22 June 2012


Me and the ol' homestead are feeling a bit blah lately!!
I am definitely feeling the need for some color in the house.

I saw this really amazing window display at Anthro the other day and the background wall was this fabulous vibrant apple green color and aged with a dark wax, it was gorgeous!! It made me want to paint a wall in my house that color.
I almost did it in my bedroom, but chickened out and painted it what else, gray!
It's a really pretty gray, so I suppose I'll just have introduce color into the room with bedding and accessories. Now if I just had the funds to do this. :)

Anyway, on to some happy news:
My oldest just finished 2nd grade yesterday and we are so proud!! :)
I can't believe I have a kiddo going into the 3rd grade! Where did the time go?

Hope you all are enjoying your Summer!!!

*****Also, stay tuned for a great giveaway in the next week or two, I know you'll love it!


  1. Melinda, that room is absolutely dreamy! You have such a lovely decorating touch!

  2. Melinda beautiful post as always. See you soon my friend

    Love Kate

  3. Hi Melinda,
    I have just a minute to try to catch up on blogs today.
    I think you made the right decision of not painting green, lol Your style is perfection and green would probably have come to be too much color soon enough.
    I think pops of color are so much easier to change than painted walls, lol

    I don't know how you could feel blah in your home, it is too gorgeous!

    I so wished we lived next door to each other, I would trade you pops of color for shabby whites...we could just swap back and forth as moods change :)

    Take care!!!
    Congrats to J for completing 2nd Grade, good luck with your decision for next school year!!

  4. Melinda~don't you dare touch anything about your beautiful home! uugghh~ I would kill for those rooms~ (sorry so dramatic..) I need to bonk you on the head...girl your home is to die for!!! xoxokathee

    PS come over and do my house please!

  5. Love your room just as it is but understand your need for colour. We all need a little change now & then. Why not try some green hydrangeas & a green frame with the wax effect?
    Might just be enough! Wishing you a fabulous weekend x Kerry

  6. Love your pics! I think your use of color would be best used in accessories and fabrics. Trust me, I've gone the bright colored paint route before and learned to regret it. I love the style you currently have and think the soft colors you're using are perfect.

  7. i'm feeling the same ol "blah" her as well. I've started to add a soft blue and some touches of pink operand this very neutral home and it has just "blossomed!" I say GO FOR IT!! (as for your soon-to-be 3rd grader....and "don't blink" cause that babe of yours will be in high school before you know it! :))

  8. YOu may say blah, I say BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! Love every single photo and want every single thing. You have styled your home beautifully.
    Have a great weekend

    BTW~~ I think you would have covered the apple green as quickly as you put it up

  9. Blah....??? What ARE you thinking, girlie?? lol! Your rooms are just gorgeous! Calm, serene, and light and airy. (LUV that wall sconce!) Perfection in my eyes! I do think that during the summer months, we all tend to want to bring a bit more color into our homes for some reason. I've been reintroducing shades of pink. :) Have a great weekend, Melinda!

    xoxo laurie

  10. I know what you mean about adding pops of color! I LOVE whites but change it around with different color pastel fabrics, tablecloth, bedding, pillows, etc...Your room looks amazing thou! :)

  11. I've been feeling the same way lately Melinda. I just feel like I need some color in my home and find myself pinning more homes with strong, bright colors.I just wish I had more nerve to try it.
    I love your gorgeous home and always feel so great after I visit.

  12. Your home is stunning, Melinda! Holy. I hope you feel better.

  13. Your photos are great, I love them. I also LOVE Anthropolgy as well! I think Brande is taking me down to Fashion Island and Roger's Garden next week as a belated birthday gift. I love your house, no matter what colors you decide to paint!

    Take care,

  14. Hi Melinda,
    You have the right idea on how to introduce color into your rooms without changing your beautiful home permanently or dramatically (pillows, texture, throws, dishes). And I bet you already have most of what you might need already. Take a cue from nature and look outside and I'm sure you'll be inspired and rejuvenated in no time. Wishing all things well for you!

    A Friend....Rita

  15. Your home and your photos are gorgeous Melinda and I'd love it if you'd consider sharing them at Shabbilicious Friday where we share all that is shabby, French or vintage ~ http://shabbyartboutique.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/shabbilicious-friday-226.html

  16. I am in love with your place... I am in the process of moving next week. Both our kids are grown and out so we are downsizing a bit. It is so much work but fun to think about reorganizing and changing things up.. I cant believe how fast my kids grew up. I remember my mom telling me to treasure each moment because they will grow up before your eyes.. And she was right. Blessings this weekend. Pam

  17. What a beautiful home you have !!!...happy weekend...love Ria...xxx...

  18. What a beautiful hom you have!!
    It's gorgeous!!!!
    Love it!! :))

    Have a lovely weekend

  19. Hi Melinda I so know what you mean about colour! I had a French Chest in apple green aged and I loved it, I wanted a dinning area this colour and then just played it safe with white and burlap :)
    Oh and now the French chest is not green it is now driftwood, boy! when do we ever settle??

    Congrats on your sons promotion to 3rd grade, it gets funner from here on in :)

    See you soon

  20. Ooooop's forgot to mention, I love the whites over here and your euro flea market brocante style.
    Keep inspiring those whites.

  21. I just love your home. It so beautiful, and lucky you that have those windows. Gorgeous.


  22. I understand how a little color gives a little cheer at times.

    I am feeling a pull towards old copper right now and the beautiful color and patina it brings to white. I especially think it will be wonderful as fall rolls around.

    Can't wait to see what you end up doing.

    Have a great rest of your weekend.

  23. Dear Melinda,
    Ohhh is this your home? You are great. I love your home! Absolutely beautiful. Your home should be at magazine Jeanne d´Arc Living:) It´s my favorite! I love you lila collection of glass and your chandeliers.
    Have a nice day Vlaďka

  24. Melinda,
    Your home is so gorgeous!!! I don't think it is blah at all.But I guess we all go through that.We get tired of what we have.Congrats to your son!! My daughter is starting 7th grade next year....YIKES were did that time go?

  25. Adding your special touches to your gorgeous home, only makes it more gorgeous!
    Love everything you've done.

  26. Cara Melinda, che dire una casa da sogno, proprio come piace a me tutta sui toni del bianco e con quella cristalleria turchese che tanto adoro! ti abbraccio forte Sara

  27. Not blah at all!! Love your white in abundance combined with all the glass..
    My Dd is in grade 3 this year, they grow much to soon...I agree, where has time gone.
    Thank you for your much appreciated visit and comment on my blog. Love to you from France
    Colette x

  28. I love your home, so white and beautiful, love it!! Are you opening online shop?

  29. Hi Melinda...just catching up a bit with you on this summer Sunday evening. You always give me so many opportunities to pin!

  30. I love your white, but I can see that you might want a pop of color. What about painting the table top of your white table--or the little stool ? I wouldn't think that would cost much but it would give you some color.

  31. Wow what a lovely blog you have,, so nice.
    I coming back soon!
    Have a nice week

  32. Melinda, Your home exudes beauty, peacefulness, and calm! Such a lovely haven from the world you've created for your family.
    Mary Alice

  33. Congrats to your little one Melinda!
    I am in love with your home!!

  34. I'm pretty sure I tell you every time I comment....but I just love your home. You have such a great eye. I know what you mean about wanting to add some color to your home...maybe just some new (old) accessories in beautiful summer colors will brighten up your space. I love green too...and soon will be painting a kitchen island in a yummy shade of green.


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