15 February 2012

Living Room~ Before

Hello all, hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!~
I wanted to show you what my living room looks like. Now, before I show you all, just remember that these are the before photos~~!!
I'm planning on painting the living room next week, so that should make a huge difference!
In my last place I painted my walls "Newsprint" by Martha Stewart. I loved the color, but it was just a tad too light for my living room. I think I might do Newsprint in my bedroom this time. 
I'm going to use "Pearl Gray" in my living room, also a Martha Stewart color. I got the inspiration for both of these colors from Maria's blog, I love how they look in her beautiful home.

The vintage yellow vanity I'm thinking of selling. It was one of my first antique pieces that my husband and I bought together, but it just doesn't seem to go anywhere in my home any longer. 
What do you think? Keep or sell?

Here's another photo of it holding my vintage baskets.

As you can see I have tons of windows all through my house which I completely love. But they need something on them like maybe some sheers.

The vintage settee will probably find a new place as well. I don't know if I'll just move it somewhere else or sell it at my space in Country Roads. 

There is another side to my living room, but that's where my t.v. cabinet is and I hate the way it looks. So I might have to find a different storage solution for my t.v.

Here's a photo of Maria's living room painted in the Pearl Gray color~

Gorgeous right!!? Now if only my living room could look like this, it would be perfect!!~  :)

Well, that's it for today.
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Have a great night all.


  1. Love it! I too love Maria's look. Looks very pretty!

  2. I love your space , you have so much to work with have fun redecorating...Blessings Lori

  3. Hi Melinda, Wish I lived closer because I'd scoop up that charming yellow vanity in a heartbeat!
    Mary Alice

  4. I love the new color you are thinking about! Maria's house is so beautiful.
    I love, love, love the chest you have as your coffee table, it adds a gorgeous pop of color.
    I can't wait to see it when it is all done!
    If you no longer like the yellow piece why don't you paint it? Nothing to lose unless you think you could make some money for it.
    I am already following your new linky tool!


  5. Yeah....I dream about my house looking like Maria's, too! I love that color, Melinda! Yes, I would sell the desk. It seems to be a little too "frilly" for the clean lines in your room. Yup - I'd put some gorgeous lonnnnng puddling sheers on each side of those gorgeous windows of yours. That room is going to be so beautiful when you get done, girlie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Oh, btw - LUV that grain sack bolster pillow on your bench!!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  7. So....I love the antique desk you have....You could always paint it (if that's an option) but, I think it brings a sense of warmth with it's pale shade =) Wishing you a lovely week! Xoxoxo ~Ashley

  8. oh ein traum in vintage style.
    herzlichst daniela

  9. Guess what...I love your Living room the way it is,it is beautiful!!!!!
    The new Color is beautiful though.....will look great too I'm sure...good luck!!!

  10. Hey Melinda. I think everything is going to be just beautiful in your home....already is. Can't wait to see all you do.

    I am headed to follow you on linky. I just set up mine tonight also.

    Blessings, friend.

  11. Hi Melinda,
    Love your new move and the fun you will have designing a look fitting for your space.
    Love the paint colors you have chosen and with the direction the light comes into the room the pearl gray will look much different in your home and as Martha says (It's a good thing)

    I would keep the vanity I love the piping on it, paint it gray distressing it old and beat up, I just know it will work anywhere you place it, anchoring the rooms straight lines adding interest to a rooms vintage and oh so gathered flea market finds with euro chic-ness :)

    It's also a great little piece that can be used next to a sofa as an over sized end table or backed up behind a sofa that floats in the room as a sofa table turning the sofa around out from under the windows and displaying the baskets under the vanity. I love taking pieces that their intended use is not what you use it for.

    with all being said keep it, I know you could have fun moving a piece like this in so many other rooms.

    Melinda I am having a Theatre G I V E A W A Y !

  12. Your before is beautiful, so I can only imagine how lovely the after will be. Great inspiration. Following you on Linky.

  13. Windows, windows, and more windows!!!
    I can imagine how all that light puts a smile on your face.
    When I saw the shot of the vanity in the first photo I was going to suggest giving it a new coat of paint in something Frenchy. Then, when I saw the close-up shot, I realized that was a bad idea cuz the piece is so beautifully detailed.
    If you've "fallen out of love" with it, I'm sure someone else would immediately fall in love with it at Country Roads. I suggest trying a new location before making a hasty decision though.
    Everything is looking beautiful Miss Melinda!


  14. Hi Melinda,

    thank you for your lovely email. Your room is going to look lovely and so floaty. That cabinet is very chunky with the rest of your furniture could you paint it white? or maybe move it somewhere else? Can't wait to see the new transformation. dee x

  15. L O V E this room...great light I love the windows!
    Do you have a flat screen tv?...could you use the yellow vanity under it?
    I am crazy for it as a hall piece or bedside table?
    But if you decide to sell...someone will be very excited to have it!

  16. it's a beautiful space ... really, just beautiful

  17. Keep the vanity , you can repaint if you are tired of it.

  18. such a pretty room.....and I know what you mean about having a piece that you are torn with what to do....all the while it is taking up space; I would move it to the garage (!!) or somewhere for now to "mull it over" and then in a few months see how you feel about parting with it; it's such a nice and unique piece, you want to be sure you don't regret letting it go. On the other hand, if something you REALLY want should come along, that makes it a lot easier to part with!! Beautiful decorating!

  19. First off, your style & taste is beautiful, as is this room. I'm sure the gray will look perfect with all the natural light. Maybe paint the vanity, too? It has great features :)
    Can't wait to see all you do...

  20. I love your space, and the vintage vanity too--maybe a fresh coat of paint (a blueish-gray) will help it to fit better in the room?

  21. Wonderful room. From your photo the vanity doesn't look yellow to me. Will have to view it from a real screen not my iPhone. Love the detail. Look forward to see the after photos.


  22. Your living room is beautiful and I actually like the pop of color the vanity gives to the room.

  23. I so love all the light you get in your living room! I wish I had much more sunlight in mine. Even with skylights, it isn't as bright as I would like it to be!

    Take care,

  24. ~ack...i just finished reading from another about this whole google change...and can i say i am ever so confused!!!

    look at the light you have coming through...your room is gorgeous ...you have such a talent for decorating...serene and peaceful is the feeling i am filled with looking at these pictures...wonderful job my dear friend...and happy belated valentines wishes...much love light and blessings~

  25. Your living room looks beautiful now, so I can't wait to see it after it is painted. I love the vanity, my daughter has one like it in her bedroom from my old shop. What about using it as a small desk? The color seems off from your other pieces, would paint help.

  26. Your space is perfect! It will be fun moving things around until you find what makes you happy! I love that desk, it's gorgeous! Keep it!

  27. Love all the light the room gets!
    Can't wait to see the new paint color. I agree with Dore...keep that pretty piece and paint it gray, it will look totally different!

  28. That's the before? It's beautiful Melinda!! I love the little yellow piece! I guess I am looking forward to seeing the after. But it is lovely the way it is! Have a good weekend.


  29. Wow, Melinda, I can't imagine changing a thing here! It all looks perfect as is. Your 'before' photos put any of mine to shame. :)
    I actually like your vanity just the way it is. It seems like more of a mellow yellow, not too bright. You truly have such a knack for putting things together, Melinda. Being able to decorate a new home is so exciting!
    Have a great weekend,

  30. Melinda! I love your living room! Oh it looks wonderful as always!! You really have great taste in everything!! :) And I love all the windows! I think it looks awesome now, but can't wait to see "the after!"
    I just painted our living room too! Have fun painting!
    PS. If you ever decide to sell your vintage settee, sell it to me!! I love it!!! :)

  31. Look at your pretty room...I love all that light! I don't know what you should do with that vanity, but I sure am in love with the baskets you have on top of it ♥

  32. Hooray for natural sunlight everywhere. What a lovely room!

    I'd keep the piece and paint as Dore suggested. It's nice and you probably will never find one like it again.

    Good luck with the paint and finding all the special touches for this room that are all your own style.

  33. Your living room is so pretty....love all the windows!!!! The new grey color will be so beautiful with all your gorgeous pieces too! Have a great weekend :o)

    PS. I am now following you on Google and Linky...hope you will follow me back :o)

  34. I love the vanity! But then it is just so cute.

  35. Loving all the light you have in your new home, Melinda! I hope I find some place to rent as light and airy as yours. :) You have so many fabulous pieces. Not sure what you should do with the vanity though. Love how your living room is coming along... should look great painted in the pearl grey. :)

    xoxo Jo

  36. Love you room - it's so pretty. Makes me want to paint my walls white and do every do white/off white...chippy antiques, linen slipcovers etc. My home and taste are so different - but I love your style and touch in this room. I looked at some of your posts and I will be coming back to visit you often. Want to see what you do regarding merging your Etsy businesses (I say yes!)

    Thanks for your lovely blog!


  37. Hi, I just found your Blog and it is beautiful! I wouldn't change a thing on that sweet little vanity. Growing up we had one very similar under a window in our bathroom. I remember it holding towels and having a little plant on it. We also had a clawfoot tub in our long and narrow bathroom. The vanity sat next to it. I would keep it, I think it would look best in a bathroom like mine did or in a bedroom. I do wish I still had ours. Thanks, and I love your decorating!


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