28 February 2011

~Bye For A While~

Hi all,
I just wanted to let you all know that my computer has decided to end its relationship with me and depart! I had someone over looking at it this morning and they told me it's not even worth it to fix. So I have to buy a new one. Unfortunately, I can't afford one until next month, so I won't be posting for a few weeks. This came at the worst possible time because I had an amazing opportunity offered to me that I have dreamed about for years! And this makes it more difficult now.
I hope you all take care and I'll talk to you all soon my sweet friends!

24 February 2011

"Vintage Inspiration Friday" W/Debra~

Hi all, I hope everyone is having a great week. I have been super busy! So I apologize for not being able to visit you all this week.
I thought I would post a couple of photos of some things I got at the flea last week for Debra's "Vintage Inspiration Friday."

Most of you already saw my bucket I got from the flea, but I just had to show you the wall in the background. I just covered it with vintage sheet music, book pages, dictionary pages, and post cards. I love how it turned out!

Table runner made out of vintage grain sack.

And for those of you who haven't seen her, my new lady #3.

On another exciting note, the premiere issue of "Inspiration...Vintage, The Vintage Inspired Home" is tomorrow. The first feature is with the warm and sweet Debra from "Caper's of the Vintage Vixen's", so please join us!

Please stop by "Common Ground" and view the other V.I.F participants!

Have a great night.

21 February 2011

~A New Friend~

Happy Monday all. 
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I went to the Antique Affair in Old Towne Orange as well as the Long Beach flea this weekend.
Can I just say that the prices at the flea market have gotten absolutely ridiculous!!  I was going to purchase some things for my vintage shop, but I would have had to triple the prices just to make a little money. I asked one of  the dealers if they could do a little better on this one item, and they said "Sure, I'll mark $2.00 off the item". $2.00? Is that really a deal? Anyway, I only ended up purchasing 2 things and then I got the heck out of there. It was packed and I had the kiddos with me. I couldn't even get a good look at most of the booths because no one wanted to let me in with the stroller.
Oh well, I think I'll stick with with the Irvine flea from now on. Better stuff and better prices!!
On a happier note, I met a new friend the other day at Country Roads, she's really sweet and has great form!
I invited her over, but I'm afraid my other 2 friends are going to be jealous! As it is, the other 2 barely speak to each other, so I have to keep them separated. 
The more the merrier, I say! I asked if she wouldn't mind being photographed for the blog and being the sweet gal that she is she said, "absolutely"!
So here she is:

She's cute right?

Anyway, I'll be back later to show you more photos of her, she really is quite a ham! :)

Lady #3 insisted I post more photos of her, BIG ham, remember? So here they are.

She thought she'd look great on a postage stamp! A little conceited if you ask me! She does look pretty with my necklace on though!
Don't tell her I told ya!

Up close and personal. 
I'm beginning to think she may run out the other 2 girls.

Okay enough of her, here's some photos of my new vintage bucket. Yes , I said bucket! :)

I loved this bucket. Not too bad for the price, although if my mother knew what I paid for an old bucket with creamy white paint dripping down the side of it she'd say I was ridiculous! She just doesn't get my style!

Interested in lady #3's necklace. It's my new design, L'Amore 'E puro.
Love is Pure in Italian. 

Okay, I'm sure you've all had enough of the photo hog, so I'll talk to you all later.
Have a great week everyone.

17 February 2011

~**In My Room**~

Hi all, I hope everyone is having a great week!
Before I show you all my room, I just have to say that you blogger girls truly ROCK!! You are the most supportive women I have ever known in my life, I am so blessed to have you all as my friends!!
Okay, so yesterday i was telling you all I needed to re-do the room a little because the pinks I had originally wanted to add to the room just did not work for me, so back to my trusty whites, creams, and gray-blues with small touches of pink thanks to the roses. {from Trader Joe's of course:)} 

I love this mirror shot! I have always wanted to do a mirror shot, but needless to say it never worked out!~until now

The vintage green screen door I'm thinking of moving somewhere else. What do you think, move or keep?

This is a great vintage trunk I got in Northern California. It's great for storage. I got the fabulous vintage french basket from Country Roads. Of course!!

Another mirror shot.

A closer look of my vintage windows. Look at that yummy blue paint popping through. Old skeleton keys hanging from the window latch.

Can you tell, I'm loving how my photos look in the polaroid frame.

Well, room's all done. I hope you liked the photos.

On another note, I am so excited how my new blog is going. I have some amazing women that will be featured at"The Vintage Inspired Home". I can't believe who just agreed to join in. I'll give you a hint later.

 Also, I'm linking up with the lovely Debra from "Common Ground" for her Vintage Inspiration Friday.
Stop by and check out all of the vintage yumminess.
Have a great day all.

16 February 2011

**My Beauties & Thank you**

I just have to thank those of you that have been so wonderful by supporting me in my new venture. I didn't really tell anyone that I was the author of "The Vintage Inspired Home" because I just wanted to keep it separate from this blog, Alabaster Rose. I just needed to do something different, something out of the ordinary for me. I'm sorry if you felt I was being sneaky, it wasn't my intention. I am so in awe of the talent in blogland, that I really wanted a special place where I could feature amazing vintage homes, artists, blogs, and wonderful shops. It will hopefully be a great place for inspiration and a place to go back to again and again. Blogging has given me such inspiration and hopefully this will give back to all of you. So, Thank You my friends.

Okay, I also wanted to share a little peak of my new beauties I got a few weeks ago from Country Roads, a place I have been banned from for a while, at least banned from purchasing anything by hubby. :) Anyway we finally got them hung, so I thought I would share a photo. I'm not sure that I'm loving the pinks though in my room. I always love it in other people's home, but in mine it never seems to work out.

I took tons of other photos, but I think I might change the colors again before I show you the whole room. I'm never satisfied with how my home looks. I wish I had decorating skills like some of the amazing people in blogland, they just have natural skills.

Anyway, stay tuned for my first feature next week. 
 Check out
Inspiration...Vintage, The Vintage Inspired Home  

 for a sneak peek.
Have a great night.

15 February 2011

~A Wonderful New Blog~

Hi everyone, I hope your all well.
I just wanted to let you all know of a wonderful new blog that's just starting out called,
It will be featuring fabulous vintage style homes, blogs, artists, and amazing shops. If you'd like to be featured, contact "The Vintage Inspired Home" at:

I hope you will all stop by and find some inspiration.
Have a lovely day.

09 February 2011

~~**Marianne's Heart**~~

Hey all, I hope your all having a lovely week. 
Well, after what seems like forever, I finally have a new design. I've had a hard time finding inspiration for new jewels lately, so I turned to my favorite book for a little help,  Sense and Sensibility.

This necklace is called "Marianne's Heart".
It's designed with genuine labradorite gemstones and sterling silver findings. I also designed the pendant's using excerpts from a vintage Jane Austin novel.
I love labradorite, the color is fantastic. Prisms of blue, silver, gray and even touches of pale pink at times.

I wish I would have had this one ready for when I dropped off my jewels to the magazine the other day. I love it!
I hope you all have a great night, talk to you all soon.

07 February 2011

~~**Spring Fusion, The Beginning**~~

Hey everyone, I'm finally back after my surgery last week. I had originally planned to be back sooner, but my recovery was a little more difficult than I thought it would be, in fact I'm still recovering! But I have been anxious to re-do my room, especially since my hubby brought my new beauties home last week. This is just a small preview of what's happening in my room. Hopefully he can get my beauties hung up tomorrow.

It's all about infusing Spring into the house. Most of my home is done in muted grays, whites and pale gray-blues, but I thought I would add just a touch of color to the bedroom to spruce it up a bit.

 I've had this vintage lilac towel for years, the colors are so bright and vivid, it's just beautiful! I'm thinking about having it made into a pillow.
Vintage Eider down quilt and one of my beauties to the right.

 On another note...
I'm so excited, I did something today that I've been wanting to do for months now. I finally took my jewelry over to Beth Livesay, the editor for Jewelry Affaire magazine to be considered for their next issue. She is one of the sweetest people, so down to earth and super friendly and helpful.
Thank you so much Beth, it was such a pleasure to finally meet you!
Stay tuned for the bedroom re-do.
Have a great night.