10 April 2011

~Fresh Room~

Happy Sunday all. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
I freshened up my bedroom and thought I would show you a couple of photos. Hope you enjoy.

I finally moved the vintage green door out and replaced it with my 1948 dress form and vintage mirror and bench. It looks so fresh and simple now.

I'm sorry if I've been a bad blogger lately, things have been extremely difficult here lately. Do you ever feel like your faith is being tested? That's how I'm feeling lately. Thank you to all of my faithful and sweet friends, all of your kindness means the world to me!
Have a lovely evening.


  1. Hi Melinda, it does look so fresh and wonderful, love the dressform in the room!
    How I wish for you the best and hope all this difficulty in life passes very soon.
    I am hear to listen if you need an ear

  2. Looks very cozy and pretty. Hope things get better real quick for you. Keep the faith:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Looks beautiful Melinda! I would love a dress form!
    Yes my faith has been tested for two years now! Don't dispair!!
    Pamela xo

  4. OH i love your new banner too!!!

  5. Your whites in your bedroom look so pretty and fresh! Love the pillows on your bed!

  6. Melinda, Your bedroom looks just dreamy! I love the pillows, dress form and cute side table with the mirror. You always have just the right touch. I hope things get better for you. Sometimes when we are tested it allows for our faith to ultimately grow. I wish I could visit with you if we didn't live so far apart!
    I'm always inspired by you.
    - Susan

  7. HI Melinda,
    You have such a lovely touch- it is so fresh looking.
    Life sometimes does present us with some big challenges - all we can do hold on tight and believe that it will get better. Sometimes our choices are hard and and challenges difficult but I know that you will find your way. Hang in there.
    Warmest regards,

  8. ...ahhhhh ~ yah I soooo get what you are sayin'!!

    I wonder if the earths "chi" is off ~ LOL!!

    I like to think that: when the goin' gets tough...we are exactly where we should be goin'!!
    (the sly old boy is in it, to win it and has our # down
    we know better, don't we???)

    hugs and more hugs!!

  9. For me, sometimes doing what you just did, re-doing a room or a display in my house helps pick up my spirits. Yes, I do feel like my faith is often tested, like all the time. I just try to work through it, work hard at staying positive & remembering we all go through "stuff" for a reason, and tomorrow is a brand new day! But when you are in the middle of that kind of "stuff", it can, and often times does suck! Hope you have better days ahead.

    Take care, Sue

  10. It is always such a good feeling when you freshen a room up. You have done a fabulous job! It looks so warm and inviting. I could just curl up on that bed now with a good book and a cuppa! xx

  11. Love your freshened up room. Many, many times, I have felt my faith being tested, and then when everything is said and done it all turns out the way it is suppose to, but I know the tough times that we all go through can very difficult, hang in there, God never gives us more than we can handle (a saying I say to myself over and over). I hope things start going better for you very soon.

  12. Your room looks lovely Melinda you have an eye for detail and your photos are always gorgeous. I'm sorry that you have been going through a rough patch and it's during these times that we grow and mature so keep holding on to that. I will be praying for you my dear. xx

  13. Bless you all!! My blogger friends never cease to amaze me! You are always there when things are low ~lifting me up!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

  14. Your home is one of my faaaavorites and I love the changes you've made to your bedroom. I adore fresh and simple. You aren't a bad blogger, just human. And yes, I do feel like that sometimes...right now in fact. Sending prayers and hugs that things get better for you! They always do. Just might take a while. If there's anything I can do, let me know.


  15. It does looks so fresh and crisp and comfy!! Love it!!
    We went through some really tough times just recently and we felt so lost. We both stayed persistant in prayer and remembered that God doesn't allow us to take on more than we can handle. You have to keep your faith strong. Remember James 1:13 says, "When under trial, let no one say: "I am being tried by God." For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone." Let this period be a great time for you to demonstrate your faith in God that he will carry you through! My prayers are with you!

  16. It looks lovely and fresh. Sorry to hear you have been struggling keep positive and keep smiling. And remember blog land will always be here. Have a lovely week, dee x

  17. Hi Melinda! Your room is all ready for the new season, it looks so peaceful and inviting! I love your dress from with the cage on the bottom, gorgeous!
    I think in these times a good many of us can relate to what you are feeling. I know we have over here at 612 but my mantra has been, God only wants good for us, we will get through this. We all stuggle with life from time to time and when you look back I bet you can see His hands pulling you out of some of those times. He will do it again.
    Sending love and prayers, t. xoxo

  18. Hey Melinda! Your room is beautiful and I love the dress form, wow!
    Don't know what's going on with you, but yes, I feel my faith being tested, too. Wishing you all the best, and remember,"this, too, shall pass".
    Becky C

  19. Beautiful redo, Melinda! I hope things get better for you soon, my friend. :)
    Take Care,

  20. Hi Melinda...your bedroom looks lovely and I just adore that dress form!

    Sending you a hug and hope you are ok today!

  21. Hello Melinda...just found your blog and it is so lovely I am your newest follower. Sorry to hear things are not going well. My thoughts are with you that things will work out.

  22. Hi Melinda. Your bedroom looks so lovely. I love your innovative headboard - very clever! Hope things improve for you soon. x Sharon

  23. Hi Melinda ...

    I'm so glad you stopped by our blog. Glitterfest was so fun and allowed us meet such wonderful people once again.

    Your Blog is stunning as well as your home ! I love your style it's so comforting and relaxing !

    I'm now a follower so I'll stop in and enjoy your posts.

    Blessings ..Sara


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