28 February 2011

~Bye For A While~

Hi all,
I just wanted to let you all know that my computer has decided to end its relationship with me and depart! I had someone over looking at it this morning and they told me it's not even worth it to fix. So I have to buy a new one. Unfortunately, I can't afford one until next month, so I won't be posting for a few weeks. This came at the worst possible time because I had an amazing opportunity offered to me that I have dreamed about for years! And this makes it more difficult now.
I hope you all take care and I'll talk to you all soon my sweet friends!


  1. oh no..i'll miss you . oh my...come back soon!

  2. Hi Melinda,
    I'm sorry about that! And rotten timing for sure.....Well we will anxiously await your return :)
    Take care & enjoy a bit of "cyberfree" life!

  3. OH NO Melinda. That is too bad. We will be waiting for you to get back. Maybe something will turn up and you can get one earlier.
    Take care and enjoy some time off:)It's a great time to recharge batteries and to get some new ideas for future ventures.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  4. I hate computers at times! Can't maybe you rent a computer till you can afford one? We will miss you, so I'm just trying to think of other resources for you! Hurry back, please?

    Take care, Sue

  5. You will be missed... I hope the opportunity still works out for you. xoxo

  6. So sorry to hear, we will miss you, but we will be here waiting for you to return.

  7. Well that sucks!!
    Don't worry Melinda I'll be here waiting
    for you dear friend!!

    Pamela xo

  8. :( I'm so sorry, Melinda. I know how you feel. I am happy to loan you my old laptop if you need it! It's a bit of a dinosaur but it works. Let me know and I'll ship it out tomorrow. I don't want you missing out on any opportunities of a lifetime! Please don't be afraid to accept it. I'm happy to help.


  9. Hi Melinda! Sorry about the comp trouble. My camera just gave out...won't take a pic at all.
    See when you're back online.

  10. All will be well.....see you when you return.


  11. Melinda, looking forward to the day we see you posting again!

  12. Oh Melinda, so sorry about your computer...but I know you will be so happy when you're up and running on your new one! Until then take care,
    make lots of beautiful jewelry and take some time for yourself. I'll miss your lovely posts and will be looking forward to your return.

  13. Hi Melinda,
    Sorry to hear about that and for the timing... that's too bad. Try to look at it as a little vacation, so you can come back fresh and renewed... and with a new toy. ;-) Sure will miss you though... see ya when you get back!
    Take Care,
    Jo :)

  14. Hi Melinda, I'm sorry to hear about your computer. What a shame that it just happened when you needed it so bad. I keep my fingers cross that everything still works out with that opportunity that had been offered to you.

  15. Ooooohhhh No what a pain, im so sorry to hear this, i can imagin how you must feel. Just enjoy the time away and your be so full of creative ideas to share when you come back it will be even more exciting in a way ;-)) Take lots of care, dee x

  16. I will miss you Melinda! Everything will work out though...I am positive!!

  17. Blessings Melinda,

    All will be well soon girl!

    We will wait for your updates.


  18. I'm so sorry to hear of the rotten timing of the PC going on the fritz... may you be up and running with a new one soon and may that Golden Opportunity work out just as you Hoped and Dreamed it would!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. Bad computer! I've got you on my favorites, so I'll see you the minute you get back. Enjoy the time off!

  20. Was thinking of you and just wanted to let you know I am so sorry about yoru computer!
    I took a month off in Jan...not forced!..but i did relax!
    Take care and will see you soon!

  21. I hope you came soon as possible in this beautiful blog of yours. Take care. Hugs, Monique.


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