02 April 2012

Rustic & Joy~

Happy Monday all!!~
It's a beautiful day here and I'm filled with happiness and anticipation for the next few months.
Don't you love when you figure out what makes you really joyful? 
I can't wait to get started!!~

My oldest son is turning 8 on Easter Sunday. How does the time pass so quickly? One minute they're babies and the next they're off to college or in my case, 3rd grade.

I finally decided on what camera to buy. Now I'm just trying to convince my hubby and Mom to get it for me a little before my birthday. I hate waiting! :)

I know, hydrangeas again. But this is probably their last day because they are starting to slowly fade away.

I'm also so thankful for all of my wonderful friends following along with me, I can't believe I'm almost at 600. Thank you sincerely from my heart for coming back again and again!!~

I see a giveaway coming up soon!
So keep an eye out.
Hope you all have a lovely day.


  1. you always take such beautiful photos! I love these...how soft the flowers next to something rustic. I don't mind if you show them everyday!

    Happy birthday to your son! Time does fly by so fast...enjoy every minute. :) xo

  2. oh I am with you, I can never wait til the actual day for a gift ;)
    Hope they come thru early for ya since you love it so much.

    Happy Bday to J...I am sure the Easter Bunny will love celebrating with him.
    Have a great day Melinda

  3. Happy Monday to you too!! Beautiful photos! xoxo

  4. Yes, I know what you mean about soon they will be going off to college. Mine will be next year! How did that happen? Happy (early) Birthday to your son. 8 is such a great age! I have sons too.

  5. Hi Melinda~ The more flowers the better. They always make me smile;) Have a wonderful week and Happy 8th Birthday to your oldest!!

  6. Loving the basket and hydrangeas....very pretty. Nothing less than gorgeous is ever expected when I click on your blog!
    Hope your week continues on the same positive note!!!
    ...happy early birthday to your son.

  7. That french basket is amazing. Your blog is a joy to read. I know what you mean about kids growing up...my youngest is a 3rd grader...but I still see him as my little boy. Happy birthday to your little man.

  8. As always Melinda, your photos are over the top beautiful! What kind of camera did you decide that you want and can't live without? I hope you get your "birthday" gift early as I can tell how excited you are about the camera!! I don't blame you either. Not sure what blogger did to my pictures today. For some reason, I'm unable to post them ex-large like I usually do. In fact, that screen didn't even appear on blogger!! Also, we got busy yesterday but I wanted to let you know that you sold all four of your chairs!! I hope you have a great day, or what is left of it.

    Take care, Sue

  9. Nothing like "Simplicity"...
    This is what I feel looking at these pics...
    Happy Holy Week

  10. What a beautiful picture of the white hydrangea peeping out from the side of that rustic basket....it's simply beautiful!

  11. Hi Melinda,
    Our kids do grow up so quickly. I remember my mother always saying, "Enjoy these years because they grow up so fast." And she was right!
    Happy Easter, Mary Alice

  12. Hi Melinda,
    Love your scale.. Hope you have a great Easter and birthday celebration for your son.. My son moved out this weekend. Granted he will be 23 in May. Last year my daughter and granddaughter moved out and we had three days without children and my son moved back in. So this will be the first time w/o children in the home. So my daughters room became my scrap room and am thinking about a shabby chic room for my granddaughter when she spends the night... Anyways enjoy your week..

  13. Beautiful photos, as always, Melinda! I love seeing all of the different ways you place the hydrangeas. The old basket is perfect. Happy early bday to your son, my two girls just turned 9 and 11 a few weeks ago. It does go so fast!
    What camera did you decide on? It will be so fun once you get it.


  14. Gorgeous flowers! Have a fabulous day, Kellie xx

  15. I feel like I post hydrangeas a lot as well. But I cannot get enough of them. I have a child turning 8 in July and going into 3rd as well. Happy Bday to him. It's a great age. Take good care and can't wait to see the new camera.


  16. Good morning Melinda~ I love these photos and adore hydrangeas so much! I know what you mean about the kids growing up so fast...I have 3 and all over the age of 20! It goes way too fast...Happy Birthday to your 8 year old. Keep us posted on your new camera...which ever one you are using still takes some beautiful pictures!
    Have a wonderful week~

  17. Boy you and I are alot alike(sorry to tell you that)...love the photos,love your style and I too hate waiting for my birthday gifts!!! x0

  18. I like hearing the excitement in your voice Melinda! It sounds like you've got a lot to look forward to. Isn't spring so great?
    I'm catching up on your posts, and love all the flowers & that great shutter from Beautiful Mess. That basket above is amazing!
    Hope you get that camera sooner than later my friend.

  19. I scrolled down to check out your wonderful basket andwhile reading your post noticed you statingthat your son's birthday is April 8th..Easter Sunday this year:-) Mine turns 16 this year on the 8th.....I can't believe he's already this old and getting his licence....I'm not ready. His birhtday has fallen on Easter before and he was born the morning after Easter way back when...LOL. where does the time go????



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