17 July 2012

My Favorite Things Week 1~

 Just wanted to pop in and say "hi",
and show you some of my favorite goodies of the week!

{1. Vintage cabinet~ The Willows Home & Garden; 2. Palm Oil Soap~ French Soaps.Com, Savon De Marseille; 3. Salerno Urn table lamp~ Ballard Designs}

{1. Collin Signature Skinny Bowery Jean~ Hudson Jeans; 2.Almond Tonic Body Oil~ L'occitane; 3.Western Chambray Shirt~ Civilianaire}

I was never really into clothes until recently since I've lost so much weight. Now I can actually wear skinny jeans!! :) This is a huge thing for me!! Now bear in mind that I do not look like the woman above in my skinny jeans! Let's just say that I won't be bearing my mid-drift like she is:0)
 I love the ones pictured above from Hudson Jeans, super cute and comfy, they can also be purchased from Nordstrom.
The Almond Tonic oil is fabulous if you have super dry skin like me, and it smells wonderful.

Hope you enjoyed and have a wonderful day!!


  1. Yay for you, Melinda! I know what you mean, I've recently lost some myself, and it's been fun to look at clothes shopping with enjoyment instead of dreading it. Love your faves, great post!

  2. Melinda,
    Congratulations!You deserve to pamper yourself.It does feel good when you lose weight to fit into smaller sizes.

  3. Melinda~~ Oh my goodness~~ Did you see my post?? Too funny, our titles are almost the same:)

    Hope you are having a great week

  4. Oh yeah...love them all!!! I am on a major bag kick right now..just got one that has a vintage,worn leather look to it....love your picks!! x0x0

  5. Enticing favorite things, Melinda - makes me want to go shopping.
    You should get some of those jeans, skinny girl!

  6. Love your goodies. So I will have to tell you about my goodies. My dad went into a home a couple months back and we are getting ready for mom as well. My sisters started in her antique room the other day and you will not believe what they threw in the burn pile. Old clocks little mantle clocks, round clocks. I dug them out and brought them all home. I know you can appreciate it but to them I am a hoarder. Will post pics soon...

    I couldn't live without my skinny jeans.
    and I have been searching for the perfect chambray shirt, this one is super cute!!


  8. Well done on the weight loss! I love the picture of the vintage cabinet, and all the goodies inside. The oil looks and sounds divine, I must look out for that.

  9. So good to evaluate all the good things!

  10. Hi Melinda!
    I am LOVING the vintage cabinet! Perfectly chippy shabby!!
    Congratulations on your weight loss!! I am wondering how that skinny model ever got into those jeans and how long it took HA!!

  11. Hi Melinda, I love all your fav's and they could easily be mine as well, you have beautiful taste. Love the shirt, in fact I found one similar at target and I get so many coming up to me saying WHERE did I BUY my SHIRT! I almost feel like I should be answering with some sort of great department store answer, you know how that is when you get something that even you are shocked at this kind of find :)

    Thank you for sharing your fav's.
    Have a beautiful weekend to come.

  12. PS. Congrats On your Salvage Dior win, I am sure you will be adding it to one of your new favorites :)


  13. I too just was coming over to congrats you on your Salvage Dior win.. I see Burlap beat me to it!! Love her blog too! Enjoy your day!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Hi Melinda! Thanks so much for your kind comment; the house is coming along, albeit slowly but we're having fun doing our little projects.
    I love your new post; those big authentic french blocks of soap are so glamorous to me; there's something so beautiful about them. There's this little shop I visit near where I live and they carry a wide array of those; I love to smell them.
    Hope you're having a great summer and you had a happy holiday!
    Take care,

  15. Great post idea Melinda!
    Congrats on getting into skinny jeans!

  16. I found your blog through White Lace Cottage and now I am following via Linky. I hope you take a look at Cloches and Lavender and become a follower via Linky.

    Great post by the way.


  17. I think this is a great bunch of favorites Melinda. I think the jeans are awesome.
    I am WAY into clothes and have WAY too many. More than I can wear living in this teeny little town I live in. But I love to look as good as I can whenever I can. Even if it's just to go to the post office. and then there are those days I'm in the garden grubbies all day long : )

    hugs from here...


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