29 November 2011

Oh Christmas Tree....

Hi Friends, how was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was really nice, just a quiet day with the one's I love the most!

I got the Christmas tree set up last night and decorated it in record time. I have always wanted a flocked tree and finally got one this year.

I decorated it with my vintage pink and silver ornaments this year with a few new mercury glass ornaments thrown in for added sparkle. 

How's your decorating coming along? Almost done, done?

I also just wanted to say thank you to those of you that are still following me after all this time. From the bottom of my heart I thank you!!! I know I haven't gotten back to you much, but I'm taking time for my family first, so just know that even though I may not leave a comment on your blog, I still try and stop by all of your blogs to see your beautiful inspiraion.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

23 November 2011

Christmas Touches & Happy Thanksgiving~

Good morning all. I know everyone is probably prepping for Thanksgiving tomorrow and I just wanted to wish you all a wonderful and joyous day with your loved ones!!
I'm cooking as usual, but this year's menu will definitely be different from the past. Because of my illness and issues with my stomach I have had to dramatically change the way I eat, which means lots of healthy foods and cutting out all of the fat including no more red meat! It's been a month and half without all pf the fat and red meat and it hasn't been that difficult. So tomorrow I will be cooking a light yet delicious meal, cutting out all of the high in fat foods. It will still be good but much better for us all.

What's on your menu?

I also wanted to show you a few more touches of Christmas that I've added around the house.
 So please enjoy and again, have a great Thanksgiving!!!


18 November 2011

My Sweets~

I usually never show photos of my children on my blog, but these were just too darn adorable not to share!!
I love this boy, he is an amazing person and I am so proud to have him as my son!!
Yes, I said son. His hair always fools everyone, and I'm always hearing, "Oh, your little girl is so cute". But that's okay, their right, he is cute!!

He's not ready to have it cut, but neither is his daddy or me.
 Someday, maybe, or maybe not!

Have a wonderful weekend.

17 November 2011

It Begins, Part II~

Hi all!
I got the Christmas tubs from the garage today, or should I say hubby did, and I started on some holiday decorating.
I did the kids room first and I have to say that I'm loving it. I used a lot of red in their room and used all of their ornaments that they've had since they were just babies. 

The boys helped decorate their tree, and I think it looks fantastic!

The awesome name banners in the background were a gift from my sweet friend Amy last year. Thanks so much Amy, I still adore them!

This is a collection of my vintage and new bottle brush trees that I am slowly adding to the living room.

This is one of my favorite vintage Christmas cards that I have framed.

This little vignette is inside my new old cabinet that I got a couple of weeks ago at the flea market. I am still loving it!

Well, that's all for now.
Hopefully I can pick up the tree this weekend if it doesn't rain.
Have a lovely night.

16 November 2011

It begins~

The season of "Hope" has begun! Let's make someone's hopes and dreams come true this holiday season!!

Linking up with Kathleen for "White Wednesday". Check out the other inspiring participants at"

Welcome In The Holidays~

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14 November 2011

Music Monday~

Okay, so I'm trying something new today and every Monday for the next few weeks called Music Mondays. 
Who doesn't love music? It makes us laugh, it makes us cry, it makes us get up and dance and it always brings back memories. 
So every Monday I'll post a few songs that I am loving that week and hopefully I'll turn you on to some new music or some old favorites. 
If you have a song you want to share, you can link it at the bottom of my post or e-mail it to me and I'll post it on the next Music Monday.
What do you think, something you'd all be interested in?
We'll try it out just for fun!

My first song this week is one I have been listening to over and over again for the past few days. I love this trio and this song is beautiful!

Lady Antebellum's "Just a Kiss".
Bring back any memories for you?

Kelly Clarkson
"Mr. Know It All"

Boys Like Girls, Featuring Taylor Swift 
"Two Is Better Than One"

The video doesn't have Taylor on it, I guess she wasn't available that day when they were shooting. :)
But I love this song~so pretty!

Hope you enjoyed.
Have a great week.

13 November 2011

More iPhone Photos~

Hi all, hope your having a beautiful weekend. It rained all day yesterday and it really got me in the mood for Christmas. The Christmas tree farm opens up next weekend and I think we might go and and get our tree. I know, a little early, but I'm ready to deck the halls!! We usually put up a fake tree due to mine and my hubby's allergies, but everyone wants a real tree this year, so we'll see how it goes.

So on to some more iPhone photos. I switched bedrooms with my boys yesterday, our bedroom was a bit bigger and they really needed the extra space more than hubby and me. After all, we just sleep in our room, they play and jump and run in theirs. :)

Hope I'm not driving you crazy with my phone photos, but it is so much easier taking photos and editing them with my camera app. And they look so much better than some of my digital camera shots.

Hey, would anyone be interested in a "Music Monday" blog party? I've forgotten how much I use to love listening to music until I started searching iTunes this past week to download songs for my phone.
Anyway, let me know what you think.

10 November 2011

New Gadget~Having Fun With My Phone Camera~

Good morning friends. 
Its been like Christmas around here the past few days, at least for hubby and me, we both just got new iphone's. Yes, these are our first, and no, it's not the new iphone 4 series, it's the iphone 3gs, but we are in love anyway. It was time for an upgrade and we got these babies for free! Woo-hoo, gotta love that! That was the only way we were going to be able to afford them. 
Can I just say that I LOVE the camera!! I think it takes better photos then my regular camera. Anyway, I got this new camera app called "Tap Tap Tap Camera" and it is awesome. You can do so much with it. Does anyone else have this?
Anyway, I thought I would show you a few of the photos I took and edited with my new phone. 

I love all of these grungy photos!

I love the look of this frame called "viewfinder".

Oh course one of the girls had to get in on the fun!

 I am seriously in love with new phone!!! Now I know why everyone is so crazy over anything made by Apple, that's why their store is always packed!

Hope everyone has a great day. I'm off to play with my new phone some more. :)

06 November 2011

Flea Market Finds~

Hi all. Hope your enjoying your weekend. 
Just wanted to show you some awesome pieces I found at the flea market today. Our flea market that's been in our town at the local college for years just moved to a different spot. It's still pretty close, and now it's a lot bigger it seems and is in a great location. I went this morning and just about froze, the wind was super chilly and then it started to rain, so I was lucky to find the wonderful treasures I did.

FYI~ The photos are not that great. Like I said it's rainy today, so I had to edit them a bit. I really need to take a photo class!!!

These Antique French documents I purchased form a wonderful Etsy Shop called "The Petite Market".
The top document is a beautiful blue color but my photos just didn't turn out very well.

I got this amazing vintage cabinet made from old barn wood, SUPER cheap!!! It has two doors that close and 3 drawers on the inside. It use to be part of an old work bench. I thought I was going to sell it at first, but it looks awesome as my TV stand.

I also picked up these 2 vintage baskets, again, they were cheap. I paid for them and ran for the exit before she changed her mind!

Here's another photo of the cabinet. 

Sorry about all of the photos of the baskets, I'm loving them!!
Wishing you all a great week!

04 November 2011


Dahlia and a green chippy box~makes for a pretty picture.

I truly am so ready to decorate for Christmas, but I saw these Dahlia's at Trader Joe's yesterday and just couldn't resist.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!