06 August 2012

Thinking of Fall & Other Thoughts~

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.
I spent the weekend with my boys and painting, yes again. I finally painted the dark gray walls in my living room a light beige color. I think it will be a wonderful backdrop for the fall.
Did I say fall? Yes, I'm already thinking about fall and cooler weather, and of course cute sweaters and boots.
I've seen a few fall posts popping up on other blogs, so I think a lot of us are dreaming of fall.

I'll be registering my son in the homeschooling program in less than a month, so we're all excited about that. I'm nervous, but hoping it will be a great year for him academically.

I've been feeling a little bit lost creatively so to speak. I don't have that creative outlet that I had when I was designing my jewelry line. I have to say I kind of miss it.
I am still taking my professional photography course, but it has been hard without the necessary equipment. We hit a slight rough patch this summer financially, so the camera has had to be put on the back burner. It is still my dream and I will continue to pursue it no matter what, but it is a slow-going process.

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E-mail me if you have any questions.

Well, I hope you all have a lovely week and don't forget to enter my giveaway for 3 free spots for the upcoming "Creatively Made Home" e-course. The giveaway ends this Thursday at midnight.

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  1. oh Melinda, I am so sorry to hear you have had a rough go of it this Summer. Maybe this is why you are longing for fall, change is always good.
    Good luck with J on the new school year!
    I am sure it will all turn out just fine.
    Me tooo, I can't stop looking for boots and the perfect tote for fall. Sweaters, capes all of it.
    I wont' get to wear any of it til Nov. here but I still can't wait for Sept. August is my most hated month of the year.
    My thoughts are with ya and hoping you get that camera soon.

  2. It's all so lovely.... and I especially love your beautiful linens!


  3. Hi Melinda

    I think your photographs are stunning with or without your wished for camera, that is exciting home schooling how lovely. I know what you mean about Fall and boots I love getting new boots for the changing weather, want a nice tan leather riding boot this year!
    All my best

  4. Hi Melinda,
    I would never guess you'd be at a loss for creativity because your photos are always so lovely and very inspiring!! But I do know that feeling. When I get that way it's usually because of circumstances going on in my life.
    Just know that you are so talented and your abilities come through in all of your posts. I always enjoy them!
    Mary Alice

  5. Hello my dear friend! I had a comment all ready to post and darn blogger accidentally deleted it! :( Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling as creative and that you've had to put your purchase for your camera on hold. Believe me I can totally relate to having to put many things on hold due to financial setbacks! But just know that everything happens for a reason - you are soooo talented and creative, so I don't doubt your dreams will come sooner rather than later!!! :) And I too have been thinking of Fall - the cooler weather, skinny jeans, boots and sweaters sound so much more appealing than melting in this SoCali heat! lol

    Anyway, wishing you a beautiful day!!!


  6. Melinda,
    Beautiful photos.I am sad our summer break is about to end.Next week my daughter heads back to 7th grade.Hard to believe.I am not ready to decorate for fall yet.I really don't do much anyway.Even though it was a hot summer.I am still not ready for fall yet.

  7. Hi Melinda,
    I love he sconce on the wall. Is it a pair? And I the contrast of the basket underneath the white buffet. All looking quite beautiful!

    Always wishing you the best.....Rita

  8. What beautiful images. Love the linens and the pop of green from the chair is fabulous!!

  9. Love your beautiful photos, Melinda. If we didn't always want something, wouldn't life be boring? I know how it feels to want, sometimes I tally up the things I want and realize I can be in the thousands of dollars. I hope you can get a camera soon, they are so fun to play with. Whatever you shoot with now really suits you, you take amazing photos. Love your vignette. And yes, I'm dreaming of fall...... :)


  10. Hi Melinda
    Beautiful post as always. My heart goes out to you during your valley and my prayers are that you will discover the silver lining along the way. My warmest wishes to you and your newest chapter of homeschooling. How blessed your children are to have a devoted mother!


  11. Hi i have missed so many of your posts, life has kept me away for a while. Your home is looking beautiful as always im so sorry to read you had to put buying your camera on hold i hope things improve soon for you. Bless your little boy they grow up so fast but an exciting new chapter awaits for him ;-)) Take care, dee x

  12. Melinda, You have an artistic eye for photography! Your images are just beautiful. Are those french linens... I have a couple that look similar.
    What a blessing to be able to homeschool! Good for you!

  13. Oh boy....I was going to tell you how stunning this post was but now I can't even think clearly after seeing all your grain sacks...it has taken me all summer to find two and you have a large extended family going on here........ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!I am pea green with envy.....but I still adore you! P.S if you here a bump in the night just go back to sleep..its just me coming to get the sacks!!

  14. Your home is so amazing, Melinda! I always find it is the perfect mix of rustic country and elegant style, with touches of romance. Sigh...that console vignette with the windows behind is to die for.
    I'm always inspired when I visit you. Hope those creative juices flow again for you - you're certainly creative in your decorating.
    Best of luck with the homeschooling, too. Have confidence. :)

  15. Hey girl. I have the "wanting fall to arrive sooner rather than later" bug also. I actually posted today on warming things up in our home a little.

    Yours looks beautiful! Love that bright green bistro chair.

  16. Your beautiful photography is one of the reasons I love to visit time and time again!
    As for Fall...I can wait a bit...I don't want to see Jake go off to college yet!

  17. That is such a pretty color! I have been lightening up in our home too, and I really love the flexibility it gives me for seasonal decorating. Thanks for your visit :)
    Cheers, Andrea


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