23 October 2012

Vintage Gal II

I know, I'm a little obsessed with photographing my girls lately. But I'm having fun editing them to look like antique photographs.

The gorgeous ribbon is some that I purchased from Jeanne Oliver's collection a couple of years ago. It's vintage French velvet ribbon and so yummy.
The glass glitter crown I've had for a while, I got it from Shabby Chic about 7 years ago.

How about you... What's your favorite things to collect and photograph? I would love to know!!
Hope you have a lovely night.


  1. oh Melinda, these photos are AMAZING
    totally want to frame them!!!
    You need to sell these.
    I would so buy them.
    Well for a few years I took an I-zone photo everyday of my random life in my 20's and made a book out of them. it was seriously my favorite time to photograph things.

  2. These lovely ladies are always a favorite of mine, but haven't seen any in a while...well at least that I could afford:-)

    Hope all is well,

  3. Looks nice Melinda...and I especially like the velvet ribbon, and the crown and the pin. I like it all and I have one lovely lady myself :) Sending love your way..... Rita

  4. The vintage postcard look is absolutely fab, just love it. The audition of ribbon and crown and bit of bling is perfect. I need to dress up my girl Collette in such finery! . These would make such lovely cards.

  5. Hi!!! Really neat effect! I just loooove your photo #2 down! I know what you mean... sometimes I like to buy things with that thought in mind that I know it will be very photogenic!! ;) I guess right now my favorite things to collect would probably be ceramic things, like Anthropology mugs and stuff like that and I also like pretty baking papers, too. I love it all really lol...

    The velvet ribbon is so pretty! Love that pale blue shade!
    Lara :)

  6. Seriously, your talent for styling is AMAZING Melinda! I adore this mannequin so much I want to hug her (and you)! I don't have Pinterest, but these photos are going in my style files. That velvet ribbon and that crown...be still my heart!
    Take care my friend,

  7. Your photos are beautiful Melinda! So happy that you are doing what you love...it shows! Thank you so much for stopping by...I miss you, and hope all is well with you and your family.
    Have a beautiful day!

  8. Hi Melinda, wheww! I have you now back on my blog roll, I will try to never do that again and delete my blog roll, I have no idea what happened :)

    Love your photos and so happy to see that you are creating so much soul for yourself in the photography, what kind of Camera are you working with, love the photo shop work as well.

    I bought a new camera and i am getting to know it pretty good, now to start taking some great photos and create beautiful vignette.

    see you soon.

  9. What a pretty group of photos, Melinda! I love their vintage look. My favorite things to photograph are my children and pretty little bits and pieces that I gather here and there...along with flowers, of course :)

  10. Your photography is lovely. I'm reading and studying everything photography, but I'm sure it's going to take a while.

  11. Dear Melinda
    Your photography is simply amazing and lovely. Your vintage gals are just well divine. I am so happy that you have followed the path in your heart. Its truly your gift. Wishing yout he most beautiful journey my friend.



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