03 April 2011

~What were you up to this weekend?~

Well, here we are at the closing of another weekend, and I have to say I am so happy it's over. Our car broke down twice this week and after fixing what we thought was just a dead battery, we found out it was much more, so it will finally be off to the mechanic tomorrow to hopefully be fixed. We only have 1 car between my husband and I, so needless to say this has been quite difficult. My poor husband has had to find rides to and from work and can I just say what has happened to wanting to help others out in their time of need? What is our world coming to when all we care about is our selves? It makes me really quite sad, especially when you can't even depend on your own family. But that's another story and I don't want to get into those angry and resentful feelings!
Think about it...Who can you depend on in your time of need?

Anyway, I painted my dining table and chairs this weekend and it looks so lovely and fresh. Just thought I would post a few pics.

{Vignettes from my hutch}

I wish you all a wonderfully blissful week!


  1. So sorry to hear about your car troubles. If it is any consolation your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing them. Hoping this week is smooth sailing for you.

  2. Sounds like a hectic week for you Melinda. I can sympathise with your feelings of disappointment with your family. I was feeling that way too last week. It is best not too dwell on it though and just focus on the good things and all of the blessings in your life. Praying that this week is a better one for you. xx

  3. Hi Melinda!
    Don't ya' just hate car trouble? We've certainly had our fair share as well. So sorry to hear about the family frustrations. Take a deep breath and leave it at the Lord's feet. You know YOUR heart, feel blessed and find joy in that. ;).
    I love what you did with your table and chairs. It all looks so fabulous together with the hutch and decor. You are such a talented woman.
    Blessings to you,

  4. Your dining room chairs and table look beautiful Melinda!!
    It really has become a selfish world Melinda. But next week will be better for you!

  5. Oh Sweetie,
    I hate when things don't go right.
    If I only lived down the street I would pick you up everyday!
    We are inheriting another car soon and if we had it already I would drive out to you to keep until yours was fixed.
    You are such a great person and it is always sad to hear of a friend in need.

  6. I know how you feel. I think many of us are in the same boat. Although, I can depend on my family, so I have no words for lack of family support, except "not nice"! Just remember tomorrow starts a brand new week and hopefully holds better things for you!

    Take care, Sue

  7. Beautiful photos Melinda!

    Oh i can so relate to what you are saying about family.
    My husband and i have been going through some hardships and our families are so unsupportive it is heartbreaking. Our support comes from cousins and an Aunt on my side. I always read stories of people going through hardships but it is the same line...they have family to fall back on. I feel sometimes that we are so alone in this world. My faith and prayers get me through.
    Hope it all works out for you.
    Pamela xo

  8. Dear Melinda your dining room looks amazing!
    Sorry to hear about your car troubles & disappointment in family....God is
    the only family who will not let you down! This I know.
    Agggh to car troubles ..been there! Hope this week is better.
    You are a talented artist who has been blessed with this gift!

  9. Oh Melinda, so sorry to hear about your car troubles...and sad for your feelings of disappointment in your family. Wishing you a new week filled with love and happiness!
    Beautiful photos!! Love the hutch and your dining room!

  10. Hi Melinda; the furniture looks great! And God is with you--He knows your needs and troubles so just smile and know He will take care of it--small set backs are sometimes necessary for something truly wonderful to happen next--just part of life and part of the plan. Have a blessed week! Patty

  11. So sorry to hear of your trouble and i hope the car isn't to expensive for you. Your furniture looks lovely i really like your dinning chairs, and what a beautiful chandler ;-) I hope its a lovely calm week for you, dee x

  12. Oh Melinda, so sorry about your car troubles. We used to have one car between us for years. Ours would break down weekly and weekends were spent fixing it. Not fun, but I did learn a lot about engines, which was good;) So, I totally understand. Hope they fix it up quick for you:) Glad to see you have been keeping busy though. I love the photos of your home and what you have done. It is just gorgeous!!!!!!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  13. Hi Melinda,
    Can I just say how much I drool over your photos! Your hutch is simply dreamy, and you have quite a way with styling. Ahhh....lovely.
    So sorry to hear about your car troubles. We only have 1 car in our family, too, and it does get challenging sometimes (although my hubby takes the train to work). I hope more friends will come through for you. Wish I lived closer!
    - Susan

  14. wow..you've had quite "the week!" guess it can only go "up" from here, right? on the bright side....your dining room looks so gorgeous! what an accomplishment! you should be proud! I am currently working on some changes in my dining room as well. will reveal soon i hope!

  15. I agree with Michelle...your beautiful dining room should make you smile at least! Here is hoping this week is much, much better!

  16. Sorry to hear about your car troubles, Melinda. It must be really difficult. :(
    Your dining room table and chairs turned out beautiful, and I love the way you've displayed all of your collections in your hutch... just lovely!
    Hope the rest of your week improves for you.
    Take Care,
    Jo :)

  17. Melinda- car trouble is the worst! So sorry you are having a hard time...:-( ...am thinking of you and as many others have said...if I were close by I would so be there to help out however I could. Sometimes people do forget that the smallest act of kindness can mean so much to a person.
    Wishing you a relaxed week!
    Tammy :-)

  18. Oh dear, I hope the car gets fixed fast. It does seem that some people forget how to help out others. I wish you luck with it all and here's to a better week next week.

  19. Just found your site and love the serene beauty of your pictures and creativity.
    Had to add it my favorite artist lists...enjoy your day.

  20. Ooooh! Malinda sorry to hesr anything troubling you sweet one! Noooo! not dear sweet Malinda! All will be fine with God watching over you! The Lord takes care of his own! You are in my prayers truly!

    With that being said your art still shines, and the passion you put into your table shows!
    Love it girl, I am off to paint now! I would love to see you come over comment 3 times on my GiveAway!!!

    Come enter my GIVEAWAY!!!!

  21. Ooooooooh!
    I forgot to mention I love the header girl!

  22. These photos of your hutch are lovely, it is besst to conventrate on all that is right! Sorry to hear about your problems, and I agree with Dore - the Lord certainly does take care of his own - you can ALWAYS depend on Him!
    Thank you for coming by to visit, and here's to a wondeful weekend and a better week ahead!


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