13 June 2012

Thankful, A Personal Post~

This is a personal post~

Do you ever find yourself taking things for granted? The beauty around you, your amazing loved ones, God given gifts? I hate to admit it, but I do at times. I get so wrapped up in the busyness of life, wrapped up in what I need to do next, or what I want to buy next. I struggle with that one, a lot!!
I struggle daily with depression, it's true, and it eats up my life at times. 
But I try so hard not to let it make me forget the gifts I have in my life. My husband, who is still here with his family after almost loosing his life to a ruptured brain aneurysm 3 years ago, my beautiful children, who were huge blessings that I never thought I could have, my mom who is in remission from cancer, my dear dad who suffered a major stroke in December but is still alive and whom I'm lucky enough to talk to every week or so, a place to call home, pretty good health, and beauty all around me everyday.
I am thankful!! Truly thankful, even on my bad days, I am thankful to God!!

Just like these flowers which are also a gift from God.
I think that's why when I have fresh flowers in my home, I am quick to snap photos of them so they can last forever in my memory.

Not looking for sympathy, just stating the fact that I am so thankful!!!~

I am also thankful to all of you for making my everyday a little brighter with your kindness!!
Have a lovely day!


  1. Dearest Melinda, I love the flowers and I love this post, I love the honesty and the truth you have portrayed, you are very talented and you inspire me with each post, you have a beautiful home! Wishing you a lovely week, Xo, Ashley

  2. Oh Melinda, how I can relate to your words. Some days are a struggle and I loose sight of what is really important when things are so busy, which they have been for me lately. Hopefully everything will slow down with the end of school and Summer beginning. I so look forward to the warm sunny days ahead.

    Beautiful photos and I also love bringing flowers inside to enjoy before they fade:-)

    Take care and wishing you a wonderful day.


  3. love the flowers and all details behind, and love to read your thankful note, i wish you the best and i really wish I have a home like your beautiful one:)

  4. Ah Melinda,
    Beautiful post and beautiful pictures...Reading your posts makes me thankful also and the wicker covered wine bottle in your pictures made me smile and made me think of my dad,his father sent him a bottle just like it full of wine,it was the last thing he sent before he passed away and my father left it to me,it was my dad's birthday yesterday and me and mum visited his grave and took fresh flowers,we laid them on his stone and visited my sister who is five graves away and it always makes me sad but today i read your post about being thankful and see the wicker covered bottle and fresh flowers,makes me think?
    Have a beautiful day x

  5. So true...we all need to be thankful for what we have instead of what we don't have. Love your flowers, too!


  6. so sweet!! LOVED this post!! xoxo

  7. Hi lovely, im so sorry to read you live with depression its no fun at all. My bestfriend and my mum live with this also so i totally understand how you feel at times. Im sorry to read about your family's ill health also. But at times its lovely to be thankful for what we have no matter how small. Life is a truely splendid gift to us all. Sending you a huge hug and i will email you towards the end of the week, Take care, dee xx

  8. I am fortunate to have never suffered from depression, but I know people who have, and how terrible it can be. I know you don't want sympathy, but my heart does go out to you. You always come across in your posts as a genuinely lovely, and likeable person.
    I always find your posts so pretty, and the pictures of the flowers are a real treat. Nature is so inspiring, and the combination of the flowers in this post is really wonderful.

  9. In this world of chaos we need to stay focused on God's beauty and the many blessings He provides. Thank you for sharing your heart. BTW: I love the new pic, now we can see your beautiful face on your profile and comments!

    Hope your having a blessed week,

  10. your words made me stop..for a moment...and remember all that i am thankful for as well. "merci"..i need that! (beautiful post melinda!)

  11. I just said how blessed I am to see my children grown and my grandchildren . My mother died with cancer , I was 28. She was 50. My daddy died 10 years ago. I am going to enjoy every day! Depression is a hard thing to endure. Hope u shake it from your life. I wish u happines !

  12. Wow... thanks for the reminder to be thankful and in appreciation for all we have... What a beautiful and touching post, and beautiful pictures too!


  13. beautiful images....Thank you for honoring God and giving Praise to his rich blessings in your life.
    We are truly Thankful!

  14. Such a touching post. I know exactly what you mean and your open, honest heart is inspiring. I am in the midst of my own little emotional detour on my creative journey and trying to get back on track. It's comforting to know I'm not alone in my personal struggles.

    xo, abby

  15. Lovely...
    And your header is simply beautiful...
    Blessings Lori ~

  16. Oh, Melinda, God has entrusted you with so many hard things. But be assured that God is good, he is faithful, and he is in control. And it's obvious that God's grace shines through you in so many ways.
    Blessings, Mary Alice

  17. Melinda,
    Your post blessed me today!! I needed the reminder of being blessed today. I today feel so stretched thin, working, trying to be a vendor at a Not to shabby store and finding time to stock it and make it fun and a success all in one, taking care of my granddaughter after the daycare ends until daughter off work, getting dinner on the table, keeping the husband happy as well, and the house clean, helping with two sick parents, okay you get the point. Thanks for listening to me vent. I feel better. Thanks again for the reminder and sharing you story as well. Blessings Pam

  18. Hi Melinda~~ We are thankful for you too:)
    Have a wonderful evening

  19. Sweet Melinda, how beautiful you post this and share your thankfulness with us. This day in particular we were blessed with a miracle from God. A niece recovered from a coma and so your post touched my heart. Yes, thankful is a good word and a good feeling.

    I pray your family is healing and getting stronger every day. May God bless. xo Rhonda

  20. Dear Melinda
    You are such a sweet and gentle soul! I love that you share straight from your heart. We are all blessed to know you and I personally look forward to time ahead. You are a lady full of many talents and I enjoy all of the beauty and inspiration that you share with all of us.

    Much love and friendship!

  21. When life becomes overwhelming, you grab the camera and make beauty to share. Such a gift, Melinda!
    So blessed to be your blog friend!

  22. Dear Melinda

    You post is so touching, I too have suffered from depression in the past, and funnily enough flowers always lift my spirit or changing a room around, making some cushions, just making life prettier!!


  23. Dear Melinda

    You post is so touching, I too have suffered from depression in the past, and funnily enough flowers always lift my spirit or changing a room around, making some cushions, just making life prettier!!


  24. Awwww girly, I am thankful for so many things too and one of them is having "met" you through blogging! We have so much to be thankful for, right now the sun is shining and the birds are singing and I am here to witness both... thankful. have a beautiful day! t.xxoxoox

  25. Thanks for a nice reminder...I am so grateful too! And blessed

  26. What a beautiful post, Melinda. I can really relate to what you're saying. It's nice to be reminded that there is so much in life for which to be thankful. hugs ♥

  27. I too, love fresh flowers in the home. Just the sight and scent of them can lift the spirits on even the grayest of days! When I feel down, I also count my blessings. I make myself name 5 things for which I'm grateful and by the time I'm done listing them, I already feel better. :)

  28. Melinda~Love this beautiful post. It's the simple things in life that mean so much, isn't it? Just time spent with loved ones, the beauty of nature that surrounds us. I always love the gorgeous photos you share with us, your home is simply amazing. I am so sorry you go through so much with your family's health and your depression. Love seeing this personal side of you.


  29. Melinda, What a lovely post. I could not agree more. I make an effort daily to be thankful for all that I have. I think that we are each blessed in different ways. I believe that a grateful heart is one of the richest qualities one can posses.

  30. those are really gorgeous!!!

    thanks and a big hello from Madrid,

  31. Oh Melinda, I so agree with every word you have said! It is so true that it is easy to lose sight of what is most important! I too get caught up by the to-do items on my list and yes, the things I want to buy, and forget that it is the people in our lives that are the true blessings. I too forget to be thankful to God, to tell Him thank you! Thank you for this beautifully written reminder to pause and be grateful. :)

    And oh! Your photos are BEAUTIFUL! You have such a gorgeous blog~ I could stay and visit forever! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  32. Melinda take shelter in his wings, for it is he who will take your sadness away. I so often sit back in awwww to the beauty that gracefully graces my life knowing that life is so much bigger than mans junk :)
    I too find myself wrapped up in daily junk and the next piece to transform,, just remember the beauty you create is what inspires another soulfully.

    Beautiful days your way, blessings to you and your family, may your days be filled with walking into life, and life loving you right back.

    Thank you brave soul, this is a much needed post, a wake up call for all, taking notice of what's important .

  33. GREAT POST:) I really like your blog and I want to follow, do you have twitter or facebook??

    If you want some Swedish décor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great weekend.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  34. What a lovely post.I agree I do the same thing.Go through life and I forget what is truly important and why I should be so thankful.

  35. I am so thankful too, Melinda, for so many things. God is amazing, and to Him, I am thankful. Thanks for saying it out loud to remind us all.

    God bless, friend.

  36. What a lovely, thoughtful, heartfelt post you have written. Even in the worst of days there are so many things to be thankful for. I too LOVE fresh flowers in my home. For me too it is a "must"! its been nice thing year because my garden has been full of beautiful flowers and Trader Joe's is always great with their flowers to mix them with.

    Take care,

  37. ....And we, my friend....are thankful for YOU! :) Hugs to you! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  38. To be thankful for what you have is to love life. What a wonderful attitude you have, to find the good out of a bad situation. And so right that I feel sometimes like I am rushing towards some kind of goal that I push past the little things that are important too. Have a wonderful fathers day with your husband and father.

  39. Beautiful!
    Thank you for the lovely reminder and thank you for all you share!


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