25 April 2011

~The Beauty Of A Flower & My Room~

I spent the end of last week painting my bedroom which explains the sore arms and stiff back! When did I become so old? :) 
I love this color, it's slate from Restoration Hardware. I like how it adds a more dramatic touch to the room and turned out to be the perfect backdrop for my windows!
Now my older son wants me to repaint his room this color, I need to rest first!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter and have a lovely week!


  1. LOVE your bedroom makeover. Everything looks great, and I too like the color. It's becoming very popular right now. Katie has big windows as a headboard behind her bed too. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

    Take care, Sue

  2. it is gorgeous!! The gray is just beautiful.
    so clean and smooth looking with your accents and bedding.
    Melinda you make it all look so easy.
    Next week is our week to finish our bedroom, after a year of only one wall being painted, ugh.
    Have a great week

  3. Hi Melinda, I love the new color and it looks wonderful with the white in the room. The windows as your headboard are fabulous.

  4. what a gorgeous color! I love how it accents everything in the room especially those stunning windows! hope you had a nice easter!

  5. Your bedroom is beautiful, love the bedding!!! everything looks Great !!

  6. ooohhh your room looks lovely i love the white bed linen everything looks so fresh, inviting and warm.And those windows on the wall look amazing. have a lovely week, dee x

  7. Your new bedroom color looks beautiful, you just need a little rest...I know the feeling, when did I start getting old. The flower is exquisite. Thanks for stopping by to visit. Hope you had a good Easter.
    Here's to a good week ahead,

  8. Hi Melinda...love your color choice! It truly highlights everything in a soft, romantic way!

  9. Gorgeous paint color. I just bought some paint for our master bedroom also. It is called Granite Boulder. I just need to get motivated to do the actual painting now :)

    Have a wonderful week and enjoy your beautiful new walls!

  10. STUNNING! I love dark tones of grey with white!!

  11. oooh I love your room! beautiful! the color was a great choice!

  12. Melinda, I love those flower pictures of yours! That slate color you painted your room really makes all the things in the room pop! What a great color!!

  13. What a beautiful colour...so dramatic!
    I can identify completely with aching arms and back after decorating, usually I can add an aching neck too if I have been painting ceilings!
    Love your blog,
    Julie x

  14. Oh Melinda, this color looks gorgeous against your bed, furniture and salvage windows! Just love it. I'll be painting our master bedroom soon, too, and don't look forward to the process itself. But seeing this, I know the outcome will be worth it!!
    Take care,

  15. What a gorgeous calming color for your bedroom! The crisp white bed linens look perfect next to the pretty slate color!

    Take care,


  16. That is the most divine colour! So stylish against the crisp white bed linens. Warmest spring wishes from England - Glenda xxx

  17. Your bedroom is just breath taking!!!! Love the windows as a headboard I have some that are like 16 pain ya they are huge and I have thought of using one to make a headboard also. How did you attach to wall hes afraid they will come down on our heads!!!
    Please email me if you have the time or anyone else that has done this!!!!


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