20 December 2011

A Winner~

Hello all and Happy almost Christmas!!! Can you believe we only have 4 shopping days left until the big day?!!! I got most of the shopping done yesterday but I, or Santa, still has a couple of stocking stuffers left to get. How about you? Are you done with your shopping yet?

 And the winner of my holiday "Winters Peace" bracelet giveaway is #1~Jessie from "A Cozy Cottage In The City".

Congratulations and Merry Christmas to you Jessie!!!!

Thanks to all of you who entered. I will be having another giveaway at the beginning of the New Year, so stay tuned.
If I don't talk to you all before Christmas, I wish you and yours a beautiful and joyous Christmas!!!



  1. a lucky...lucky gal! merry xmas to you and your beautiful family Melinda! and a happy, healthy and blessed new year as well!

  2. Congrats to the lucky winner!! LOVED your photos! xoxo

  3. I love seeing little bits of Christmas in your home, I think your home is equally beautiful. I thought I was ready but now that I know it is close, I fear that I am not. It will work out in the end. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. Yeah for Jessie...wonderful piece!

  5. lucky gal!

    All finished shopping here.
    Now its cleaning and preping for guests and Santa to arrive :)

    Happy Holidays Melinda
    What a year it has been and I am so glad to have you as a friend.
    Peace be with you and yours this merry christmas

  6. Oh my goodness, Melinda! I simply cannot believe that I won this giveaway!!! I was just talking to my husband last night telling him about your jewelry & mentioning that I would love to wear one of your pieces, and then here I am a winner of this most generous giveaway!!! Thank you so much for being so sweet!!! It has been such a pleasure having you as a blogger friend - you have been one of the most gracious & kind friends that I've met on here, not to mention SUPER TALENTED!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!


  7. Love the pics of the vintage ornaments...so gorgeous!! Congrats to Jessie!! Lucky gal and a super great gal too;))

    Happy Holidays Melinda and I am looking forward to the next giveaway!!

  8. Your photos are beautiful... they are my inspiration for the night... thank you :) Lucky Jessie! Merry Christmas to you Melinda! STill more to do, but I am still fa la laing along!

  9. Hi Melinda! Oh my, what beautiful photos! Congratulations to Jessie! What a lucky girl!
    I can't believe there is only 4 days left!!! I'm so excited! I'm off to go shopping tomorrow to get the last few gifts. I hope your doing well!
    Merry Christmas!
    hugs, Cheryl

  10. Merry Christmas Melinda.
    I'm sitting here enjoying your images so much.

  11. Merry Christmas, my friend. God bless you abundantly.


  12. Melinda, everything always looks so pretty. Hope you have a Merry Christmas.

  13. Melinda, your photos are absolutely gorgeous! These vignettes are amazing. I love the window with the bell and postcard. Sigh...
    Congrats to Jessie! She just won my giveaway this month, too. Lady luck is on her side!
    Merry Christmas to you Melinda,
    Love Susan

  14. Lucky winner.

    I wish you a Merry, merry Christmas.

    Hugs from Bente


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