23 February 2012

FlEa MArket FindS~

Hi all, hope your enjoying this lovely week. It has been so beautiful the past couple of days here with temperatures in the upper 70's, sorry don't be jealous. :)
I painted my living room and it looks really good. I ended up having to choose a different color then the one I had wanted but I like the choice I made. I also just painted my vintage cabinet that I keep my t.v. on, so I'll show you that soon as well.
I went to the flea market on Sunday with my oldest son and we had so much fun, not to mention we got some fabulous things that I had been wishing for, for a lot less money which is always a plus!!

Did I tell you that I finally broke down and bought the "Adele" CD? I usually don't buy CD's because I just purchase songs on iTunes, but I LOVE Adele's CD!! The 3 songs that I listen to over and over again are "Set Fire To The Rain", "He Won't Go", and "LoveSong". Remember that song by the "Cure" in the 80's? Her version rocks!!

Anyway, here's some photos I took of a few vignettes in the living room. I still have to find some sheers for the windows and once that's done, I'll show you a full photo.

See the yummy vintage French canning jar to the left with the antique label? Flea market find from this awesome French vendor. He had amazing stuff!!~

See the large vintage French pickling jar on the table to the right? Flea market find from the wonderful "Uber Chic" guys. Love them!!~ I have been wanting one of those forever~

I also got that gorgeous red stripped vintage German table cloth under the napkins, from "Uber Chic" as well.

French document: Flea market~

This is a cabinet in my dining room.

My awesome antique scale I got for Christmas from one of my favorite Etsy shops, "Curate and Love". Ivy, the owner is so super sweet and finds the BEST stuff!~

Love all of the rusty spots~

One of my fav types of flowers from Trader Joes, Stock.

Part of my living room~

Aren't those purple Sweet peas gorgeous? 
I went a little flower crazy this week!!

You know that:

"Bread feeds the body indeed,
but the flowers also feed the soul".

 Love that quote. Sorry, but I can't remember who said it.

Hope you enjoyed.
I'll be back soon with a few other flea market finds.
Have a beautiful day!!



  1. I featured that scale in a treasury I did on Etsy, I so wanted that scale, but the way you have it displayed is beautiful!! I love all of your finds from the flea market.....Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  2. I love everything in your living room. All of it! I was happy to see the bottle collection because I just started one of my own this week. I bought my first bottle from Rosemary over at Villabarnes blog. Once I get a few more I'll take some photos. Thanks for sharing your living space. So pretty!

  3. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH I love your home...your style...your things..I love it all..going back for more!x0x0x

  4. Hi Melinda
    I can't wait to see everything painted.
    Even though I am really drawn to color at the moment, you still inspire me so with your vignettes and how you arrange things.
    I must stop by next time for decorating pointers ;)

  5. I love your simplicity!!! Your home seems to be so casual and cosy...I love it... It's picture perfect... Blessings Lori

  6. Great finds!! Your living room is beautiful~ xo

  7. Love your finds, Melinda. Love Uber Chic too. I purchased 2 items from them that are heavy, heavy last month, they are great! I too am addicted to bottles, just love the fact they've survived and their history. You've got some beauties for certain!

    Did you decide to keep that lovely piece w/baskets on top? I hope so!
    xoxo~from here

  8. Following you on Linky Followers now too. Scrolling down, was able to see Stock fleurs from Trader Joe's, they are just the right pale shade, going to look for some this weekend.

  9. Wonderful treasures that you found, Melinda. I love that you went with your son because my son is my favorite flea market partner. We are actually going tomorrow to the Nashville flea. Can't wait.

    Always love seeing your beautiful posts.

  10. Thank you everyone, and yes Tracie, I decided to keep my yellow vanity,it holds too many lovely memories for my hubby and I!!
    Have a great night all.

  11. Hi Melinda~~ I love it all. I know exactly who you bought the French labeled jar from . They always have the best stuff, they come to the RB too. And the "Uber Chic" guys...so sweet!! Your living room looks so nice.
    Hope you have a great night

  12. ohmigoodness that sounds like a fun flea market!! you found some great stuff! I love that french jar with the label!!

  13. Everything looks SO nice. I LOVE it all and I know even though it is a lot of work, it must be fun decorating. I think we all live for that. My Trader Joe flowers this week are white tulips! I too never leave that store without flowers. There is just something special about having freshly cut flowers inside a home.

    Take care my friend,

  14. Melinda,
    You have the most wonderful finds. Your flea markets must be fabulous!
    Mary Alice

  15. Wait, did you say "The Smiths"???
    I love them, now I have to check out her music. She has an incredible voice!

    I have no words to describe your gorgeous pictures of your finds and living room. Amazing.

  16. love love love the scale. I would love to pin pictures to pinterest but thought I should ask? Thanks for the inspiration..

  17. Hello Melinda! I love all your finds, especially the french jars! And your living room looks amazing! You aren't going to believe this but I just bought the Adele cd too and I LOVE it... haven't stopped listening to it actually!
    I hope you have a wonderful evening!

  18. Melinda
    Your home is simply beautiful!!! Love when you share it with us. Love all of your finds as well.
    Have a great weekend


  19. I want to go shopping where you do! Beautiful photos! I love your style!


  20. Gorgeous post! I love all the vintage bottles. The way you have them displayed is perfect. Please link up and share with us at WIW, we'd love to have you.

  21. Your photos are gorgeous! I love the flowers and vintage bottles! You always amaze me with your beautiful posts! I'm not following on Linky Follower.

  22. Beautiful treasures Melinda! I would never find those things here.
    I think that quote was Henry Thoreau?
    Possibly or Ralph Emerson. Anyways i love that quote too!
    Pamela xo

  23. Melinda your pictures are gorgeous, what a beautiful home, it looks so calm and serene. I zoned right in on that french bottle before i read about it, you had a VERY successful visit, wonderful things!

  24. You found some wonderful treasures!!! Love,love,love your bottles.....the whole table vignette is beautiful :o)
    Have a great weekend!

  25. Great finds! F.Y.I. Lovesong is by the Cure. Cheers.

  26. You have a beautiful home its all looking lovely. Please send me some of your warm temperature ;-)) Those stocks are such a pretty pink. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  27. LOVE it all Melinda! You really scored big here. If I lived closer, I would definitely join you for flea-marketing!

  28. Great finds that you photographed so well for us to see!


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