26 March 2011

~Sad Faces, a New Design, and Other Thoughts~

Happy Saturday all. It's been cold and rainy here lately which is always good for creativity, usually. Mom left today, so there are lots of sad faces moping around the house today, for we are all missing her greatly!
I created something new and thought I would show you all.

I love these new~old Miriam Haskell pearls I got. The color is so pretty, ice blue.

 It has been so hard for me to get back into designing, I just sit at my work table and stare into space. I guess I need to find some inspiration. Where oh where has my inspiration gone? :)
I'm really ready to try something new! My designs are just not what people seem to be wanting. Any ideas out there? Anyway, I'm off to sit at my work table again, hopefully something will spark some creativity.

I also just had to say "Thank You" to those of you who left me such kind words when I was gone. I am always surprised, although by now I know I shouldn't be, at the kindness of my fellow bloggers. One amazing friend actually offered to send me her laptop to use until I could get a new computer. I was completely blown away by her kindness and I will never forget her generosity!! You know who you are and I am truly grateful to you and your offer, bless you my sweet friend!
Talk to you all later.
Have a lovely afternoon!
~Sincerely, Melinda


  1. That is a great friend to have, wow!!!
    It just shows how much you were missed around here!!
    Sad your mama has left, I am sure she feels the same.
    I do hope you find your inspiration. You spoke of how yours was the color pink earlier this year and lately this has been the only color I can get inspired by. I have been grabbing little pieces left and right on etsy to just have next to me to help my mind create new things for spring.
    Don't try to force it, your best work is when it comes from the heart!
    So if your not feeling a worktable day, walk away, go have some time to wander, be it the internet, the lipstick aisle, or the ice cream shop!
    Have fun

  2. i am sure you are all missing your mom. i miss mine too. but how lucky are we that we have moms...right? as for you "inspiration"..it will come to you....you will find it and it will be wonderful! just believe in yourself mon amie! I do! :)

  3. Mom's are important, I know that. And there are times my kids will call one too many times, or be driving me crazy and suddenly I will STOP and think. As I said before, how blessed I am to have my family a part of my daily life. Hopefully you will cheer up soon. When it comes to your creativity, you are a natural! I saw that years ago when you had your space at CR!! It will come to you when you least expect it. You can't force it, you can just "believe" it will come to you!

    Take care, Sue

  4. Melinda, So sorry your mom had to leave today...mom's are a true blessing in our
    lives, and hopefully it won't be to long before you are together again.
    OMGoodness! I'm in love with your new header and the gorgeous table your beautiful necklace is resting on! When you wrote the words: you sit at the table and stare into space...I knew what you were feeling and how it can go on for days!! But never fear...you will see something beautiful (probably at Country Roads) and it will all come flooding back.
    Lovely Sunday to you Sweet Melinda!

  5. I'm sorry your mom had to leave so soon Melindad. As far as your creativity, I'm sure it's not too far away. You are constantly reinventing yourself, weather it's your blog(beautiful by the way)your jewelry, or just starting a new venture on a whim. It always turns out wonderful, no matter what it is. Go shopping and give yourself some time for the creative juices to start flowing again, it will come when you least expect it.

    Hope to see you soon sweetie,

  6. Dear Melinda,

    I thought about you missing your mom and the love you have what about Mother's Day coming up? I love nature and birds maybe some kind of botanical anthro necklace that have a mother feel? Just throwing it out there. Hope to see you soon Your work is always amazing!


  7. ...okay sweets
    first, love, Love, LOVE your new header!!
    second, I adored the "french saints" direction you were taking with your lovely pieces, a while back:) maybe re-visit there??
    It is really, REALLY disheartening to create something, be excited to offer it, only to have it looking back at you in your etsy shop, unloved and not understanding why!!
    and thirdly, I love when my dearest mia (mother) comes for a visit, the longer the better, but ~
    the very day she leaves, it's like someone reached inside my chest and ripped out my heart!!
    HATE IT when you have to say, "until we meet again"...

    so in closing, I understand the exact place you are at and I can tell you, the Son WILL shine upon your face and lift your spirits, and kiss you with inspiration, but for now, take comfort in all those who adore you here in blogland that send you some extra love...

    biggest hug I can offer via cyber:)

  8. I too just love your new header!!

    Inspiration comes sometimes when you least expect it. Do not let it get you down...your creations are always so beautiful!!

    Sending you a hug across the miles...your Mom is but a phone call away!

  9. Your new Banner and creation are absolutely lovely!!! It may not necessarily be that a particular creation isn't what people want... but that the right person for the piece has not yet come along and discovered it!?! From what I have seen of your creations they are just beautiful. May your inspiration come effortlessly and fuel you to create more magnificence, saturating the World with Beauty!

    Dawn... The Bohemian


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