17 February 2011

~**In My Room**~

Hi all, I hope everyone is having a great week!
Before I show you all my room, I just have to say that you blogger girls truly ROCK!! You are the most supportive women I have ever known in my life, I am so blessed to have you all as my friends!!
Okay, so yesterday i was telling you all I needed to re-do the room a little because the pinks I had originally wanted to add to the room just did not work for me, so back to my trusty whites, creams, and gray-blues with small touches of pink thanks to the roses. {from Trader Joe's of course:)} 

I love this mirror shot! I have always wanted to do a mirror shot, but needless to say it never worked out!~until now

The vintage green screen door I'm thinking of moving somewhere else. What do you think, move or keep?

This is a great vintage trunk I got in Northern California. It's great for storage. I got the fabulous vintage french basket from Country Roads. Of course!!

Another mirror shot.

A closer look of my vintage windows. Look at that yummy blue paint popping through. Old skeleton keys hanging from the window latch.

Can you tell, I'm loving how my photos look in the polaroid frame.

Well, room's all done. I hope you liked the photos.

On another note, I am so excited how my new blog is going. I have some amazing women that will be featured at"The Vintage Inspired Home". I can't believe who just agreed to join in. I'll give you a hint later.

 Also, I'm linking up with the lovely Debra from "Common Ground" for her Vintage Inspiration Friday.
Stop by and check out all of the vintage yumminess.
Have a great day all.


  1. Hi Melinda,
    I have to say that your room is gorgeous!!! I love those windows and all of the colors that you use. It looks like such a cozy place to relax. Now I thinking of changing my rooms colors;)Oh no! I'm so out of control:)lol
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. I love your room! I think I would move the screen door, but that's just my thought.

  3. Your room is absolutely dreamy, I love all the elements you used. It is the perfect place to start and end the day.


  4. Hi Melinda, What a beautiful bedroom, it looks so relaxing... so retreat like. I am head over heels in love with your 'headboard' and the light hanging down all with its chain all wrapped so pretty! Theresa xoxo

  5. oh this room just makes me weep it is sooooo gorgeous! j'adore mon amie! sigh....

  6. TOO WONDERFUL Melinda,
    I love the screen but it is so hidden maybe you should move it so you can enjoy all of its beauty.
    The room is so fresh and inviting to relax in.
    See you have the natural touch for sure!
    Never doubt your talents girl!!!

  7. Melinda, your room is just so so pretty! The windows as your headboard are just amazing!! I'm in love!
    So glad you joined in for the party; We all need to stick together!!!

  8. Your room is awesome and I love all the whites! With your little ones how to you keep it so nice and white? I know with my little grandkids around so much that I'm thankful a lot of my house is done in the old country primitive furniture. You can't hurt that!

    Take care, Sue

  9. Your room is just gorgeous. Every detail is just perfect. So nice to meet you...

  10. So beautiful--I am inspired to do my bedroom this spring now! I love the quiet beauty you display--that's perfect for the bedroom--the colors are perfect.

  11. I love it, you KNEW I would!

    speechless in the burbs!!

  12. I love your vintage room and the pictures are very pretty, the one through a mirror came out beautiful.

  13. Melinda
    I must say that is one of the most dreamy rooms ever. Girl you have such the touch!!! Great photos love it. Love your style, hope to see you soon.

    lots of love

  14. It looks SO great!! I love all the details and colors! Your bedding looks so crisp and amazing. I will have to remember that TJ's has roses!! Have a great weekend!

  15. I vote to keep the doors behind the bed! I think it gives depth to the room. Sometime, I hope you will show your photo technique!Portlandia Vintage

  16. Melinda,

    Your room is amazing as is -- don't change a thing! Love the use of the old window frames as a headboard. Where did you find that beautiful bed skirt?


  17. Your room looks spectacular Melinda!! I am loving every detail, and feel like I'm looking at pages from Jeanne D'Arc Living magazine.
    Don't second-guess your decoration skills - your rooms always look AMAZING.
    Looking forward to visiting the new blog,

  18. OMG! I soooo love love love your bedroom and in love with the vintage screen. Don't move it, and if you do, can you move it to my bedroom? Seriously, that's a beautiful pair of vintage screen. Love the arch shape...care to share where you found them? Love your blog, I'm your newest follower. Happy weekend!

  19. Melinda,
    Your room "sigh" is music to my heart!
    Poetic peacefulness,what a beautiful place of soulful rest.

    I really cannot pick out what I love about it most, yet it all works together in perfect harmony.
    Truly "a room to love"


  20. OMG I actually sucked in my breath when I saw that 1st photo!!! I'm loving your bedroom makeover, loving the color palette... loving everything about it in face... so serene and beautiful!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  21. And I should learn to spellcheck before I publish the comment... I meant loving everything about in in FACT! *SMILES*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  22. Love love love your room. To answer our question, I think I'd try moving the shutter to see if it didn't maybe open up that corner a bit. You can always move it back! Husbands are used to that, right?

  23. Oops! I said "shutter" and what I meant was "screen door"! Attention to detail... :-)


  24. Your room is truly amazing. I love the windows and your bedding is just fabulous. Lucky you girlfriend!

  25. Gorgeous! Don't change a thing...by the way, where did you get that fabulous roll pillow? I'm in love with that!
    Beautiful room.


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