29 July 2011

Decorating with Vintage

Hi all, hope your enjoying your Summer. I know its been a while since I've showed you photos of my home, but quite honestly, I've been in a decorating rut! Plus I just haven't felt up to it since my surgery and weaning myself off my medication that made me so ill. But I finally changed around a few vintage pieces yesterday, but I still feel like I need a major change.

I made the table runner from the left over grain sack I upholstered my chair in last month. You can see my chair HERE.

Vintage string atop vintage linens.

Vintage metal letters with mine and my and husbands initials.

1948 dress form.

My latest upholstery project. I ran out of foam batting so I can't start until I get more. I'm hoping once this piece is upholstered, it will look better than it did before. It was covered in orange velvet and the insides were stuffed with batting and what looks to be horse hair, it's everywhere. My husband doesn't like this piece because the wood carving around the top of the settee looks like Aztec carvings, his words. I admit, it's not a cute little French settee, but I bet I can make it pretty with some vintage grain sack linen!
Hope you all have a beautiful day.

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24 July 2011

Fall Wraps

Now available: Wool and cotton wraps with raw edged linen ruffled pin for Fall 2011 by Alabaster Rose Designs.

Have a beautiful week!

P.S. It was so wonderful seeing you Irma, Debbie, and Kate!!

22 July 2011

Divine Salvation Fall 2011 Collection

Hi everyone, hope your all having a great Friday.
I've been busy the past couple of days designing a new collection of jewelry. Finally I am inspired!!
Here's some pieces from the new "Divine Salvation" Fall 2011 collection from Alabaster Rose Designs:

"Divine Visions in Blue" Necklace

"Divine Scarlett" Necklace

"Divine Filigree in Blue" Bracelet

"Baroque Divine" Necklace

More to come. These are now available in my Etsy shop.
Have a great night.

20 July 2011

I'm Featured!!

I am so excited and thrilled to have my blog featured in the August issue of Romantic Homes magazine!! It has always been a dream of mine to be featured in a huge publication like Romantic Homes and I still can't believe my little blog made it in!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the amazing and super sweet Beth Livesay from Stampington & Company for allowing me to be apart of this issue!!! I am so grateful to you Beth!
And thank you to Romantic Homes for making a wonderful dream come true!
Have a fabulous day .

17 July 2011

New Family Member Search

Hi all, I hope your having a beautiful weekend. We have been busy looking for a new member for the family.
Here are some cuties that we have just fell in love with:

This is "Rhea". She is a Terrier mix.
How adorable is she?

This is "Boogles". She is a silky terrier/yorkie mix.

This is "Athena", she's also a Terrier. My husband has just fallen in love with terriers. They look like they have little goaties.

And this is our love... "Sprinkles".
He is a Havenese/Terrier mix. We just filled out an application for this little sweetie pie.

I am truly shocked by the amount of puppies and dogs out there that need a good home. The stories are just heartbreaking. If your looking for a pet, please think about adopting from your local shelter or pet adoption organization.

I have applied for so many dogs in the past 2 days, I'm forgetting which is which. The application process is a lot harder than it use to be, which is understandable. The application has to be approved first and then you will be able to meet the dog at your home for a home inspection. I have to make sure we find one that will be great with the kids.

Well, wish us luck.
Have a lovely Sunday.

15 July 2011

Boys Room

Just a few glimpses from my boys room. I painted the dresser an aqua color that I mixed up using a couple of different paints from around the house. I'd like to put a clear wax on it next, but it will have to wait until I'm feeling better. I like how the vintage aqua canning jars look against the dresser. The fabulous pillow was made by my sweet and talented friend Amy, from "Mittens".

My Mom bought my boy's a bunk bed for their birthday's a few months back. They are both full size beds and quite hard to make, let me tell ya! I want to paint them sometime in the near future, maybe a light French gray. Any other suggestions?

Here's a new bracelet that I just designed called "Mary In Blue". I love the smokey blue Miriam Haskell pearls.

Well, that's it for today, I'm exhausted!
Hope you have a beautiful weekend.

13 July 2011

My Vintage Heart

Vintage grain sack heart that I monogrammed with the letter "S". Now available at: Alabaster Rose Home.


*****Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment on my last post, your positive thoughts and prayers have really helped.**** Today is my 5th day off of the medication and I'm starting to have some withdrawls but nothing too horrible, thank the good Lord!!! Let's hope it stays that way! Just trying to keep busy. On my way to make more hearts.
Have a good day.

10 July 2011


 Hi everyone, hope your all enjoying your summer. I have been wanting to get back to blogging earlier, but unfortunately I have been quite ill since I last posted. I ended up in the hospital for a few days enduring invasive tests and had to have surgery a week ago. Then when I thought things were going to get better, I started experiencing the same symptoms that took me to the hospital in the first place. No one was able to find out what was wrong with me and I have been so frustrated and scared. So the other day I started thinking maybe it was one of my new medications I have been taking and sure enough, once I started researching it, everything I had been experiencing was listed on several websites about one of my meds. I had even mentioned the possibility of my meds causing my problems to one of my E.R. doctors, but he just brushed me off and said maybe it was psychological. Unfortunately, this happens a lot to women, especially when they take medication for depression and anxiety which is what I was taking for about 5 weeks before I started experiencing horrible episodes including fainting, a seizure, horrible burning sensations in my body and fever and chills.Then when I read up on the side effects of stopping the medication cold turkey, I was terrified by what thousands of people had experienced. I am now trying to wean myself from this drug and am scared to death to start experiencing what other people have experienced with withdrawls. Think God that with my nursing background I was able to find out for myself what the problem was before I was on this medication for any longer. I am telling you all this because I don't want you to experience what I have over the last few weeks. If your doctor can't find out what's going on with you, research it yourself! Don't let unknown illness take over your life! I have been unable to enjoy any aspect of my life for the last month and have felt completely out of control! Please pray for me to get through this weaning process, I so need it!

I am trying to keep my mind and hands busy so I started cross stitching again. I monogrammed the vintage grain sack above with my initial. I love how it turned out!
Hope to talk with you all soon!