31 August 2012

Closing and Opening Doors

 {Adding a few fall touches around the house~}

Good morning everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely week.
I know for a lot of you, summer has ended and the kiddos are back to school. My son starts next Wednesday so we have been trying to pack in as much activity for him as possible.

I've had to make a few tough decision's this week, one being that I'm leaving my beloved Country Roads. This one was pretty hard to do, especially since the owner Sue is so fantastic and supportive. 

But when one door closes, another opens, so I've re-opened my Etsy shop.
Right now, I have vintage items listed and eventually I will be designing some new pieces of jewelry and adding that as well.
 I know, I thought I was done with designing my jewelry line, but lately I have realized just how much I have been missing the creative process of it all.

Here's just a few things available right now.
Much more to come next week.

 On another note, I'll be announcing my giveaway winner on Monday, so if you haven't entered, there is still time.
Just go HERE~

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. My little guy starts school on Weds. too. You are right - when one door closes, another opens. The important thing is that you're following where your heart is leading you. Your jewelry pieces are beautiful. All the best...


  2. change is good...hard sometimes..but "good!" welcome it with open arms. bonne chance to your boy..i hope he has a good school year! ;)

  3. I hope you know Melinda, that "the door" to Country Roads will always, and forever remain "open" for you. Sometimes we don't always like the choices that we know we have to make, but hey, they don't last forever. When you a ready to come back, you just let me know, okay?

    Take care my friend,

  4. Your home is so beautiful! I just love your beautiful dining photo! I'm heading over to your Etsy shop now. :)

  5. I agree with Jami, Melinda. It's a blessing to follow your heart because that is how God leads you on the journey you were meant to be walking. :) And Sue sounds like she is a a dear heart for being so sweet about you leaving Country Roads. Hugs to you on your new endeavor, sweetie! :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Melinda,
    I agree when one door closes another one opens.God has a plans for you! Best wishes in your new endeavor.

  7. I visited your easy store today. It is lovely just like your posts always are. I have a tough time sometimes remembering that thing about the doors. But I do believe it. Have a great weekend

  8. Sorry ar you are leaving Country Roads and I only met Sue once while visiting a couple years ago, but we have kept in touch via email and she is so wonderful.

    I left my booth at Monticello's at the end of June and haven't regretted it once. I'm focusing on shows and am hoping to open an Etsy store as well where I can work from home, so any advice would be greatly appreciated:-)

    Good luck with your new venture!


  9. Best Wishes! I'm sure you will enjoy working from home. You have a very lovely Etsy store.

  10. Hi..just found your lovely blog and am trying to subscribe via email....can't find how! HELP! :)

  11. Hi Melinda!

    Congrats on all the new changes in your life ~ I know they will all be for the best! ;) Cannot wait to see what other creativity you have in store for us - you are simply talented!!!


  12. Hi Melinda,
    You are going through some big changes right now, but hang in there. No matter what you do or where, you will always have your kindness, talent and love. I'll be thinking of you starting home-schooling with your son - it will be good for both of you, I'm sure.
    I just brought my kids to first days of school last week - sniff sniff. Sorry I haven't been actively blogging (and visiting), but I'll have more time now. I wanted to thank you so much for your sweet comment on my SL feature! It means so much.
    Have a great week dear friend,


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