28 December 2011

Thank You, Ramblings, & Christmas Gifts~

Hi everyone.
I just want everyone to know that I am so truly thankful for all of your prayers and well wishes for my dad. I haven't heard anything else other than he is to visit his Neurologist and then have rehab today.

That's the hard thing about living a million miles away from a loved one, you feel so helpless.

 I have been working so hard these last couple of days trying to work through these feelings of sadness over my dad. So, I am trying to keep busy with my family to keep my mind occupied. My hubby and I have been playing a lot of Scrabble at night when the boys are sleeping, and that seems to help, especially when I win :)! 

I am so determined to do things differently in my life this year.
I just read the most beautiful post on Anne's blog, and I have the same wish for the New Year.
 So, if you haven't read Anne's post, stop by and read it and be inspired.

This year I am doing something I have been wanting to do forever!
I've been wanting to start Yoga for the past 10 years, I know, that's a long time, so next week, I will be starting my beginners Yoga class. I am hoping this will help not only my body but my mind and spirit as well. 

At this Yoga studio, they have heated Yoga. Has anyone taken a heated Yoga class? How was it?
This is when the room is heated and it is suppose to help prevent injury to your muscles when stretching and also helps to detox the body.
I don't think I'll start out in the heated class though, I wouldn't want to pass out on my first visit! :)

 I thought I'd show you some of the gifts my husband and boys gave me for Christmas.

My husband purchased all of my gift's on the internet this year. This lovely vintage French desert/cake plate came from a wonderful shop on Etsy.

This wonderful old chippy gray scale came from the same shop.

Hubby also got me this wonderful vintage French Nun's Rosary which came from this great shop in L.A called "Vintage Weave Interiors". They have gorgeous things and have an online shop as well.
 Thank you boys for my amazing gifts!!!
I am so fortunate to have the most amazing husband and son's, and believe me, I know how fortunate I am! I thank God everyday!!!

I got one other thing, but I need to find the perfect spot for it first before I show you. It is super heavy, so I'm having a hard time lugging it around.

Again, thank you for your continued prayers and I'll let you know when I hear anything else about my dad.
Happy New Year everyone!!


  1. Could you share the wonderful etsy shop your husband shopped at? Love the treasures.. Also I must tell you I was awakened the other night in the middle of the night and thought after reading your post about your dad that that was a good time to continue the prayer.. Still praying for comfort and peace..

  2. Melinda, so sorry to read about your dad, I'll pray for his health. Thank you for always saying things that are so meaningful. I wish I would have spent more time watching my kids grow up. Now they are grown and I can't seem to stop watching them. They are just awesome kids. Happy New Year my friend!!

  3. So sorry to hear of your Dad's battle with illness... we're going through that right now with Mom, my younger Brother and The Man {my DH}... it can be overwhelming at times & especially for those Loved Ones who do not live close by for you to offer encouragement, support and be a present help. May you have the Peace that passes all understanding at you move through this difficult time in your Lives.

    Your Christmas Gifts are gorgeous... Loving the Vintage Mannequin too... and good luck with the Yoga. I began Yoga again after a 30 year absence from doing it, but then The Man had a Stroke recently and we had to suspend our Gym Membership, so I Hope to take it up again in the Spring because it really brings Calm, Peace and Health Benefits with the Practice of it. Let us know how it goes...

    May 2012 bring endless possibilities and rich Blessings...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Hello sweet friend! So very sorry again to hear about your father and your sadness - I will be praying for you! If you ever need anyone to talk to, pls know that I'm always hear to listen {or someone you can vent to!}. :)

    And those vintage gifts are just soooo beautiful! You truly are blessed, and your family is just as blessed to have you in their lives!!! And good luck with the yoga class! I've only taken a regular yoga class - not the heated one! Let me know how that goes - maybe I will be brave enough to attend one of those...I think it's called Bikram Yoga {the heated class}. :)

    Anyway, may the New Year bring you all the happiness that you deserve!


  5. >here not hear. ;) excuse my typos...I've been painting all afternoon/evening! lol

  6. Oh Melinda i have missed your post about your dad and im so very sorry to read of it here. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will be alright and im sending you a huge hug. Good luck with the yoga you will love it i am sure. Beautiful gifts you recived enjoy them all. Take care and happy new year, dee xx

  7. Gorgeous gifts you got there, Melinda.

    I hope your dad will be alright again and send you a hug from here.


  8. Hi Melinda,

    I did the summit yoga class which is where the room is almost like a sauna. Unfortunately for me I found it to hard to breath. Some of my other friends love it though.


  9. I have been wanting to do yoga too. I actually have a yoga center right up the street from me! I really need to do it. I love all of the thoughtful gifts you received. They really know your taste don't they. How sweet they are. Continuted prayers for you and your lovely family, Melinda.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  10. Oh Melinda, I'm so sorry to read about your Dad's stroke. Hopefully, he's improving...I'll say some prayers for him.

    I love your Christmas gifts, especially that cake plate :)

  11. Everything will be fine Melinda! You have good plans and so many praying for your Dad! I just have a feeling that this new year we are about to begin will be so much better for all of us. Or at least I hope so!! My oldest, Brande, has taken yoga for years, and Katie takes classes as well when she can find the time. It REALLY helps her when she goes. I look forward to seeing you soon!!

    Take care, Sue

  12. Ok, your husband is a rock star!!!He went On Etsy and shopped for you?? Impressive. I love the finds. What shop are they from???

    Have fun with the yoga! I used to do it for a couple of years. It is really relaxing. I think you will like it. Not too sure about hot yoga.......
    Happy New Year!!

  13. Those gifts are beautiful! I love how you have the French rosary beads draped and being a lover of all things blue and white the dessert/cake plate is gorgeous. I just love looking at your blog, it literally transports meet briefly to beautiful rooms I would love to live in. Still praying, too.

  14. meine liebe
    wünsche dir glück und gesundheit im jahr 2012.
    herzlichst daniela

  15. What wonderful gifts! All three of my children ordered my gifts from Etsy shops this year. I was thrilled.

    I hope your yoga classes are all that you want them to be and more.

    Happy New Year, friend.


  16. oh my goodness! I am in love with that cake plate...and the scale...and everything! do you mind sharing which etsy shop it's from? (maybe you did in another comment and I need to go look : ) looks like you had a great christmas!

    I have not done hot yoga, but I do do (regular?) yoga often and i love it! i think you will too. It's very calming and relaxing. i truly hope it helps you!

    Thank you for your sweet comment about my new shop. You are always so encouraging and i so appreciate it!!

    I hope you have a wonderful week and a happy new year! enjoy those fun new presents!

  17. Hi Melinda,
    Still praying for your dad, I am certain all will fare with him and you will be able to share all his prayers with him.

    Love that your hubby was so creative to buy what makes your heart sing and o so old that we all share this passion with you as well. He is a perfect gift giver :)

    I had already visited Anne's beautiful post, she is amazing is she not :)

    Lots of love, health and inspiration 2012

    Happy New Year.

  18. Hi Melinda,
    My heart goes out to you for your Dad's illness. I will pray for you both. On a brigther note, yes you are blesssed with a wonderful Husband and boys that were so thoughtful with their gifts to you. I've been scarce in blogland for a while. I just needed a break from spending too much time "stalking" the blogs. ;). I hope to make some changes as well for this next year. I think I'm going to try yoga on the wii and clean off my treadmill! Ha-ha! Let us know how the yoga works for you, especially the heated yoga!
    Sincere blessings to you,

  19. Hello Melinda! Wow, what lovely gifts you received - lucky girl! I'm just now getting my computer back after repair, so am late in catching up on blogs. I will say some prayers for your Dad - how hard it is for you to be far away.
    I wish happiness and peace for you in 2012, my friend!
    - Susan

  20. Melinda,

    I am terribly sorry to hear about you Dad. I have had some health scares with my father as well this year. My girls and i will keep you in our prayers.

    Happy new year and thank you for all of the kind words posted on my blog.


  21. Hello my dear friend. Happy New Year, new days of happiness.merry chritmas www.evhome.blogspot.com

  22. Hi Melinda...your new header is so pretty! I am keeping your Dad in my prayers. I find that keeping busy helps too.
    Take care!


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