15 April 2011

~~The Rose Thief~~

When you see the photos below, you may say to yourself, "Wow, those roses are so beautiful, I wonder where she got them, Trader Joe's perhaps? I know how much she loves Trader Joe's flowers!" 
But I must admit that, no, I did not get them from Trader Joe's, I got them somewhere else, a park perhaps? Yes, I am a rose thief! I took the kids to the park this afternoon and as I was watching the boys, a lovely cool breeze started to blow and with that breeze came the smell of glorious roses. I looked over, and surrounding a huge tree were hundreds of beautiful white roses. They were calling to me on the breeze so I went over just for a closer look... and grabbed my son's backpack and stuffed it full!  I know it was wrong, but can you blame me? In reality, I actually helped the plant by pruning some of those roses! Really, I did! That's what I would have told the rose police if I had happened to be stopped! But luckily, they arrived safely home with me along with lots of ants, aphids, and 1 baby snail, in which my son wanted to keep. NO WAY! Outside he went.
So without further ade'u, here they are.....

Well, what do you think? Pretty huh?

I'm also joining Tricia from "A Rosy Note"for photo feature Friday.
Check out all of the other fabulous participants! 
Have a great weekend all!


  1. ooo I am telling, LOL
    They are gorgeous, I almost picked honeysuckle today, but stopped myself.
    I remember as kid always pulling honeysuckle and sipping up the nectar on the stem. mmmm,so good.
    Enjoy your free roses, they look beautiful.

  2. Beautiful! But only a back-pack full?? I would have done the same thing--and really you should always carry a little shovel with you it case you need a "start" from a plant (now, please keep that a secret--:)

  3. Just beautiful. Such pretty photos! Love the one on the bed. Thanks for visiting!

  4. What beautiful roses! I would have to pick them as well.

  5. Ha, Ha, Ha, I'm still laughing. You are a Woman of my own heart. I would of done the same and the pics came out great.
    xxx Liz

  6. Just gorgeous! I don't blame you...who could resist? You are only human after all. Enjoy them xx

  7. I love the post processing on the photos! thanks for your nice comments. I look forward to reading your blog!

  8. Ok, so I admit I'm very partial to roses and those are so beautiful. My white english tea roses are just starting to take over my front yard and I hope to do a posting soon. I always cut them and use them for displays in my Flea market booths. I think they add such charm. Thanks for the inspiration!


  9. Oh my, those are pretty! I love your old bottles and that grain sack pillow too. Did you happen to have a scissors in your pocket or something? How did you pick all those flowers?! :)

    Thanks for sharing your lovely post at my very first Photo Feature Friday!

    Tricia ♥

  10. Oh my goodness Melinda...you are too funny! Now I don't fell so bad about cutting pepper tree branches in the Home Depot parking lot...got back in my truck with my trusty clippers and saw a sign that read "Surveillance Cameras" ~
    oh good grief!! All that said, you bagged some lovely roses my dear!! Love all the photos...
    Have a blessed weekend!

  11. Hi Melinda! Thank you so much for following Jack and Georgie and for your kind comment. Alabaster Rose is a constant source of inspiration for me and I know for many of my rose envied friends! You have a great weekend also! Jacqueline xx

  12. Love it! I would have done the same thing.
    Great post!

  13. Melinda, those roses are gorgeous! I would have done the same thing! I think the Park Authority should pay you for "pruning" their roses-LOL!!

  14. You're so funny Melinda, I've done the same thing and felt guilty, but it's really helping keep the plant healthy right? Lovely photos, I love the one on the bed. Have a great weekend, Martha

  15. ah pruning is a good thing...so envious that you guys have roses!..we had snow on thursday!

  16. LOL:) You are BAD...I have never see a rose tree but I live in Finland so...
    I love your pictures and if I be honest I might also steal them.

  17. So lovely...the roses...the containers...and your photographs!

  18. Those beauties were just waiting for you!
    Gorgeously displayed and photographed!
    Hope your weekend is going great!

  19. I just found you through Pamela at French Buttons and so glad she referred me to you! You have such a lovely blog and gorgeous photo's! I'm your newest follower & heading off to peek around! xoox, tracie

  20. Well I say you do some more pruning and send this girl a bunch! Absolutely beautiful. I love their soft, faded pink centers. Flowers are slim pickins' in my town flower shops right now...Gerber Daisies & Carnations, and red or pure white small bud roses abound. :( If I thought I could grow something without killing it, I would. Beautiful photos. You are so very talented, Melinda. xo Jami

  21. Oh I totally would have stolen some too. Your photos are so beautiful and calming. I just adore your antique bottle vases ( I have a thing for those!) Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful roses with us!

  22. Such pretty roses and such pretty pictures and styling! Have a lovely week. x Sharon

  23. I must admit, I have been tempted as well when I see scads of beautiful flowers in a public place... but here in the Desert it it usually so hot they'd never make it Home looking well... so I've resisted temptation and left them where they bloomed... I only wish there were more reasonbly priced cut flowers at the Shops because I'd love to have bouquets of fresh flowers in all of the rooms of the house. But it is a rare indulgence since the price can be prohibitive and they don't last very long. *le sigh* Your Park Roses are magnificent, I can see why you invited a few Home with you. *winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  24. What a day to find your blog....I am speechless at how beautiful these photos are!!! I mean, absolutely gorgeous!
    Can't wait to read through the rest of your posts ~ have a wonderful weekend!
    Sarah xo

  25. Oh the irresistable rose...love the photos. Waiting so patiently for mine to start blooming, but they are full of buds, but no blooms yet!!

  26. Oh no you di'int!
    How many of those roses did you take anyway?
    They seem to be ALL over your house!
    You're a thiever, Mis Melinda. lol
    I better keep my distance when I'm with you, I won't look good in those orange jumpsuits at the OC Jail.

    You're so stinkin' cute,

  27. Woow, so beautiful. I like roses. Beautiful pictures. And i like roses in the vintage bottle.


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