27 July 2012

Gift of Friendship~

Hi everyone~
I woke up this morning and found a wonderful and sweet smelling surprise in my mail box from my super sweet and generous friend Theresa from "The Old Whitehouse".

She makes the most heavenly products for your laundry room. I had told her that I was interested in trying some of her new linen water and not only did she grace me with a bottle of her lavender linen water, but also a package of her lavender laundry detergent and a reusable lavender dryer sachet.

I love the packaging and my whole house is infused with the aromatic smell of her lovely lavender products.

Her linen water is perfect to spritz on your sheets for a restful night's sleep.
I've already spritzed it on my sofa and in my boy's room. If you have boy's you know how stinky their room can get, so this took care of that problem right away. :)

***All of her products are all natural and vegan and environmentally friendly, which is another plus.

Thank you so much dear Theresa for your thoughtfulness and kindness. I will truly enjoy this wonderful gift.
I'm off to wash my sheets and bedding now in your heavenly smelling detergent.

If your interested in purchasing some of your own lavender laundry products from "The Old Whitehouse", you can visit Theresa's shop 
or visit her lovely blog

Have a lovely day all~


  1. What a wonderful gift and sweet friend! Her products look amazing... I love the packaging and I imagine the scent is just heavenly. I look forward to visiting her blog!

  2. Dear Melinda,

    That is the SWEETEST thing ever for her to do - and what a wonderful testimony!

    I may go there and check out her products from such a generous and sweet lady!

    Thank you,


  3. What a wonderful gesture from a sweet friend. I like the packaging too. I may go over to check it out.


  4. Hi Melinda!

    What a beautiful gift! I have a two boys, so I know what you mean! lol Thanks for the heads up on your friend's site - gonna check it out. LOVE that it's vegan too!!! ;) Have a wonderful day and can't wait to meet up with you soon!


  5. I'm so happy that you like everything! I spray our sofa with the linen water too, plus the shower curtain,plus the sheets, plus the whole house!! I get the sticky boy thing, with having only one left in the nest I could still go through a bottle of this stuff on him! :) Thank you again for your sweet comments, and now a big thank you for the referral! You are just so sweet, and your friendship is such a blessing! love, t.xoxoxoox

  6. A good friend you've got there! Homemade is always best. I can almost smell that lavender from Oklahoma.

  7. Melinda,
    What a lovely treat!I love the smell of lavender!I am off to shop!

  8. Such a sweet friend! I would love to try her detergent! xo

  9. What a treat! These products look lovely, and I can just imagine how gorgeous they smell.

  10. Melinda...you are so right on about the boy room comment.
    I love blog world! You meet the nicest people! Thanks for introducing us to Theresa!

  11. I love linen sprays. I have one from Caldrea which is about to run out. Every time I have guests I spray it throughout the house. This one is called ocean mist or sea spray, something like that. And the first thing people say when they walk in is how nice it smells. I got it at TJ Maxx or Homegoods, (can you tell that my memory is not so good these days :)) And though I love the great prices there the bummer is that if you love something it is rarely there when you go back. So, I am going to go to Theresa's store to check out her sprays.

    Have a great weekend Melinda,

  12. Love old style laundry detergents love lavender such beautiful packaging you lucky girl
    Best wishes

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