10 April 2012

One Door Closes While One Door Opens~

Hello my sweet friends.
Hope you all had a wonderful and joyous Easter with your family and friends.
Ours was just wonderful. It was my oldest son's birthday, he turned 8. Oh my gracious, 8. I still can't believe that he's not that sweet little chubby faced curly haired boy anymore. The years do fly by!!~

Which brings me to my next topic. Time~ It does go by so quickly.
Things you should have done, things you should have said, and dreams you should have made a reality fade fast, and once you know it, 3 or 4 or 5 years have passed, and your still in that same place saying "someday"!

Well, I have finally decide to follow my dream!!~ I am tired of being afraid and letting the years pass me by.

{photo by me}

First off, I have decide to close my Etsy shop.
As much as I have loved designing and selling jewelry, it just isn't where my heart lies anymore.
 So, that means that the prices in the shop will be going pretty low!!~
I will keep you updated.

I will keep my blog here going, so you will still be hearing from me, you can't get rid of me that easily:)
I'm also starting a new blog documenting my journey, so I'll let you all know once it's ready.
But, I will also be working super hard on making my dream a reality, so I might not post as often here as I usually do.

{photo by me}

I have been studying up and preparing myself to follow my dream these last few months, and I have to say that I haven't been this happy about my future in a long time! It's exciting to feel that flame of desire for something deep inside you, a future full of hope and opportunity laying there at your doorstep.

I'm not sure how things will go, but I have faith that if I work hard and persevere, I can make that dream a reality!!~

Hope you all have a lovely day!!


  1. OH good luck Melinda with whatever you do!!
    You are an amazing soul full of life and spirit.
    Your dreams come thru everytime you post a picture on your blog.
    I just bought two rubber stamps that say "DREAM BIG"
    and "HAVE FUN"
    I send you these thoughts with a hug.

  2. How exciting to "hear" the excitement you are experiencing. I pray wonderful blessings for you, sweet lady.

    I cannot wait to hear more and more and more....

  3. Hi Melinda~~ Looking forward to hearing all about your new adventure:) I am sure what ever it is , you will do great.

  4. Good for you Melinda - you are pursuing a passion that is bringing you joy (I'm dying to hear more about it). I just know you will be successful, because you have such amazing talent & inspire us all.
    Happy birthday to your precious boy!
    Take care,

  5. I am so happy for you Melinda, it is a big step to take and it can be a bit scary but very exciting. Wishing you all the best in your new venture and praying that it all works out. Can't wait to hear more about it. xx

  6. Melinda,
    I too believe if you really want something and work hard to can achieve it.I look forward to hearing about your new venture.

  7. Hi Melinda,
    I'm going threw the same thing , With God & Prayer "ALL" things are possible...
    Can't wait to find out what your dreams are , maybe we have the same one...
    Blessings Lori

  8. Melinda

    I am so thrilled to see you follow your heart grab ahold of your dreams. My prayers are with you as you embark on this new journey in your life. You will be a shining star!!!

    Much love to you

  9. Best wishes and prayers for your future success...........looking forward to learning what it is you are dreaming!

    Sorry about the Etsy shop, but as you say...one door closes, another one opens!

    Bonne chance!

  10. Ah, never mind I know what it is: you are concentating solely on your new home line business! Now THAT will be a fun one to watch grow and prosper! Whoo hoo!!!!

  11. Isn't it amazing how blogging and the blog community teaches us to step outside our comfort zones and reach for the stars, Melinda..?? :) I love that you are grabbing for the gold ring and following your heart's desire. your talent and gifts and sweet personality, you will certainly shine, my friend! Looking forward to hearing exactly what it is and following you on your new journey! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  12. Melinda,

    You are an amazing soul, and have been gifted with so many talents!!
    I am truly happy for you and your beautiful family...I'm positive
    you will prosper and all your dreams will come true!


  13. Oh Melinda, you sound so excited about your decision and the journey that lies ahead. I can't wait to hear more about what you're doing so that I can cheer you on. It always makes me so happy to see people following their heart ♥

  14. I can't wait to hear about your amazing journey! God imagines more for us then we can ever imagine for ourselves. Let his voice guide you and you will do amazing! It sounds like you already have!


  15. Well, there is more to life than Etsy, that is for sure! Go with God speed, you will do well, your positive attitude is shining bright! I cannot wait to hear about your journey.
    xo Rhonda

  16. Good luck Melinda, in whatever your new endeavor is!! I'm so excited to find out what you're up to! I know what you mean about following your heart & passion. So important! :) xooxo

  17. I like a Gal who "BELIEVES"! I'm joining your blog-new follower! From one sweetie to another.....Roxie

  18. So glad to continue to read your blog. And happy for whatever you move forward with.. Thanks for sharing..

  19. Melinda, I am a new follower of your blog (and a new blogger myself) so I don't know you well but I wish you every success with your life, hopes and dreams....Kerry at ILoveMyHomeBlog.blogspot.co.uk

  20. Good Morning Melinda, You sound completely giddy with excitement, I am trilled for you and can't wait to hear more about your new adventures! We are meant to live our dreams in our waking hours! I'll be watching for updates... wishing you only the very best! t.xooxoxoox

  21. I am glad you are still keeping your blog Melinda. I would miss you:) I hope that whatever your dream is becomes better than you ever imagined. I hope you will share it with us some day so that we can be as excited as you are going to be:) Good luck with it and look forward to hearing more:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  22. Hey sweet Melinda! I am so happy for you that some dreams are becoming reality...I am so excited to hear all about what is going on :) Keep us posted! And please keep showing off your gorgeous home :)

  23. This sounds so exciting, Melinda, and I cannot wait to hear all about it.
    How right you are about the passing of time. We should make the most of every opportunity.

  24. Oh, how I will be watching you follow your dreams! Isn't that the greatest gift at this place called blogging?
    The best of blessings to you and your family as you proceed!

  25. That sounds so exciting, look forward to hearing more ...good luck with your dream....

  26. Simply said, "you go girl". Life is short and we never know what the future holds. Each day should be lived to its fullest, or at least that is what I believe! You have amazing talent and reading your post put a smile on my face!

    Take care,

  27. I loved reading this post...I am so inspired to watch others are following their dreams!
    But you really left us hanging:)...have fun, whatever it is!

  28. WOW!
    What a beautiful blog you have!!!
    Just love it!!

    I just found you and here yoy have a new follower!! :)

  29. Melinda~ Please dont stay away too often! ;) I just found your amazing blog!!! Life is about creating youself, sending good vibs your way with your dreams!

  30. I am always in favor of following your dreams. I know you will be a success in all your endeavors. Much happiness and joy to you!

  31. I can't wait to hear what has you so full of joy and excitement!
    Don't make us wait to long!

  32. Hi sweet friend! I have missed your posts oh so much! Being away from blogger was not a good thing! lol Happy to finally have my computer up and running so that I can visit my favorite blogs!!! :) Happy Belated Bday to your little one!!! I remember when my eldest was 8...seemed like just yesterday. Now he is 15 1/2 and learning how to drive!!!! Where did the time go?!?! Also, I'm so very excited to hear that you are venturing into pursuing your dreams - I can't wait to hear all about it! I already know you will excel in ALL that you set yourself out to do!!! Many blessings to you!!! And I will be messaging you soon regarding ROTP! Oh and LOVE your pics!!! You are sooo talented!!!


  33. Hi Melinda

    Thank you for your lovely message, I am really intrigued about your plans I love when someone has a passion for life and why not!
    Yep my Jack is 8 too, it is mad how the time flies, he nearly takes the same size shoe as me, Ok I do have small feet but still!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend


  34. So happy that you are ready to jump! You will be great, find your passion and follow it.

  35. Follow your heart. Wishing you all the best in your quest.

  36. I agree! Life is too short to not follow dreams. So good for you, Melinda!

  37. Your excitement for this new adventure shines through your words. Wishing you all the best, can't wait for the updates!! Blessings,

  38. Wishing you all the very best on the next phase of this amazing journey we call life. So glad you will be keeping your blog going. Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  39. sounds ssooooooo exciting!!! hope all your dreams come true!!! and you let us know!
    I definityly know what you mean about making plans and the years just go by so quickly!

  40. How lovely to be following your dream. That takes courage.

  41. Good for you Melinda!
    I'm rooting for you!
    Wishing you an exciting and successful journey as you follow your dreams!
    Laura :)


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