13 August 2012


"Rêve" meaning Dream in French~
I have so many dreams that I wish to follow.

So many things I want to do in my life~

It has been a difficult road lately, and I am praying for the light at the end of the tunnel~

It helps to keep busy around the house, keeping my mind occupied & hopeful~

I'm starting a part-time job next week so I can help my family through this rough patch~
Things will change, life will be busy, but sometimes a change is needed for the good.
Wish me luck!

Blessings ~


  1. Gorgeous images, I adore the mixture of textures and modern with old. Hope everything brightens up soon xxx

  2. Change can be hard, even when it is one that you choose. Deep breath, things will be as they are intended. It just takes a bit of time.
    Your photos are beautiful....keep your dreams alive. They will come to be.

  3. Thank you so much Harri and Simone!! You kindness is much appreciated!!
    Have a beautiful week.

  4. Congratulations, Melinda, on being blog of the month at Savvy City Farmer. Well deserved!! I always enjoy seeing your changes. Moving a couple of things gives a fresh new look to a room. Your green bistro chairs add such a wonderful pop of color to your beautiful decor. My heart aches for you. Financial needs are one of the biggest stresses on a marriage and family. My husband and I have spent much time in the wilderness and going through very deep waters. The hardest thing is being forced to trust that God does love us and does care about his children, and that he is in control and is working out his purposes even when circumstances suggest otherwise.
    His mercies are new each day! Mary Alice

  5. You know, I've been going through some pretty big changes myself these past few weeks. And I agree, change can really scare you at times, but I believe in my heart that everything happens for a reason. Even if we don't know the reason at the time. We just have to trust and believe that.

    Take care my friend,

  6. Melinda, your post reminds me of a hard time I had a couple years ago, and I am so sorry that it is so hard for you right now. Life can be so discouraging sometimes, but you will accomplish your dreams in one way or another. You are far too talented to not.

  7. Your photo's are very lovely! Wishing you and yours the best of luck! Have faith!

  8. I know exactly what you mean and feel. Right now my first priority is to provide for my family so my creative journey takes a backseat most times. I hope you find the answers you search for. In the meantime, remember to continue nurturing your creative spirit, even if just for a moment here and there...it truly helps.

    xo, abby

  9. Melinda, best of luck on your new 'adventure' (maybe it will help to think of the job as an 'adventure'? :)
    Your house pics look just stunning, as usual-I always enjoy them so much!

  10. I'm sorry for the tough times you have been going through. I am thankful that we usually grow so much during those times.

    I understand keeping busy.

    God bless, Amy

  11. Love your blog. Love that the header changes all the time. I too am going through a rough patch as of late. Wishing you great times ahead.. Blogs at the end of the day is what I look forward too. So thanks for your inspiration..

  12. Hi Melinda,
    Oh I hope everything works out well for you...<3 I know it can be so hard sometimes! You are so very talented...keep following your dreams and keep your faith strong! :)

  13. The best to you and a beautiful life in your journey.
    Love it when you talk of change, it encourages me and the changes I want to make.

    Blessings Melinda,
    Vie Belle (beautiful Life)


  14. Hi Melinda...good luck with your job !!...so special that you are doing this for your familly !!...love from me...your room look wonderful !!

  15. Good luck. I hope you enjoy your new job. As it is hard to juggle, mom, wife, housewife and working woman, just take one day at a time.

  16. Blessing Melinda...well wishes and prayers for all you need and want!

  17. Change can and will bring good things, too. Love the look of this room. Take dare and don't get overburdened. Hugs,

  18. Best of luck in your new job, Melinda. You are so right, change is often a good thing. Also you are doing it for such selfless reasons, so that has to be good :)

  19. Melinda,
    We have gone through lots of "Tough times".It is especially hard when you are a stay at home Mom like me.It is by choice.And it is not easy.But we manage.I hope you will see a light at the end of your tunnel soon.Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers <3

  20. Love the changes...you are so talented! Hugs, Rachel

  21. ...i have found that sometimes the faith required ~ to keep going,
    in those seemingly impossible seasons in life,
    is much easier said than done.
    and that in great times of need,
    sometimes there is only your own broken heart to nurse your soul through.
    ~ and all the quite tears shed
    would surely carry me to the sea...
    yes dear Melinda, i have stood where you are,
    i have felt the desperate, helplessness and begged for the answers as to why.

    it has been said, that is always darkest before the light.
    hang on dear Melinda, i have been following you for along time and have NEVER seen anyone try so hard as you...
    i just know in my soul, that you will see the light shortly, and it WILL be beyond your wildest expectations, that's how our King rolls!
    until then, take comfort in knowing that you have a sister in Him, praying for comfort of your troubled heart and for a most sweet resolve...


  22. ps
    i just adore the changes you have been making around your home in these past few weeks,
    they truly have inspired me to continue making my home a place of beautiful comfort!

  23. Love the changes and the lavender.


  24. Change is good and good luck to you with your new job!
    Loving your photos!!


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