18 January 2011

**Sunshine And Water**

Good morning, I hope everyone had a great weekend. The kids were off yesterday for Martin Luther King's Day, so we decided we would head to the beach. Sorry to those of you who are still experiencing snow and cold temperatures, but So Cal yesterday was gorgeous! It was 80 degrees inland and about 75 at the beach.
The kids had a blast as did me and hubby. I really needed yesterday after the last few weeks, it really lifted my spirits!

The big rock was covered with pelicans.

I love this photo, how the sun makes the sand sparkle like glitter.
It's so magical. 

My little one loved the ocean. I couldn't get him away from it once it was time to head home. And my 6 year old just happened to "accidently" fall in the water. Yea, I don't buy it either. He is my little fish, he loves the water!

It was such a great family day. Too bad hubby and son are back to work and school today, so we can't go and be beach bumb's again.

On another note, I just wanted to thank Jami from Freckled Laundry for the sweet and beautiful post she did on me today. I joined her Vintage Market a couple of weeks ago and I am so honored to be featured on her blog.
Also, my sweet friend Michelle, from 
Petite Michelle Louise is having her 300+ follower giveaway, for her current followers only,  and she is gifting some fabulous treasures. So if your one of her current followers, make sure and visit her blog for all of the details!
Hope you all enjoy your week.
Take care.


  1. oh melinda it was beautiful yesterday.
    so glad you got to spend it with the family at the beach. I love the picture of Jack watching the water. Too cute.
    Sounds like it was exactly what you had wished for only days ago.
    We had no beach but the park was perfect for us yesterday. One more day of temps like this then back to reality.
    Hope to see you soon

  2. (Hopping on Amtrak now, coming to live with Melinda....seems a 40 degree difference in temps is enough to warrant a move...)
    Such pretty and inviting photos...

  3. congratulations on joining the Vintage Market. How wonderful for you! I just went over there now and had a look around. i didn't know about it until you posted it so "merci" for sharing this gorgeous site!
    On another note..i am soo jealous you got a beach day! As i type, snow is falling...falling...falling outside my window. the view is lovely but i would rather be digging my toes in the sand than wearing these boots yet another day! :)
    "merci...sweet friend... for mentioning me and my giveaway on your blog. you make me :)

  4. ~melinda...you made it...you went and played...dipped your toes in the cool water...felt the sweet salty air on your face...i can almost see the peacefulness wash over you as you were there!!! beautiful pictures that make me long for summer days that will be here...one day...congrats to you on be featured...look forward to reading!!! i hope you captured that joy you felt and brought it home with you to stay!!! much love light and blessings always with you and yours~

  5. How beautiful such a lovely day, theres something so wonderful and magical about a day at the sea side, It has such a carming relaxing affect. Beautiful photo's, please send some of your warm sunshine our way ;-)) Dee x

  6. Melinda, your day at the beach looks lovely!! I can't wait for beach weather here in NC!!

  7. I came to visit from Jami's. Your jewelry is just lovely!

    So glad you had a wonderful time at the beach yesterday with your family. I live in Chicago and today it is ony 30 degrees and pretty gray! I'm used to it though and really appreciate the days we have warm weather. Your pictures are precious!

    Hope you have a great week!


  8. I boy....what I wouldn't give to be there right now!

  9. Your trip looks like heaven to me. We're having a heat wave here today...it's 40 degrees. La

  10. I'm SO jealous Melinda! We've got mounds of snow outside and now it's raining on it. SLUSH. Your little ones are too cute, and look to be similar age to mine (I've got almost 6-yr old boy and 3 1/2 yr old girl). So glad you enjoyed your day off.
    - Susan

  11. It looks like you had a beautiful day at the beach Melinda. You are very fortunate indeed to be enjoying such beautiful weather. xx

  12. ~Melinda~
    I love the ocean, but in Oregon it is flooding so I wouldn't even attempt a trip over there right now. We are moving closer to the beach however which is so exciting! We will only have 1 1/2hr drive. Yeah! Love your pictures, especially with the kids. Thanks for sharing...

  13. Sounds like a wonderful day, Melinda! Your pictures are beautiful! Your kids look so sweet! I haven't seen any sunshine for a week straight. The fog just won't lift... and it's been cold (in the 50's). :( At least is warm enough to work in the garden on Sunday though. :)
    Hope you have a wonderful week!
    Jo :)

  14. Oh you are so lucky living in such a beautiful climate!!!!
    Love the photos of the ocean!
    Pamela xo

  15. Looks like a perfect day at the beach. Please let me know where you are selling as a vendor next, I would love to pop over and purchase a few goodies! www.thetarnishedcrownblog.blospot.com

  16. Melinda,
    Aaaah,yes, we are having some great CA weather this week! What a fun day for you and your family. I'm so glad you're out of your funk and being creative again. I guess that happens to all of us sometimes! The new silver designs are really nice. I look forward to seeing more. Hope you have a great weekend - I hope this warmness keeps up! (and I hope your Mom is doing well, too!)


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