16 June 2012

A Few Changes~

Happy Saturday all~ I hope your having a great one so far. I just thought I'd show some photos of my bedroom. I changed it up a bit and hopefully next week I can start painting. I'm actually thinking of switching rooms with the boys, but that's a big undertaking, so we'll see:)

This vintage cabinet used to be in the boys room, but I moved it into my room to hold all of my vintage linens.

***I also just wanted to let you all know that the lovely Angela of
"Parisienne Farmgirl" is offering everyone a free copy of her magazine "Parisienne Farmgirl". Yes, FREE!!!! Can you believe it?!!~ And let me tell you ladies, it is exquisitely done!!! Every photo and article is fantastic!! I hope one day she'll offer it in print because I would love to have this beautiful magazine in my hands!
Stop by her blog for all of the info.

I mean just look at this gorgeous cover!!~

Hope you all have a great day and a Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing and loving Father's out there!!~
P.S.~ Thank you for all of your amazing and beautiful comments on my last post, that is exactly what I am thankful for, your kindness!!~


  1. Adore the bedroom and the cabinet is awesome. Love all the whites. Right up my alley! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Such a beautiful room! Love your vintage cupboard... I have a weakness for any old cabinet! It looks so lovely holding your linens.

  3. Girl...your stye is beyond gorgeous! You just amaze me at how simply you can put something together and it look like this!

    Now I am off to read your last post.

  4. You truly have a talent for design. This bedroom is perfect!

  5. I love your bedroom! It whispers such a sweet calmness. The whites are just gorgeous, what color are you planning on painting it? It's perfection!


  6. Hi Melinda~~

    I just love your room and the elegant simplicity of it. Thanks for all your inspiring photos.
    Hope you are having a great weekend

  7. What Paint colour Melinda, and if later you decide to trade rooms with the boys it will still work for them, I am sure it will be some sort of white or grey :)
    did you not trade rooms with the boys in your last home :)
    Will you be giving up a master bath room again? alot to think about, in any case I love the cabinet in your room seems like a better fit, and less scare factor of it falling over in a kids room of rough housing around :)
    Love all the calm you created. its a rustic room style I am so trying to achieve in my room.
    A perfect room to love, let it inspire you with a sense of calm.

    lots of love to you girl!

  8. Hello my beautiful friend!!! It's soooo lovely to be back in blogland and start reconnecting with my lovely friends like you!!! Just know that although I haven't been able to comment on your blogs, I do read them (I am subscribed to your posts!). :) I LOVE what you've done to your home - all the changes are spectacular! In fact, you have made your home so cozy in so little time - I wish I could say the same with my home and unending projects, **sigh**. :) Anyway, wishing you and your family and lovely Father's Day weekend!!! Take care and chat with you soon!


  9. Hi Melinda, I'm enjoying the simplicity and beauty of your bedroom. The variety of textures of whites with just a hint of red is lovely!
    Mary Alice

  10. WOW!! What a beautiful bedroom!!
    Love it!!

    Have a nice Sunday

  11. Your chandy is so pretty and elegant

  12. Melinda, first of all, your bedroom is gorgeous. Love that cabinet, I would have snagged it from the boys, as well. Second, that online magazine is gorgeous! I cannot wait to see it.
    Happy Father's Day to your family!

  13. I'm so drawn to the simplicity of your home....beautiful. I try to stay simple, but just have too much and keep wanting to add to the vignette:-)

    Hope you are enjoying your Summer!


  14. Your bedroom is beautiful. I always feel an air of serenity when I look at your blog, everything is so lovely.

  15. This is sooo stunning; it's rustic yet understated and elegant at the same time. I also love your new header.
    Oh, and btw, I have the exact same chandelier!

  16. Melinda your bedroom is just so lovely and has such a calm and serene feeling to it. Everything a bedroom should be!!!
    I so loved your last post! Written from your beautiful heart!

  17. Melinda. You room is dreamy. It possess all of the qualities I am for in my home.

  18. Such a gorgeous room! I love the linen cabinet !!

  19. Oh Melinda, what a beautiful place to dream!

  20. I have recently found myself attracted to the "white" look, just like you have it in your room. I find it peaceful and serene, however being a girl that has color throughout her house I am a little hesitant to go all " white". Any suggestions?

  21. What a gorgeous bed room!!!!! Your home is just amazing. You really have a gift for decorating. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and the well wishes on our newest adventure. It is going to be fun!
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  22. Oh it’s so beautiful! It’s like the inside of a cloud! I couldn’t think of a more calming, fresh and serene place to curl up! I love your headboard!


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