29 May 2011

Pillows, Pillows, Everywhere!

Hi all, I hope your all enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. I'm busy making pillows for the shop. I am loving my new sewing machine, sewing is a great way to relax and create at the same time.
Just wanted to show you one of my new designs. I know if I don't put this in my Etsy shop soon, I'll end up keeping it. 

My take on the American Red Cross/Swiss Flag pillow slip.

This one was made with vintage red and white ticking handloomed cotton and the cross is made from vintage German grainsack homespun linen.

I'm slowly adding new items to my new shop daily, so this will be in the shop in the next few minutes. Right now I'm just offering the pillow slips but in the next couple of weeks I will be carrying the pillow inserts as well.
Please visit:

Have a great day.

28 May 2011

~Thank You For Helping My Heart!!~

 Just a few words to say "Thank You" from my the bottom of my  heart and soul!! Your words of kindness truly comforted me when I was low. I wish I could meet you all and give you a big hug  to show you my gratitude. God has truly blessed me with all of you!
Please know that you have all touched my life in a special way and I will never forget it!

27 May 2011

~How Do You Mend A Broken Heart and Why I Hate Facebook~

This is quite a personal post for me. I have no idea how to get over the hurt that I've had for the past few years. I'm hoping if I write this down, maybe it will help, at least a little!

I was nine when my Mom met my adoptive father. {I grew up without really knowing my real father, so I never really had a father figure.}

When I was 16, my Mom and adoptive father finally married. During the years before the marriage, my dad and I didn't really see eye to eye. You see, he already had a daughter from his previous marriage, she was his princess, and there just wasn't any room for an extra kid. I always felt like the only reason he put up with me was because of my mom. Anyway, after years of hardships between the two of us, we finally became close my junior of high school. I loved him so much, he was the only father I had ever known. He adopted me when I was 18, I know it took a while, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me at that point. I finally had a family, a mother and a father.
I got married when I was 19 and ended up keeping his name and adding my husbands name as well.
In about 2002, my parents split up but remained really good friends.
I never thought my parents would ever separate, they loved each other so much, but I guess their lives started to branch off in different directions.
We all remained close and I still talked to my Dad almost everyday. A few years later, my dad met another women, and once this happened, he started seeing me and calling me less and less. I had just had my second son, and he hardly even came around to see him or my oldest. I was hurt, but understood that he was busy building a new relationship and needed some time. He told me once on the phone that this was his "selfish time", he had given all his life and now it was time for him to be happy. I waited to be introduced to his new lady, but was never allowed to meet her. Whether she didn't want to meet me or my dad just didn't want me to meet her, I have never known, all I know is his first daughter was included in his new life but I was being cut out. I tried to talk to him about how hurt I was, but he never said "I'm sorry", he just went on like I didn't matter. It has now been 2 years since I've seen him. I've talked to him twice on the phone and have received 3 e-mails in these past 2 years. I found out in November that he married the woman he had been seeing. The only reason I found out about his marriage was from his Facebook page.When I found out, I sent him an e-mail congratulating him. One day in December last year, I checked my  shop and saw that I sold 3 necklaces, I was so excited. When I looked at who purchased them, I was surprised to see that it was my Dad. I sent him a note telling him thank-you and asking him where he wanted me to ship the items, {he has never told me where he is living and he changed his cell phone number so I couldn't call him}.
He told me he just wanted to give me money for my Christmas and to enjoy it.
Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the gift, but I would much rather have him in my life then money or gifts! It was weird that he did this considering I hadn't gotten even so much as a Christmas or birthday card for the past couple of years. After that, I haven't heard from him since. I've tried to contact him to see how he's doing, but I never get a response. 
I was just on Facebook and looked him up and saw photos from his wedding and of him and his first daughter having the father -daughter dance. And, she was part of the bridal party. This just killed me. Obviously I knew she would be there, but it's like I was never apart of his life. My heart feels like it's been ripped from my chest. Yes, I am a grown woman, but this hurts tremendously!  I have good days and I have bad days, how can I mend this broken heart? Will it ever get better?
You know what else just kills me? No one will probably ever find me to tell me when he passes away. I will never be able to see my father ever again, or hug him, or hear him tell me that he loves me and that breaks my heart all over again!

Trying To Fill Her Up!

I have been so busy trying to make pillows and such for the new shop, but every time I do, hubby comes home and says, "Don't sell that one, it's beautiful and it looks great on the sofa!" Okay, now I only have 2 pillows listed in the new shop. Hello honey, we're suppose to be making some money! :0)
Anyway, here's a couple of things I've listed so far, and I already had one sale! Yippe!!


Vintage German linen grainsack envelope pillow adorned with vintage French monogram tape. The back is closed with a huge vintage glass button.

Vintage red metal tole tray.

Vintage tea cups and saucer.

Hand bag made out of vintage German grainsack linen.

I'm not sure about putting this bag in the shop, I didn't line it, so I might have to line it first before adding to the shop.

Sorry about the photos, they just didn't turn out that great!

Have a great day.

25 May 2011

Alabaster Rose Home

Just thought I'd show you what I've been working on. A new home line called "Alabaster Rose Home". This pillow and other pillow designs and such will be available in my new Etsy shop under the same name.

Made with antique German homespun linen. This linen is super thick and nubby, absolutely beautiful!

Tie closures and adorned with a strip of vintage French monogram tape.

My new shop will open soon.
Have a great day.

24 May 2011

Cannot leave comments on other Blogs!

Hi all,
Does anyone know what the heck is going on with Blogger?
I am unable to leave comments on other blogs since yesterday afternoon. Anyone else having this issue? I'm getting a bit frustrated with Blogger and may move on to another blog host!

***Now I just figured out that I can leave comments on some blogs but not others. 

Now I can leave comments on the blogs I couldn't before. I guess threatening Blogger that I was going to find another blog host did the trick! :)

22 May 2011

~Sunday Inspiration~

Fragrant and beautiful Stock and Pom-Pom's from Traders Joe's.
I got these lovely aqua colored vintage bottles from the Rose Bowl on Mother's Day.

I got this cute little table from Country Roads. I painted just the bottom part "French Gray" and left the top dark. I actually bought this table for my son's room, but somehow it ended up in the living room. Does this ever happen to you?

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

17 May 2011

~Happy 100 th White Wednesday~

Hi All. I'm so excited to be able to join Kathleen for her 100th White Wednesday. I haven't been able to participate in quite a while, so I wanted to make sure I could join up for this special occasion. 

Happy 100th Kathleen. Stop by "Faded Charm" for all of the festivities!
Have a great night.

15 May 2011

~Vintage Floral Cosmetic Clutch and Union Jack~

Vintage floral cosmetic clutch.

Now available in my Etsy shop.
along with these.

Union Jack flag made with vintage fabric and adorned with a vintage French monogrammed label.

Have a great day!

13 May 2011

~New Line For Alabaster Rose~

Hi all, and can I just say it's about time Blogger got fixed!!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you what I've been up to. I am adding a new line of products to Alabaster Rose Designs. A line of make-up and coin clutches as well as soon-to-come hand bags. I have been wanting to do this for a long time and thanks to hubby and my new sewing machine, I'm off and running, after studying up on how to sew of course. So this is a whole new learning experience for me and I am loving it!!

This first design is a cosmetic clutch with a Union Jack design on the front. It is made with vintage fabrics and has a zipper closure. This was my first time I have ever sewn a zipper in my life. 

Credit card holder designed with vintage fabric and lace.
Closed with a vintage glass button.

Small lavender sachet designed with vintage fabric and lace.

Vintage Rose cosmetic clutch.

Well, what do you think?
This is my first time really sewing, so I know I have tons to learn, but I'm pretty proud of myself so far.

I also want to thank my lovely friend Amy from "Mittens"
for featuring me on her blog today! She has an amazing blog and is super talented, thank you so much Amy!!

I'll be back soon with new designs.
My new line will be available in my Etsy shop.

I'm linking up with my sweet friend Jami today over at "Freckled Laundry" for my first "Air your Laundry Friday".
I'm so excited to finally be able to join Jami and the other talented gals!!

freckled laundry

Have a great day.

09 May 2011


Hi All, I hope everyone had a beautiful and Happy Mother's Day, mine was perfect!
Just a quick post to announce the winner of my giveaway.
Thank you to all who entered and for your continued support my freinds!!!

And the winner is Lisa Macomber from "Beyond The Cover". 
Congratulations Lisa, email me with your address and I'll send out your necklace.

My lovely friend Jami from "Freckled Laundry" is having her 1000+ follower giveaway and she has compiled some amazing gifts!!! Check it out!

Also the lovely Tracey from "French Larkspur" is having an amazing giveaway. This incredible messenger bag from Jeanne Oliver Designs, it's from her new line, Town and Country.
Please stop by Tracey's blog and check it out! Giveaway ends May 16th at midnight.

Have a great week everyone!

06 May 2011

~A Favorite Vintage Box & Lilacs

I've had this chippy green vintage box for years. It gets moved from room to room and never really has had a purpose or use other than just being beautiful. It certainly has a purpose now with these lovely lilacs.

Vintage grain sack pillow~flea market.

I'm linking up with Debra from Common Ground & Tricia from A Rosy Note.

~I'm sorry I haven't been able to get back to you all right away lately, I've been having some heart problems and it's making me feel pretty icky! Hopefully my Dr. can get my meds straightened out so I can start feeling better. Please bear with me and just know how much I appreciate your continued visits and lovely comments!!!!~

Don't forget that my giveaway ends on Mother's Day, May 8th. If you haven't entered, you can go ***HERE*** to enter.
Good Luck!!

Have a great weekend and a Happy Mother's Day!

04 May 2011

~Lilacs & Grain Sacks~

Hey all, hope your having a beautiful week so far. I think we're having a bit of a heat wave here in So Cal, so I'm trying to stay in as much as possible. I found some beautiful lilacs this morning, no I didn't cut them from someone's yard, :) I got these from Whole Foods. Trader Joe's use to carry them years ago but I can never find them there anymore. The price was fabulous, so I bought 2 huge bunches for $4.99 each.
I got this vintage grainsack pillow from the flea market on Sunday. The stripes and monogram are a wonderful raspberry color.

The Union Jack pillow is from Loretta, it's made with linen and vintage lace and is so lovely!!

Sorry for the dark photos, I didn't have time to edit them except for the first one. It just takes way too long!

Have a great day.

02 May 2011

~Vintage French Treasures~

Happy Monday friends, I hope you had a fabulous weekend. The weather here for the past few days has been HOT!! I went to the flea market yesterday and just about fried, I now look like a cherry tomato. Oh well, I do like tomatoes! 
I just received some beautiful vintage goodies that I ordered from 2 lovely French Etsy shops.


Fabulous vintage French monogrammed ribbon with original wooden spool, vintage French monogrammed towels and vintage French lock with key.
I got 2 of these fabulous vintage French linen towels. They are super thick and HUGE!!!

I got some great things from the flea market yesterday and I still have to show you the goodies that I got from my lovely friend Loretta last week. I'll have to wait until I can get some good photos tomorrow.
On another note, hubby and I went and looked at a bigger place today. Our tiny apartment is just that, tiny!!! I told myself I would not be moving for a while after the last move, but we found a beautiful place today that we both fell in love with. I'll keep you all updated.

Also, if you haven't entered my giveaway yet, you can go HERE and do so, giveaway ends May 8th.
Have a great night.