11 August 2012

Dried Flowers~

Good morning friends,
I hope you all had a great week.
It has been so hot here that all we have been doing is going to the pool and staying inside where it's nice and cool.
I've been adding some dried floral arrangements around the house and trying to warm things up a bit in regards to color.
I love tucking sprigs of dried lavender in books tied with twine and on top of little vignettes like the pillows below.

I made this floral arrangement for my room using dried hydrangeas and lavender and placed in a vintage iron urn.

I placed these sprigs of lavender in some old bottles to dry out.

And my vintage lavabo is filled with beautiful dried hydrangeas from my lovely friend Cheryl's sweet mom.
 This wonderful green cabinet was a birthday present from my husband a couple of months back, It came from Loretta's wonderful shop, Full Bloom Cottage.

You might have noticed that I've changed my blog name, it is now Alabaster Rose Lifestyle. Since I am no longer designing, Alabaster Rose Designs didn't really fit any longer.

I'm wishing you all a fantastic weekend, stay cool everyone!!



  1. Melinda, how beautiful! I love your old bottles!

  2. I love your home so much Melinda! The way you put everything together is especially gorgeous! Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!


  3. How gorgeous. Love the small bottles.

  4. Very pretty Melinda.

    We're having a hot one here in France as well. Hope you are cooler there!

  5. So lovely, Melinda! What a wonderful gift from your husband. That green cabinet is perfect in your decor.
    Mary Alice

  6. I just love dried lavender and hydrangeas-they really add something special to a space! I would love to get a lavabo one day-for now I'll just admire yours :)

  7. Melinda, I love your photos. The green cabinet is gorgeous, what a sweet gift from your husband.


  8. Melinda,
    Everything looks so beautiful!! I just love your home! :)

  9. Hi Melinda~~
    So pretty~ Saw my mom today. She would be so happy to see the hydrangeas in your post and your home:) She doesnt have any dried ones right now, but I picked her some really pretty pink and purple ones for some bouquets in her house.

    Hope you are enjoying the hot weekend

  10. It's hot here, too! Our pool is in the final stages and I cannot wait for it to be done.
    Cool water on a hot day, you need that here.

    Lovely post, Melinda, your images are so inspiring. I will go cut some fresh rosemary this morning....thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Melinda,
    Love your mirror vignette.Your photos are beautiful!

  12. Loving this post, just shared it on my FB...
    Your the best, very inspiring too..
    Blessings Lori ~

  13. What an absolutely gorgeous blog to stumble across, Im a huge fan of dried lavender, I have a sprig tied above my bed, in my shed, in my draws - so simple but effective xxx

  14. So pretty Melinda, have a wonderful day!


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