have talked myself out of buying any. I have some of her other ones, and not too sure how long I can hold out and not buy at least one!! Hope all is well.

    Take care, Sue

  8. Hi Melinda,
    LOVE the grain sack bolsters & salvaged architecture. Your home is just dreamy. It's funny, since blogging I often hum the song in my head 'Obsession...you're my obsession..'. Do you remember that song from the 80's? Or am I dating myself?
    At least we can all share obsessions together.
    - Susan

  9. Oh yes Melinda!!!
    I walk by those beauties every time I am in the store. They look amamzing in your home. Can't wait to see what other inspiration you will give.

    Have a great weekend


  10. Hi Melinda, love all your obsessions and inspiration! The bolster pillows are fabulous and I can't wait to see what's going behind that gorgeous bed. Thanks so much for linking up to VIF!
    big hugs,

  11. Hi there, these are all such beautiful pics, i just love the colour of the fabric in the bolster pillows! A very lovely blog!
    have a lovely day,
    laura c xx

  12. Oh Melinda everything looks so wonderful! So happy you shared all your obsessions with us!

  13. Melinda, your new obsessions look perfectly harmless to me.hehe! That bolster is gorgeous! I can see way it is now a 'must have'. Your blog is so beautiful. I am so happy that you came and left your sweet message, it made my day!
    hugs to you...


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