10 November 2011

New Gadget~Having Fun With My Phone Camera~

Good morning friends. 
Its been like Christmas around here the past few days, at least for hubby and me, we both just got new iphone's. Yes, these are our first, and no, it's not the new iphone 4 series, it's the iphone 3gs, but we are in love anyway. It was time for an upgrade and we got these babies for free! Woo-hoo, gotta love that! That was the only way we were going to be able to afford them. 
Can I just say that I LOVE the camera!! I think it takes better photos then my regular camera. Anyway, I got this new camera app called "Tap Tap Tap Camera" and it is awesome. You can do so much with it. Does anyone else have this?
Anyway, I thought I would show you a few of the photos I took and edited with my new phone. 

I love all of these grungy photos!

I love the look of this frame called "viewfinder".

Oh course one of the girls had to get in on the fun!

 I am seriously in love with new phone!!! Now I know why everyone is so crazy over anything made by Apple, that's why their store is always packed!

Hope everyone has a great day. I'm off to play with my new phone some more. :)


  1. Yes!!
    I felt the same way when getting mine.
    My real camera broke just as I got my iphone and loved the way the photos looked.
    Your apps are wonderful, I am going to have to look up some new apps for my phone ;)
    Have a great day

  2. Lucky you! It's on my Christmas list!
    That app sure looks fun!
    Have a great weekend!
    :) Laura

  3. ...your tooo unny!!
    as if there was anything not FABULOUS about your photos before, now you have yet another medium to bring us spur of the moment inspiration:)
    i'll have to check out that tap.tap.tap!
    xo, Rosemary

  4. Thanks Melinda, I have to get one - LOL - I adore that app - even though I don't have an Iphone yet...

  5. Wow Melinda!
    I can't even believe those were taken with your phone!! Crazy! They look wonderful! Who needs a fancy camera? :)

  6. How fun your pictures are! Love them!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  7. Oh, that app looks like fun! My husband got an iphone a few months ago and is totally addicted to the thing. Now I want one too :)

  8. Oh that looks like a great app....I shall tell my daughter about it!

  9. Dearest Melinda,

    How are you tonight dear friend? First of all, thank you so much for your friendship & ongoing emotional support regarding my dad - it is so greatly appreciated! Just got back today and will be posting an update soon! :) Thanks again for always having such kind & thoughtful words - you really are a dear friend!

    And I'm glad you are enjoying your new iPhone and App! I've had the iPhone 3 since 2009 and I didn't even know about this app...I will have to try it out! lol Love the way it edits photos!!! :) Take care and talk to you soon!


  10. i can't believe those were taken with a phone. I am going to have to look into that app. have a great day!


  11. Bless you heart ;-)) Have fun and enjoy it ;-) Im afraid technology like that goes over my head but i agree the photo's look amazing. Im sorry i haven't got round to emailing you to say thank you for your comments etc. My boys are always hogging the laptop i have about an hour to catch up in blogland and then it means my emails have to wait. Have a lovely weekend, dee xx

  12. How fun...the photos are great!
    Have a good weekend!

  13. I love my mac but don't have an iphone - next on the wish list I guess...
    I love the Viewfinder look too - very cool!


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